Spellbook Deception 2

The deceitful spell books tricked him into changing his friend into a woman, as he was suspecting him of betrayal.

Now the books are slowly undermining his own resolve to be the alpha male of the universe.

Why is it that all the changelings seem to get so much pleasure out of sex?

He decides to find out.

This story has an insane number of transformations! Young and old, back and forth. Well, I guess that is one way of celebrating the new year.

You will find more photos and videos featuring these beautiful models over at Brazzers.com.

You can download the full size PDF here and here!

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Not so bad at all

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«Bye Bro!» That was the only explanation she had left him. On an old postcard from LA. Thomas had heard her babbling about wanting to become a NAVY SEAL, of course, and the necessity of being a man.

He had not taken it seriously. She was a girl, dammit, she should leave the fighting to the brave men! Waking up in her body therefore came as much of a shock to Ed.

But as soon as he stopped shaking and slowly came to his senses, he started to see opportunities. His sister was a cheer leader. He had suddenly access to magical locker rooms. And pajama parties with that wonderful girl, Eliza.

Hm, maybe this wasn’t so bad after all.


Spellbook Deception

Here is another story set in the Spellbook universe.

The spellbooks appear in the home of two men without the moral strength needed to withstand the temptation of the books.

After all, they make it possible to change the form of another person and make him or her do what you want.

As so often is the case, the magic of the spellbooks has  a tendency of backfiring.

The images of Jynx Maze (right) and Lexi Belle are from Brazzers.com.

You can get the story as a PDF here or here.

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And yes, part 2 will be my new year present to you!


Guest cap: Best of both worlds

Here is a wicked one I got from Playin Petra over at Rachel's!

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Another hotel disaster

Model: Jessica Moore from DDF Busty

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«No, no, no, stop!» Nick cried out and grabbed his rapidly expanding chest. It was as if he was trying to hold the growing tits down, saving his masculinity in the process.

The hotel maid just laughed: «You big shot politicians are all the same, trying to take advantage of a poor black maid from Haiti. I don’t want to such your pitiful excuse for a cock, Director. But I will make sure that you get sex, lots of it. You will wrap you big tits around the cock of the next guest. You will suck him dry. And you will spread your legs for him and any male customer that ever inhabits this room. This is my curse, Director. Enjoy it!


Machos - a French erotic movie with magic gender change

In my series on sex change porn movies, I have come to a French film called Machos, made by Fred Coppula in 1999.

The main characters are some serious male chauvinist pigs, and some of their victims decides to make use of a spell to teach them a lesson.

As a result of this spell they wake up one morning and find themselves to be.... eh, well, girls.

In the edit below you will find the transformation scene and the scene following it.

For some unknown reason our two leads immediately dress up as girls for a day beside the pool (I am not sure I would have made that my first priority).

Furthermore, one of the boys/now girls decides to have sex with the pool boy (or whoever he is -- my French isn't that good), without hesitation.

Admittedly his friend displays a little bit more reluctance, but as TG stories goes there is not much resistance.

You do not really need subtitles to understand the plot.

WARNING! The following clip contains a scene with explicit sex! It is for adults only!