It is fun being a girl!

Seriously, I haven’t had this much fun since I was 19, back in London in the 1970’s.

That was a different kind of fun, though, full of booze, bikes and blue pills.

This kind of fun is like a sunny summer morning by the sea. You just have to go barefoot on the beach and feel the water play with your toes.

I guess that since I am 19 again it all makes sense, in a weird kind of way.

My young secretary Paula is probably the most ambitious employee I have ever had. She not only wanted to be like me, multimillionaire Frank Savoy, she wanted to be me, avoiding all the hard work in the process.

How she did it, I honestly don’t know. I suspect it has something to do with a medallion she gave me the night she seduced me.

Silly old me; I honestly believed she cared for me.

The sex was mind blowing! Her skin tasted like milk and vanilla. Her hair was softer than any China silk my company has ever imported, and those lips... those lips were the last thing I tasted as a man.

The next morning she was gone, taking my flesh and money with her, and I was left in her bed and in her body.

It was the hair that woke me. Some of her blond hair covered my eyes and my nose and I found it hard to move it away.

My eyes were still closed, and my brain tried to make sense out of the smell that surrounded me. It was her perfume, of course, but it was too strong. It was not that it was on me -- that made sense, given the previous night's activities. No, it was as if my nose had become more sensitive, somehow.

Even my hearing was better. I could hear the mailman walk by three floors down. I mean, my hearing was bad, I knew that. My doctor wanted me to give a hearing aid, and it was only my vanity that stopped me from following his advice.

I tried to remove the hair again, and this time I opened my eyes. My hand! It was small, feminine, delicate and manicured!

It was at this point I started to scream, a loud, strong and high pitched woman's scream. A dog started to bark outside the window.

I didn't get out of that bed until an hour later. I was shaking and sobbing in the shower, desperately trying to wash my new womanhood away. Stupid!

Finally I managed to put on some of her clothes, and I took a taxi over to my office building. Paula, now "me", had told the guard not to let me in. All I got was a box with Paula's Grand Canyon coffee cup and her office teddy bear.

I gave up. Nobody would have believed me, anyway.

It took a few days before I realized that I had been given a whole new life.

I started to explore this wonderful new body of mine. I mean, I have always loved the female body, and having one made me appreciate it even more.

For a while I couldn't stop fondling my tits. And I caught myself looking mesmerized at my new body in the bathroom mirror.

Then I started to explore her wardrobe. At the beginning it was the old man in me that wanted to see me wearing that sexy lingerie, but gradually I could feel that it was the woman in me that wanted to feel the texture of silk close to her skin.

My body is healthy, it is strong, it is beautiful and full of laughter, and if anyone had told me how much better the sex is being a woman, I would have tried to switch ages ago.

The idea of making love to a man revolted me at first. But this body is as heterosexual as my old one, and after a few sleepless nights I gave in to my new sexual fantasies. Caressing my clit and pussy I gave myself my very first orgasm as a woman, and I knew there was no way back. I needed a man as a flower needs sun and air. Don't talk to me about fish and bicycles!

When Paula’s boyfriend, Sam, turned up, I tried to tell him the whole story. He humored me and pretended he believed every word of it.

I love him for that, and I love him for telling me that he likes me more now than he did before the switch.

I have an idea why he feels that way. Paula had a hard soul, while I can feel that my soft and silky body is softening my soul.

Sex used to be about power for me: power and prestige. Now I understand that it shouldn’t be taken to seriously. It is to be savored like a good meal or a
good wine.

Sam and I fool around a lot, like the horny teenagers we are. We laugh a lot and make fun of each other.

I love the feeling of his skin, his lips and his penis, and I want him to him to be around forever.

I take love very seriously now. I have been given a second chance and I will not waste more years of my life.

Images from always reliable Realitykings.

This is a work of fiction and there is no relationship between the models and the characters of the story.

Click on images to enlarge!


Fahrad's site for Japanese transgender comics

Japanese comics -- or manga -- have taken the world by storm and can now be bought in comics and science fiction stores all over Europe, North America and beyond.

RW readers would probably be interested in knowing that there is a large sub-genre of manga that focuses on sex changes and transgender transformations.

Illustration from Urce-Lu 01. Click on image to enlarge!

I readily admit that I am no expert in Japanese culture, but it seems to me that transgender themes are a little bit more mainstream in Japan than in the US or Europe.

The term used in Japan is apparently TSF (with latin letters!) or transsexual fiction.

Although it is easy to find translated manga in the West, it is not easy to pinpoint TG comics. Fortunately there are TG manga enthusiasts out there that are willing to share their love for the artform.

Illustration from Kiwamete Kamoshida by Naoshu Yamamoto.

The best TG manga site I know of is Fahrad's TG Manga site, which includes a large number of Japanese TG comics stored as jpeg files. There is one jpeg per comic book page.

Needless to say, it takes some time to download a complete book, but the effort is definitely worth it for many of them.

Quite a few, but not all, are translated into English. Still, do remember to read the panels from right to left.

My favorite is Yume Demo Iretai, a body swap story by Akagiryuu focusing on our protagonist's exploration of his new female body. All right, it is pornographic, but well done!

If you want to discuss transgender manga, you can go to Farhad's TG Manga Forum over at the Fictionmania IRC. In this forum you will also find links to more files.

And even more files can be found over at Yahoo! Groups. Go to mangatg, which is the first of five such groups.

For more about TG manga, see Jana’s TG Manga And Anime Pages. (Anime means Japanese animations).

If you are more into the cross-dressing theme and/or intersexuality than sex changes, look at Jana's TG Manga and Anime Journal.

Page from Yume Demo Iretai. Click on image to enlarge!

There are many Japanes sites devoted to TG manga, but given the Japanese script they are close to impossible to navigate for a Non-Nipponese. You could take a look at TSF Review Revolution though. Here is a link to a Google translation.

See also the Wikipedia's list of Transgender Anime and Manga

UPDATE: I now realize that Fahrad has a new site that is to replace the old one.


