A Night in Budapest

This year's holiday gift from me to you is a new love story set in the reality distortion universe.

I have already told you about the  attacks on Los Angeles and San Francisco, where extremists detonated a reality distortion device with the power of mixing the realities of several dimensions.

There was another attack in Europe, and in this photo comic we are going to meet two of the victims in Budapest, Hungary.

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Merry Xmas!

Here is my Christmas cap for you. Those who do not celebrate Christmas, may enjoy the pagan aspect of the story instead.

Tomorrow I will give you my season's gift: A long story of change and love....

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Guest Story/Cap: Balloons

Last year apokol wrote me this sweet Christmas story.

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Guest Post: Missing Button

There are not that many body suit stories here at this site. Now, here is a caption made by magiclycurvy that is going to rectify that!

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The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Fascist League

Here is an old story I made over a year ago and which I never got around to publish.

A young skinhead is kidnapped by the Anti-Fascist League and turned into a black woman. But not everything is at is seems in the League.

You can download the full screen PDF here and here.

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The images of Nyomi Banxx and Tia are from always reliable Brazzers.com. If you want to see the original video footage, that is the place to go.

Some of you may be interested in knowing that I made a follow up to this story. But sometimes the idea just does not work out, and I decided not to publish the remaning scenes as a separate post. If you are interested in finding out what "the fall" was all about, though, you may download the scenes  here. 


Guest cap: Plunging into Books

Some say books may change your life. I am sure they are right. But in this cap -- made my Apokol over at Rachel's Haven -- this concept is taken to a new delicious level.

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The Butterfly Effect (Butterfly Hill Part 4)

The captain has urges. Who doesn't?
Shyla Styles from Brazzers
The Butterfly Hill adventure continues.

The US military has an interest in Butterfly Hill, that strange town in Nevada that changes men into women (or more masculine men), and women into men (or more feminine women).

Is Butterfly Hill a threat to National Security? May Butterfly Hill be weaponized? Does Butterly Hill want to be weaponized.

I am not sure you will get answers to all of this questions in this episode, but there will be a few boys who learn to appreciate the the pros and cons of being a girl.

For those of you who want  to know more about the characters from the previous episodes, I would add that some of them will be back later on.

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I am remixing images from several videos made by Brazzers here. You can see the original movies over there. But please note that my stories are not even remotely similar to the Brazzers scripts ;)

WARNING: This story contains explicit content and is for adults only!



Tour de France 4

Gary dell'Abate, the notorious mafia boss is back!

Some of you  may remember last year's story, The Hunter and the Prey, where Gary got a powerful spell from a witch outside Prague.

The spell allows him to change any male opponent into a girl, which he does with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately this easily leads to a lack of male muscle. In the new series he is going to Paris, to inspect his European affiliates.

In this episode Gary is visiting a palace that one of his lieutenants  has bought to avoid French taxes.

The photos are from Brazzers!

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