The Magic Pool

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Unintended Consequences

Michelle Taylor from RK.com
It wasn't suppose to end like this.

It had been a brilliant plan really. Ashley was to drug Theo, and move him over to the lab. There Chris would be ready, already prepped for the memory matrix transfer by Ashley's friend Lea. Ashley and Lea would then push Theo into the receiver, and hit the body swap button.

Chris, would then, in the body of Theo, go to the bank, empty Theo's fat bank accounts, travel back to the lab, and switch back. They would then move the unconscious Theo back to his flat, make sure that he was still breathing, and go to Costa Rica. What could possible go wrong?
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Well, first of all Lea and Theo had clearly been a thing for a while, although they had not told anyone. That much was clear, because Lea had just told him so, watching from the other side of the room. Theo was clearly not drugged, as he was the one fucking Chris so hard from behind right now. Which meant that he was in Ashley's body, and God knows where his body and Ashley's mind were.

This was so utterly humiliating.
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"Ashley is ... grunt ... in  .... ah... Costa Rica... in your body... mmmm.  In case you wonder." I could hear more grunts from Theo behind him as he made another thrust into my pussy. That didn't feel too bad, unfortunately. I definitely did not want this to feel good.

"Yeah, Chris, and we told her never to come back. We don't like traitors."

"Except you, of course," Theo laughed. "I like you!"

I could feel that he did.