It's gone!

It’s gone! My dick is fucking gone! What the hell have you done to me?

Shit, I can hardly see what’s down there. Are those breasts? You have given me tits?

What do you mean, I asked for it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love women, damn it! And I love the female body. So I said I wondered about how it would be to be a girl - to have soft skin, a curvy body, big soft tits, silky blond hair and a pu...

Oh My God, I have a pussy! These are pussy lips, and there’s the opening and -- woo ... ah ... wooow -- a clit.

That is a weird feeling, I tell you!

Yeah, I know you are a girl and know all about it! But I didn’t realize it would feel so strong, you know, so ah... ah.. ah.. arousing!

That hot, hot, hot, HOT, sensation is spreading, you know, all the way down to my tiny toes!

I can’t help myself, I just have to touch. How can you be a girl and not touch yourself all ... the ... tiiiiiiiiiiiiiimeeea! Fuck, it just .. does .. not ..ah..ah..ah...oooooooooh... stop.

Ok, Ok, I need to rest now.

I get it, I get it! You don’t have to rub it in. Come think of it. Please do rub it in!

Please hold me, baby, I don’t know if I can take this anymore. I should be scared shitless, but I am just feel happy and content.

And I am beautiful, baby. I am beautiful. Oh, please let me stay this way. I will do anything for you, baby, just do not change me back!

I don't care what you paid for that spell. I'll double it. Triple it!

Please tell me you won't miss my dick! It wasn't that big anyway, you know.

I can use your dildo on you, sweetheart. I know exactly what to do to make you feel insanely good. I can make you feel soooo good, darling. I can make you come, again and again and again.

Why don't you get that toy, right now? Oh, please hurry baby, I need you to use it on me as well!

Images from the excellent big boobs site Bignaturals. Click on images to enlarge. This is a work of fiction and the model is used for illustrative purposes only.


Becoming Carmella Bing

Ben and Bill were not the sharpest knives in the drawer, and given the high capacity production of hormones in their 20 year old bodies, the brainpower the Lord had bestowed upon them was seldom put to any sensible use.

When Ben saw the new Spells R Us store down at the mall, he was drawn to it as a moth to a reasonable big Californian forest fire.

"Hello there!" the old man behind the counter hollered. "You must be Ben! And the man lurking right outside the door is Bill. Correct?"

Ben asked no questions about how the man knew his name, but got right to the point:

"Do you have any love potions? I want to get a sexy girl friend with big boobs. You know, like the porn star Carmella Bing!"

"Ben, slow down!" Bill said, who had now caught up with Ben. "This is toy store for card tricks, funny costumes and the like. They don't have real potions! God, you're stupid!"

"Well, it so happens," the old man said, "that I am a real magician, and I have exactly what your friend is asking for." He went over to a fridge in the corner of the room and took out a small bottle.

"For this to work," he told Ben, "Bill must drink the potion and say the spell 'Carmella Bella Est!'"

"Why should I drink the potion?" Bill asked. "Shouldn't we give it to a girl?"

"That is not necessary," the old man answered. "The potion gives you the magic power needed to give Ben the girl friend he is looking for."

"Whatever," Bill said. There was a badly hidden "Humbug!" in his voice.

Ben was content, however, and gladly paid the 20 dollars the old man asked of him.

The same evening, in the garden of Ben's parents, Ben and Bill sat down by the pool with a couple of beers talking about girls, cars, girls, football, girls, sex, girls, asses, girls, boobs and girls, but not necessarily in that order.

On the grill, coal was burning, waiting for burgers. No vegetables.

"OK, time for me to stop talking and get some real pussy!" Ben laughed and gave Bill the bottle. "Drink up and read the spell!"

Bill understood that his friend would pester him about this the whole night, so he might as well get it over with. Hopefully, the stuff didn't taste too bad. Anyway, he had beer.

"All right, stupid!" Bill said and swallowed the ruby drink. It tasted sweet and spicy at the same time, with a scent of must. It smelled like the sex of Eva, the librarian, the only woman he had gotten that close to in his miserable sexless life.

What was that spell again? Heck, it didn't matter. "Carmella Transforma Est!" he said. It wasn't good Latin, but he just felt like saying it.

Boom! It was like he was struck by lighting and he found himself trembling on the ground. He was shaking, as if he had a high fever.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaat?" he cried, his voice moving several octaves upwards throughout the scream. "My body's changing!" Indeed it was.

Ben looked in fascination at his friend's transformation.

Bill's blond hair darkened and grew longer and longer. His hips widened with a cracking sound. At the same time as his legs grew longer and slimmer, the skin becoming hairless and soft.

The strangest part of the shift was the fact that Bill's clothes were changing as well. His shirt became a kind of black plastic corset -- like something out of a porn movie. His jeans became two long sexy, black boots, and his jockeys just disappeared.

Bill covered his genitals, finding nothing familiar.

"My cock has gone!" he cried with a girly voice. "My God, I have a pussy. I have a fucking pussy""

"You look just like Carmella!" Ben said, remembering hours of meditation over a particular Hustler spread.

And yes, Bill looked more and more like Carmella, now that his chest started expanding, forming two heavy, soft, desirable, tits with big areolas and stiff nipples.

"This can't be happening," Bill cried. "Ben, do something!"

It said a lot about Ben's moral fiber that he did nothing apart from getting an increasingly visible erection from looking at Bill's new body.

"Bill, calm down," he said. "It is just magic. I am sure you will change back as soon as that stuff is out of your system. Why don't you enjoy it? I mean, dude, you have great tits. Touch them!"

Now Bill's visible transformation was followed by an internal one as female hormones flushed his -- correction: her -- system. She did touch her new tits and it felt good. Too good, actually, as the feelings that followed started to cloud Bill's old mind.

It was as if there was a woman inside him that forced her way up from his subconscious and took control.

