President to not be

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Rick had been a powerful politician, destined to become president one day. Which is why the other party hired a witch to turn him into a sexy woman.

Rick has not time for politics anymore. But he is a much happier person.



The Girls of Maria 2, new free TG Comic


Fem Fluxx has a new erotic MTF transformation story out. 

A state agent is trying to infiltrate a secret organization for magic and witchery, and it all ends in the way it has to end.

Read of download The Girls of Maria Part 2 over at Fem Fluxx. It is all free!


Big ass bonanza

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Greg was really into the XX pill craze. 

"Look!" he said to Phil, pulling down his jeans. "I've got a big soft ass now! You can have one like it. The pill lasts for 48 hours!"

Phil was not interested in this kind of feminization game, but Greg slipped him a pill in his coke when they went to the beach later that day.

Phil had to admit he felt pretty.