And given that the spell was based on Ben's immature fantasies, this woman had little in common with the real world Carmella. This was Ben's Carmella, a hyper-sexed nymphomaniac super-slut searching constantly for cock.

Carmella got up on her two long sexy legs and attacked Ben ferociously. She tore off his clothes and pushed him down on the couch they had sat on. She craved cock, damn it!

There was still a Bill in there somewhere, and he didn't feel like facing Ben, so she sat down on Ben's pelvis, facing his feet.

She grabbed Ben's cock and guided it into her new, moist, pussy.

"Oooooh, yeah!" she cried, riding him, her body rewarding her with intense pleasure.

Download this Movie from Hustler

This was far from an elegant performance. Ben was inexperienced and this Carmella did this for the first time, but as soon as his dick slipped out she urged him to put it in again.

None of them had read the small print on the bottle. Actually, they never read the legal yada yada found in contracts and on web sites, as they were always looking for immediate satisfaction. Because of this they did not know that semen would seal Bill in Carmella's body for ever.

Unprepared for such an adventure, Ben hadn't even thought about using a condom, and when he finally came inside her, he had no idea about the consequences.

Carmella AKA Bill knew, though. She didn't know why she knew, but she felt the change settle throughout her body. It was as if a cloud had lifted, and she finally came to her senses. Ben's Bimbo gave way to a much stronger woman, and this woman was pissed.

"Ben, what have you done to me, you stupid fool?! You have taken my life away. Where shall I go? What can I do?"

She started searching for something to wear, but found nothing but a small towel. "Help me, you moron!"

She was amazed at the feeling of her breast juggling and bouncing when she walked around, and the feeling of her hair gliding over her naked shoulders was... right. No, that was not the correct word. Satisfying?

She was surprised at this, as she had been a man no less than an hour ago, but now that her system was purged of the phantasmic libido overload and was starting to calm down, she was finally hearing her new body, her new soul, her new self, and what it said felt right. No, that was not the correct word...

That being as it may, she was thoroughly fucked and not only in the literal sense. She didn't exist in any legal meaning of the word. She had no papers, no passport, no social security number, and there were no way her parents would believe that their son had become the identical twin of an -- in their view -- infamous porn star.

Fuck, she didn't even have a name. She knew now that she couldn't call herself Carmella.

That was when I found them, as I walked into the garden, looking for Ben's dad.

The Woman Formerly Known as Bill was transmitting a long list of four letter words from the sofa, with Ben looking bewildered at her. He panicked when he saw me. He recognized me as one of his father's female colleagues, and started to search desperately for his trousers.

"Sit down!" I commanded. "I may be a lady," I said, "but you have nothing I haven't seen before." Too true!

Finally I got the whole story out of them, and I realized that there was no coincidence that I was the one that found them.

The Spells R Us wizard had clearly wanted me to find them, and had sent me on an errand to Ben's father.

The old man might be a cruel trickster, but he had also a soft side. I know, being one of the many men he had given a new life as a woman.

"Come with me," I said to Carmella. "We need to give you a new life far away from this stupid fool, as well as from the real Carmella Bing."

I brought her into the house, found her some of the clothes of Ben's mother and called a cab. It was time to contact the sisterhood.

(To be continued)

Click here for more pictures of Carmella Bing! This is a work of fiction and the real Carmella Bing has nothing to do with the fantasy presented here. Click on pictures to enlarge.

See also the Spells R Us Story Archive.


One Night as a Woman -- Rebecca' s first photo novel

Readers of this blog will know that I have a tendency of making long text captions, small erotic stories that can set the scene for a TG fantasy.

However, sometimes there are stories that deserve more space and more pictures, and how do you do that without ending up with to many separate graphic files?

Well, here is an experiment, an erotic TG short story with more than 30 images. I have included the text below, but you really want to watch the slide show, believe me!

Amanda and I shared a flat near the university. It was strictly a platonic relationship. I had tried to approach her and had been rejected, swiftly and without mercy.

“You are not my type,” she said. “You are too bookish and prude. But I am sure you’ll be a good flatmate, and I like to have a man around that can repair the sink and such.” And so it was. You don’t say no to Amanda. We had become friends, sort of.

One day Amanda came up to me and kindly asked me if we could switch bodies for a day. Her good friend Gale was with her, looking at me with great expectations.

This was clearly one of their practical jokes, and I decided to play along. “Sure, I said, I don’t need my body tonight anyway. I am too tired for more studying. What do you need it for?”

“I want to study the secrets of manhood,” she said. “I want to know how it is to drink beer with you mates in the pub, talking about babes and bikes. I want to pee standing. I want to scratch my crotch when everyone’s looking. I want to go partying without having to put on make-up. I want to know how it is to feel physically strong and tall.”

Oh, this was another round of man-bashing! But I liked my flatmate and her sense of humor. “Well, that’s about sums it up,” I said. “How do we go about changing bodies?”

Gale looked at me with her nearly gold colored eyes and pulled up two medallions. “We use these magic medallions we got at Spells R Us!”

Gale was a beautiful redhead the same age as Amanda: 19. Sharing a flat with Amanda had its advantages. She had a lot of great looking girl friends. Not that I had managed to exploit that advantage in any way. But I liked Gale a lot!

“And where did you find Spells R Us,” I asked. “Close to Toys R Us, I reckon.”

“No,” said Gale, seemingly serious. “We found it next to Starbucks down by the mall.” Yeah, sure, I had been down by the mall this very morning, and there was definitely not a magic shop there.

“The owner of the shop asked Amanda and I to switch bodies first, and then try it on you.”

“Really, and when did you two do your body swap?” I asked.

“Yesterday,” Gale answered. “It was I who asked your aunt all those embarrassing questions.”

“I see,” I said. “Well, I wondered why you had forgotten all about her hang ups about foreign cars.”

“We are not joking,” Amanda said. “It really works, and I want to try being a man for just 24 hours. Aren’t you curious about how it would be to be a woman and have a body like this one?” She pointed down at her tits.

I blushed. To be honest, the thought had struck my mind, and some familiar lesbian fantasies involving me and Gale raised their ugly heads.

“OK,” I said, give med the medallion. Gale put one around my neck and another around Amanda’s. Then she let them touch each other.

Wooooooow! Vertigo! It was as if someone had turned the room inside out. I was facing the opposite direction, looking straight into the chest of … fuck!... myself.

“Hi sis!” my body said, smiling. “No, don’t you worry about a thing. Gale will take care of you.” The body left and I could hear the entrance door slam shut.

I looked down at Amanda’s tits. My tits. I touched her long, silky, black hair, her – no, my -- curvy ass. I looked at my long, feminine, manicured fingers. I touched the soft skin of my naked belly, dumbfounded.

Gale looked at me, fascinated. “How does it feel, Amanda? You are one hot chick, you know!”

I sat down on a chair, shaking, unable to say a word. Gale took my hand and led me into Amanda’s bedroom and put me down on the bed.

“Sit here, and I will leave you alone so that you can fondle your tits and explore your pussy. That’s what boys want, isn’t it? I’ll be back soon.”

I had fantasized about Amanda’s body, about touching her, exploring her, and here I was, with a Carte Blanche as far as touching goes. I lifted the top above my tits and grabbed them carefully. Hmm, these tits had been upgraded. I didn’t mind.

They were round and perky and with big areolas. As a man I would have loved to suck and bite them. I touched the nipples and felt a strong shiver travel down my spine and down to my small toes.

My fingers wandered down to my crotch. I was no virgin and had touched pussy before, but as I explored the soft lips, the strange opening and my –ouch – clit, I started to understand that I knew nothing about having a vagina.

When Gale entered the room, again. I understood from the look on her face that I was about to learn about the female mysteries. Amanda had said something about Gale being bisexual. Seeing me touch my pussy, she just tore off her dress and jumped into bed.

“Lemmi’lemmi’lemmi!” she cried and put my hand on her tit. I knew that Amanda was not bisexual, but God know that there was enough left of the man in me to enjoy that feel. We started kissing and the soft, sweet taste of her mouth drove me crazy. God, she was hot!

And, I looked down at my own body, was I hot! Gale was soon kissing and biting my nipples, leading to one shivering wave of pleasure after the other. I could feel my pussy getting wet, and I put her hand on top of it. She pushed her fingers into my vagina, found the G spot, and sent me into my first orgasm as a woman. Oh, fuck, this was good!

Then she started licking my clit, rhythmically and patiently, which brought on more pleasure. My body was shaking, my mouth uttered a long sting of meaningless sounds and I was literally drooling.

Then I moved down on her. I hadn’t been in this body for more than an hour, and I was already learning. I was careful when touching her clit and used my long tongue with care. She tasted strong of woman, and the scent of the both of us sent my hormone production over the top. I was definitely starting to feel like a girl.

Afterwards, she let me rest on her arm, my face close to her tit. “You liked that, didn’t you?” she asked me. “It is beyond belief,” I said with my new feminine voice. “Don’t you ever tell this to the boys, or they will all want to become like us!”

Finally she took me out to the bathroom and we had a long and sensual shower together. Then she helped me freshen up and put on make-up, which is one hell of a complicated business, if you ask me!

She was determined. The two of us were going partying -- me as Amanda.

Both Amanda and Gale were known as party lions and some of the stories I had heard about them indicated that were nothing like my timid self.

“I know they call me a slut,” Amanda had once told me. “They are just jealous. When they are old and dry they will have nothing juicy to remember. I will know that I have lived my life to the full. I love fun, I love sex and I love this body!”

Inhabiting Amanda’s body I could feel that personality is not just something situated in the mind. It is in the muscles and veins, and I could feel Amanda’s soul within me. I felt reckless myself. I wanted to go partying, I wanted to explore these feelings, and I suddenly understood what Amanda had meant.

All dolled up, we took a taxi to a large villa outside of town. “Old friends,” Gale told me. This was a man’s paradise, a large number of young beautiful women dancing wildly to heavy rhythms. We got ourselves some drinks, looked around and danced.

A tall, dark haired, girl in a small blue dress came up to Gale. “Have you finally managed to turn her?” she said and looked at me.

“Just for one night,” Gale said. The girl came up close to me and started to touch my tits. Then she had her tongue inside my mouth. I heard myself moaning. It was as if the feeling of being desired was enough to touch my button – my pink, wet, button.

“Enough of that,” Gale said and grabbed me into another room. “You are mine tonight,” she said. “I decide who to share you with!” She gave me another drink and a pill.

“I don’t do drugs!” I said.

“Amanda does!” she said, put the pill on her own tongue and kissed me. I had no choice but to swallow. I started to feel like the King of the World. Or – rather – the Queen of the World.

There were a couple of men in the other room. An arrangement committee of some sort, I guess, and Gale went up to one of them. “Hey, Phil,” she said. “Come meet Amanda! She is a virgin!”

“Sure!” he said, not believing a word of it, but he took my hand politely and shook it. I had bad feelings about this. There was no way Gale was going to maneuver me into getting close to this man, but I noticed that I enjoyed his admiring glances up and down my body.

“Let’s go to your flat,” Gale said and bit his ear. We took his car to a house at the other side of the city. He led us down a corridor and up some stairs, one girl on one arm. We were joking and laughing and I felt fine. I didn’t mind his hand resting on my back. Not really.

There was no doubt in my mind that Gale wanted to have sex with him. I decided to look at it as live porn. The Amanda in me definitely was of the opinion that this was on of those things you had to have done in order to have truly lived.

Up in his flat Gale jumped up and wrapped her legs around his body. I found myself humping his leg. How embarrassing! I found myself another drink.

Gale was horny as a cat in heat. She came up to me, grabbed my hips and pushed her tits into my back. “You are so hot, Amanda,” she said. “You are the most desirable girl I have ever, ever met!”

She dragged me over to the couch where she started to kiss Phil. He tried to grab me as well, but I avoided kissing him. Gale spread her legs and begged him to finger fuck her. He was not the type that had to be asked twice.

Gale, however, barely looked at him. She was only focusing on me, kissing med, stroking me, holding me and fingering me, and I was getting so hot that I found it hard to concentrate.

Even when he put his fat cock up her pussy, she continued to kiss me.

“I love you, Amanda,” she whispered in my ear. And I suddenly understood what this was all about. Gale did love Amanda. Not me, but Amanda.

But Amanda was not attracted to women, so this was the only way Gale could make love to the woman of her life. Now she wanted to give Amanda the gift she couldn’t give her herself, a cock.

I felt said for her, but this made me like her even more. She would never love me as a man. I could just stop dreaming about that. But tonight I wanted to give her what she wanted, even if it was all a dream

“Let’s go to the bedroom!” Phil said and led the way. Gale was jumping up and down as a kid on the way over.

“You watch!” Gale said to Phil and removed my clothes. She put her fingers up into my pussy and massaged my clit. I felt another orgasm building up. I cried out in ecstasy while Phil was stroking his dick, looking at us.

“Come here!” Gale said to Phil and turned me around. "Let’s taste her pussy!" First Gale started to lick me from behind, then I could feel to male fingers touch my pussy lips. I tried to get away, but Gale held on to me.

“Hush, Amanda!” she said. “You are going to enjoy this!” Looking down at my own tits juggling, I had to admit I was getting turned on by the whole spectacle. But, My God, I couldn’t have that man put that tool inside me. Fuck, his dick was twice the size of the one I had myself as a man!

I found myself on my back, Gale holding my tits. “Oh, no, no, no!” I said and closed my eyes.

“Do it for me,” Gale said, and I spread my legs. I could feel the tip of his penis enter my vagina. I could feel it stretch deeper and deeper, as his manhood filled me up. I was frightened and tense.

“Let go!” Gale said. “Let Amanda take control.” I did, and suddenly my pussy was overflowing with pussy juice, and his strokes began to feel good. I liked this feeling of being fulfilled, of being worshiped by a man that wanted me.

Gale lifted my legs so that Phil could push even deeper. I cried out, again and again: “Fuck me – oagh – fuck me – ouch – fuck me – Oh God! – fuck me – Bloody Hell! – fuck me -- aiiiiiiieeeee.” It ended in the kind of scream no man can imitate.

The next afternoon, Gale, Me as Amanda and Amanda as Me met in our flat again. Gale held on to me trying to keep the dream alive as long as possible. I could see tears in her eyes. But when the hour was there, we switched back.

The look Amanda gave Gale told me that Amanda did love Gail, although not in the way Gale wanted. I also guess that she knew about my feelings for Gale and that this was her way of fulfilling our dreams, at least for one night.

The next day another sexy, young, redhead came up to me outside the lecture hall, embraced me and whispered into my ear: “That was the best sex I have ever had! What do you say, my place tonight?”

I have to talk to Amanda!

Images from my favorite porn site conglomerate Realitykings.com. This is a work of fiction, and the models depicted have nothing to do with this story.


The Not Mary Green

I am Detective Crane from the NYPD. You tell us that you are not Mary Green?

You claim to be - let me check my notes here - Mr. Rick Milton, a 45 year old school teacher from Richmond, Virginia?

Primary School, yeah, I’ve got that. So how is it that you look so much like the 20 year old Mary Green?

You should know that we have compared your DNA with the profile found in our database and we have a positive match.

She switched bodies with you, you say. Well, how do you do that exactly?

You had sex? At a motel! And how did you meet Ms. Green? Hitchhiking? How romantic!

Mr. Milton, aren’t you a married man? A mistake you say. Won’t happen again. No, it won’t happen again, Mary.

You’re busted, and you will serve no less than 25 years for the murder of your husband. So why don’t you start helping both yourself and us and come up with a more realistic story? Even you are not so stupid that you think that this will make the jury believe you are

Yes, we have called Mrs. Milton, and she has kindly asked us to keep you away from her husband. She says that you have been stalking him for several days now. She loves her husband very much, you know.

What I don’t understand, Mary, is what you want with a middle aged school teacher from Richmond. It can’t be that he is rich, because he isn’t. Is this some kind of father complex?

You will love the Women’s Prison, Mary. I hear that the dykes up there have already put up schedules for “Mary Green Sharing” as they call it.

Are you sure you won’t change your statement?

Officer! Take her out of here, will you?

Image from photos.com. This is a work of fiction picture of the model is used for illustrative purposes only. Click on caption for large version.


Weird and Sexy

Finding relevant sites on adult subcultures is not always easy and many of the so-called adult directories out there are nothing but link bait, porn traders trying to improve their rankings in the search engines by generating a large number of directory pages.

I am therefore glad to say that there are directory sites out there that actually provides useful link collections and that do not put TG links into a residual category called "Fetish".

Weird and Sexy is such a site. It is weird and it is sexy and it only demonstrates the heterogeneity of human sexuality.

It is the Transgender Morphing section that is of most interest to us, although you will find every possible taste presented from face sitting to werewolfs (don't ask!).

The site is well designed with some stunning graphics.

Any complaints? There are a few dead links, and I find it really hard to see the benefit of untranslated Japanese sites (although the Japanese might disagree with me here.)

Take a look!



“Let me in! I am freezing out here!”

“Who are you?”

“I am Harvey, damn it! Rebecca was pissed and turned me into this bitch!”


“Whatever! Let me in! Oh, thanks Peter, this is better. Og God I am cold! What the fuck am I gonna do, looking like this.”

“You are shivering. Let me hold you.”

“Get your filthy fingers away from me! Pig! Men! I won’t cry, damn it.”

“Now, just let it all out.”

“I don’t know what to do Peter. I didn’t know she was a witch.”

“I did tell you.”

“But seriously...mmmm... that’s good. You don’t mind if I rest my head here, do you Peter?”

“Not at all.”

“I just feel so cold. Just hold me.”


“What’s this? You have a hard on!”

“Sorry, Haley, I cannot help it. You are so damned hot!”

“May I...? May I touch it?”

“Aaaaaah, sure, baby.”

“Would you like to touch my boobs? A little bit harder, will you?”

Photos from Hustler. Click on caption to enlarge.


Gangbang by Freya

There are a few TG stories that have stuck to my mind, and Gangbang by Freya is one of them. 

The story takes place in the Spellbook universe, one of the more hard-core alternative realities for TG fans. (There are many such "worlds" and hopefully I'll be able to present all of them).

The Spellbook universe contains magical books with spells that can be used to transform bodies, including -- of course -- male to female transformations. 

As is often the case in such stories, semen will make such changes permanent, and there are quite a few men who learn to love their new lives as big breasted sluts.

The first story was written by D.

In Gangbang Chris finds the two spellbooks in the university library and his male college friends cast spells that make their tools bigger. Boys will be boys!

Chris, however, decides he would like to know how it is to be a woman. His friends give him a very slutty, busty body of oriental mix.

Needless to stay they all start fucking her. 

Her friend Ned knows what's needed:  “You found your true form. You should stay in it. I am going to make you the slut you are forever. I am going to cum in your hot pussy and bind you to that form.”

Yes, this is indeed TG porn as opposed to kinder cross-dressing fantasies, and Freya is clearly proud to belong to the porn industry. I don't blame her, she writes some good stories and great captions. 

The site is devoted to supernatural stories and sci-fi.

You think I look fat in this one, don't you?

“No, I don’t think I’ll go back to truck driving,” Lynn said. “You know, I just don’t feel like it.”

“Do you think I am sexy? Do you think this little thing looks good on me? Maybe I should have taken the black one instead.”

“You think I look fat in this one, don’t you?”

“What do you say? Why don’t we take your gold card and go shopping? Prada has some great handbags out now. No”

“You know, I bought this pillow over at Oriental Life. It is a good mach for the carpet, don’t you think?”

“Maybe we should redecorate.”

There were times Edmond regretted having slipped Frank the elixir that turned him into a sexy blonde.

But the sex was great. Oh yeah...

Photo from Missali. This is a work of fiction and the model is used for illustrative purposes only.

Checkmate sucker!

Jordan had never been into kinky sex. His wife told him that she preferred trust and cuddling to strange acrobatics, so Eric was mighty surprised when Jordan suggested a hot weekend in Vegas.

Well, he was not the one to say no, and he was extremely excited when they moved into their luxurious hotel on the Strip.

“Strip and lay down face down on the bed!” she told him as soon as they had unpacked. Wow, she was really taking charge this time. He could like that. He did as she said, but kept his boxer shorts on.

She started to tie him up with a thick rope, hands on his back and with his legs bent at the knees. He was a strong man, but he would not get out of this one on his own.

Now, what would she do? Undress? Climb on top of him? He would like that. She had such a petite, slim and sexy body. She did no such thing. Instead she took out a small whip and sat down on the bed beside him.

“Listen up!” she said. “This trip is not for your pleasure. You are here to be punished!”

“Duh! Get on with it,” he thought.

“I am sick and tired of you ogling other women! I am fed up with you lusting for big breasted broads with no brains!” she snarled.

“I don’t do that!” he said. Her whip hit his buttocks. “Ouch!”

“Shut up bitch!” she cried at him. “Don’t lie to me!”. She went over to her suitcase and took out a pile of magazines. She had found his secret stash of skin mags in the garage. He was dead.

“Look at this she said: Big Juggs, Big Tits, Boobs and Bazookas. Are you fucking these bimbos in your head instead of fucking me? My B-cup isn’t good enough for you?”

Boy, she was seriously pissed. “Listen babe, I can explain...” he started. The whip hit him again. “Shut up!”
She opened up a Voluptuous spread of buxom Jehzabelle. “There is a semen stain up in the corner of this page” she said and put it on the bed in front of him. He didn’t say a word.

She took a huge syringe out of her suitcase and filled it with a ruby liquid. Thank God, there was no needle! She pinched his nose to force his mouth open and thrust the syringe into it.

“Suck my dick!” she exclaimed and emptied the content into his mouth. He just had to swallow. It tasted sweet, spicy and musky, and it started to burn in his stomach.

“Why don’t you rest here, bitch, and make some pillow talk with your darling Jehzabelle?”

Jordan grabbed the Do Not Disturb sign, hung it on the outside of the door and left him to rot.

There was no way he could get out of this. In a hundred years time maybe she could forgive him, but now he just had to hold on to his sanity. He had been amazingly stupid. The liquid continued to burn in his stomach and now the warmth started to spread to the rest of his body. His skin began to tingle and itch. Had she poisoned him as well?

Strange, it was as if his chest was lying on an inflatable pillow. His torso was slowly rising up from the bed. WTF?! He tried to look down, but he got a lot of long silky, black hair, in his face. Had she put a wig on him? When? Then his butt started to throb painfully. It felt like it was growing.

His sense of smell changed and became more acute. What was that scent: musky, sensual and sweet? It was the scent of woman.

Jehzabelle was smiling up to him from the magazine. That was it! He was slowly changing into Jehzabelle. But that was impossible! He pushed his pelvis down into the bed. No, he could not feel his penis. He tried again, and this time the rubbing ignited another kind of fire. Oh shit, he had a clit!”

He could hear the key in the door, and saw Jordan entering the room. “She is on lying on the bed, waiting for you,” she said to someone behind her.

“Dear Jehzabel,” she said to Eric. “I have a wonderful surprise for you” She sat down on the bed beside her. “Hmfgh!” he said.
“I told Pim here everything about you getting married to a conservative vicar next week and your fantasy of having one last sexy fling before boredom takes you. Isn’t he sexy, dear?” Pim was a large and handsome fellow, clearly one of the gigolos from the hotel bar.

Jordan got closer and whispered into his ear: “The good news, Eric, is that the magician that sold me this Elixir of Inanna told me that the effect will be over by midnight.”

Her tongue started to play with his new feminine ear. “The bad news is...” Her hand moved down to his big tit and she started rubbing his nipple. He was getting moist down there. “The bad news is that if you get semen in any of your orifices, the change will become permanent. There is a lot of magic in those pesky little buggers, isn’t there? Well, don’t you worry about that. You don’t have any balls left, do you?”

“She is all yours,” Jordan said to Pim and handed him a couple of hundred dollars. “And remember: No condom! She is on the pill and wants it that way.” Pim lifted Jehzabelle up on her knees and tore off her panties. “Mngh, mngh, mngh!” Jehzabelle said.

“Ah, you love it, don’t you?” Jordan said. “You are like a bitch in heat.” Pim started to kiss Jehzabelle’s nipples and massage her clit.

”Oh, I’ll make you feel good,” he said before thrusting his big dick into her pussy. Her knees hurt, but her pussy betrayed her. Her vaginal muscles started to contract in an intense orgasm. That was like milking Pim’s penis and he climaxed with a grunt of pleasure. Jehzabelle could feel his seamen sizzle into her vagina, and a strong pulse that permeated through her body signalled that she now was, indeed, a woman for good.

“All right. Thank you for your help, Pim. You can leave now. And Jehzabelle, I have paid for a whole week, so you can stay for a while. Then I suggest you find yourself a new job. I will not see you again” Jordan left her naked, bound and gagged.
Room service found her five hours later. Jehzabelle is now a colleague of Pim in the hotel bar.

Scoreland has more pictures of lovely Jezhabelle. The model has of course nothing in common with the fictional characters presented here.

Click on caption to enlarge!

The five million dollar bride, part 2

He was imprisoned by the mafia, and they were clearly up to nothing good. Continues from part 1.

The next time Diana and Bill came along, he did not put up a fight. I only gave her his arm and let her inject him with the serum. He knew now that there was much more than vitamins in that cocktail.

"Since you have been so compliant, I'll let you have a reward," Diana said. "Follow me!" They took him to a bathroom and let him take a shower. It felt good to get rid of what must have been days of grime and sweat.

There was a mirror in the bathroom and he examined his face. No stubble whatsoever, in spite of him having spent days in that cell. His head, however, was covered with a short red brown hair. He hadn't looked this good since his teens.

He noticed that his areolas had started to grow and become "puffy". They had expanded slightly, and started to look like the chest of a girl in early puberty. It looked like his hips were getting wider as well, he could feel a soft layer of fat under the skin when touching his buttocks. He had to ask Diana about this.

He used a towel to dry his body and looked around for his pajamas. It was not where he had put it. Instead he found the the babydoll. He remembered the description from the catalog: "Siren-worthy shape in lustrous silk georgette, lavished with embroidery, beading and sequins. Ties at neck. Matching panty."

He took up the babydoll, and yes, under it he found matching panties.

So this is it then, he said. They are turning me into a transvestite.

Well, he had no choice. He put the garments on, and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked strange, but without his body hair and his belly receding, he did not look too bad.

On the way back to the cell he told Diana about the changes to his body.

"Do not worry about that, my dear," she told him. "This is just the normal side effects of the vitamin mix. You do not miss your big belly, do you?" No, he did not.

Back in the cell, he started looking closely at more of the models and what they were wearing. However, in his fantasies he found it harder to harder to distinguish between the role of himself as a strong stud making love to this women, and the idea of him wearing more of these clothes.

He was tremendously fascinated by a pink babydoll wore by a sexy big breasted blonde.

"Naughty and nice in delicate, sheer stretch lace. Adjustable neck. Matching silk panty. Imported nylon." Oh yeah, he would love to fuck her.

That night the dream had changed slightly. He was wearing the "VS logo lace halter babydoll". He could feel his breasts bounce slightly on his chest. His ass was resting on the table. He could see a naked man approaching, penis erect. He opened his arms to welcome him.

He woke up with seamen soiling his baby doll. In the background he could hear the feminine voices. "I want you inside me, baby." "Oh yeah, fuck me hard in the ass, lover!" "Hmmm, I feel so good in silk and lace!."

He was more than embarrassed. I am a man, damn it! They will not be allowed to turn me into a transvestite, he thought.

He was not surprised to find the pink babydoll by the door. However, when he took off the white babydoll, he was shocked to see that his chest had expanded into two small, recognizable breasts. "My God," he said. "They are not turning me into a transvestite. I am becoming a transsexual!"

Strangely enough, the idea of turning into a "chick with a dick" did not make him too uncomfortable. The feeling of the babydoll rubbing against his erect nipples was just too good to deny. The man him had always liked to touch and caress breasts, and the fact that these too were his own, only made the feeling stronger.

"Make them stop!" one voice in his head pleaded. "No, let them continue," another said. "I want to see where this ends."

That evening Diana and Bill moved him into another room. "Unlike some of our clients you seem to adapt nicely to your changing condition," Diana said. "You are clearly not going to hurt yourself."

The room had a strong feminine touch. Pinkish walls, bright curtains framing a window facing a beautiful garden, and pillows, a large number of colorful pillows. Raymond had never grasped why women wanted pillows everywhere. Now he had to concentrate hard to make an argument against them.

There was a separate bathroom with a large number of bottles with creams, perfumes and various sorts of make-up.

He slept well that night. In fact, he couldn't remember ever to have slept this good. When "The Dream" came to him, he didn't resist. He opened his legs to the stranger and let him thrust his penis into him. His body was shaking with pleasure all through the dream. He did not wake up until morning, fully rested.

On the chair beside his bed there was a blue turtleneck sweaterdress and new panties. He had seen it on the model on page 45 of the Victoria catalog.

His breast were bigger and his hips wider, so the dress fit him perfectly. His hair was still short and boyish, but his face had become finer and more feminine, and he knew that he looked good.

Seeing daylight again, Raymond knew that he meal he was served that morning was breakfast.

"All right," Diana said, "It is time to end this. I will give you a double dose today." She gave him two injections.

"You really want to lie down on the bed for this," she told Raymond. She helped him get out of his dress.
She put him down on the bed. He felt weak and feverish.

He could actually see his breasts growing. "They look nice, don't they?" Diana asked him. "The problem is , my dear, that they are going to reach twice that size. Oh yeah, you are going to get a couple of big udders worthy of a cow. Too bad, though, because you are really becoming a beautiful girl."

She was right. His breast slowly expanded and became heavier and heavier against his chest. He moved over to the side to breathe easier. They felt good, though. He touched them, squeezed them, massaged them, getting more and more aroused in the process.

"Let me help you with that," Diana said, and started to lick and bite his nipples. Well, if this was what it meant to be a woman, he could get used to it.

Diana pulled out his dick. It was definitely much smaller than the one he knew a few days ago, but it did raise to the occasion.

"It is time for you to go," Diana told his penis, and started to suck. Raymond fondled his erect nipples, savoring the feeling of Diana's tongue playing with his dick.

He could feel an immense orgasm building up. It didn't stop when he came into her mouth. The ejaculation was followed by one ecstatic wave after the other. At the same time he could feel his penis deflate and shrivel. When Diana gave it her final lick it had turned into a highly sensitive clitoris. Another wave engulfed him.

Diana massaged his new pussy lips with her hand. She looked up over his huge breasts and said:"Randi, you are now a woman." Then she trust two fingers into his pussy, proving her point beyond all doubt. He was soaking wet.

Diana pulled him up and stuck her fingers into his mouth. "Taste your own pussy juice, bitch. This is what you have become!

"You are a slave now, do you hear me! You have no passport, no social security number, no papers, and the man that have bought you own you completely. If you try to escape we will hunt you down, and when that happens, you will serve as a whore in the brothels of Nairobi!

"You are lucky, though. Our client is a man that worships women. If you treat him well, he will probably give you a good life."

Diana asked her to put on a white bustier, a pink jacket and panties. "This is not exactly my taste," she said, "but the customer gets what the customer wants."

They did really show off his new voluptuous body though. In this day and age there were women that would have called her fat, but Randi knew better. The man that had ordered this body, worshiped the female form. Maybe, this wasn't too bad, after all.

When the man arrived, she was a bit disappointed. He looked kind, but was rather small. The look in his eyes when he saw her body though, was priceless.

"My lady, I am Omar Allani," he said and took her hand. "I see that you are everything I have dreamed of."

Randi didn't know what to say. She was an intelligent woman, and knew perfectly well -- given Farinelli and all -- that she had no options beyond becoming this man's lover.

But the weakening man inside her had still problems to come to terms with the fact that her own penis was gone and that this man wanted to put his penis inside her.

"Please show me your tits," Omar asked her.

"Do it bitch!" Diana commanded. That was unnecessary. Randi had already lifted her two big balls of flesh out of her bustier. Actually, the longing in this man's eyes excited her. She absorbed his desire as a plant absorbing sunlight. It made her feel beautiful. If he thought of her as a beautiful woman, she was indeed a beautiful woman.

He came closer, as if asking if he could touch her. This is good, Randi thought. He may have bought himself a sex slave, but he still respects me as a woman. Maybe it was part of Arab culture. She didn't know.

Without even thinking about it, she went up to him, turned around and put his hands on her tits. She could smell his perfume and the musky smell of his excitement, and it turned her on.

He fondled her breast, stroke them and then kissed them. Boy, was this man a breast fetishist!

"You can leave us now," Omar told Diana.

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift you have given me, and may Allah forgive us all for the crimes we have committed towards this beautiful woman."

"I am not proud of what I have done to you," he said to Rand when Diana had left. "My flesh is weak and I may have been led astray by jinns, but I promise you that I shall take good care of you."

Whether it was his kind words, the subliminal voice conditioning, her high levels of estrogen or her own free will that made her do it, she did not know. But she found herself on the knees on the floor, pulling out the man's penis.

He tore of his shirt and thrust his member into her mouth. Oh my God, she thought, I love this. I worship this penis.

As a man she had never thought of the penis as an object of desire. Tits, yes, sexy asses, sure, but a dick. No, the dick was just a tool. No longer. Now his staff was a symbol of maleness that she wanted to honor and revere.

Now the dream came back to her. She was no longer standing by a table. No, she was down on her back on the bed, looking up at his member. She pulled him closer and spread her legs. "Come inside me, my man," she whispered. "Come inside me!"

He pushed his dick into her and started to thrust. She soon found the same rhythm and they grunted as animals in heat on the small bed.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she pleaded, a complete woman by now. She was no longer capable of imagining being in his position.

Finally, when they were resting in each other's arms, Omar looked at her and said:

"You may come to feel that your new life will be like a prison. In my country women cannot move around freely as they can here. Moreover, you will be my concubine, not my wife, so the women of my family may despise you.

"But I will give you all the things that you ask for: clothes, jewelery, perfume. And you will get your own house, with your own servants, and I will come and visit you as often as I can."

"But now it is time to get out of this house of evil!"

Randi tried to put on the blue dress again, but it would no longer fit her. Omar, which had ordered her body measurements, had however brought her some slacks, a 36E bra, panties and a white wool sweater. They felt comfortable.

On their way out they stopped at the "office" of Farinelli. Omar gave him a briefcase. "Here are the 5 million dollars I owe you," he said. "I thank you for your services."

Farinelli smiled: "Maybe we can be of help another time, " he said. "After all, you people appreciate the value of a good harem."

That night Randi followed Omar on a first class flight to Oman. Omar never let go of her false Omanian passport.

The images in this presentations are taken from Bignaturals.com and the Victoria's Secret web site. This is a work of fiction and there is absolutely no relationship between the fictional characters and the models depicted.

Porn Star

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