Why do you want to be a woman?

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Complicated Universal Cum - I can hardly wait from Fake Diamond Records on Vimeo.

Too big?

- Anna, is it true that you have given Brian over to Frank?

- She goes by the name of Connie now. I shouldn't have to remind you!

- Yeah, yeah, yeah! But really, you cannot give him -- I mean her -- to Frank. She cannot take it!

- Why not? You have let him ravage you quite a few times, if I remember correctly.

- Yes, but I have been a woman for over four years now. Connie is like a newborn. You have to treat her gently.

- Gently? To you think force feeding your old colleague female hormones is considered "gently". He was a raving lunatic for three months. It was like he was PMSing the whole time.

- Yes, I know, that is exactly why we should be kind to her. I am mean, she his shaping up so nicely: that long blonde hair, her perky tits. It was as if her weak little boy body was made for this. But she is not prepared for Frank!!!

- Too late.

- Too late?

- Yepp, she was the one that asked for him.

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TS model: Chloe Christian. Images by Shemale Club.

This one is for Connie...


The Photo of Caitlyn

Calvin had found the picture in a woman's magazine over at his dentist's office. He had become totally captivated. Mesmerized.

He had tore out the page despite the angry looks of the dentist's assistant. "Isn't she magnificent?" he had asked Anna, his girl friend. "Look at that innocence. That youthful look! To me she represents the beauty of the divine!"

He had started to dabble in mysticism, in order to find the reason for his infatuation. One Buddhist munk told him that he was most likely possessed by a female spirit who looked a lot like this girl.

A Greek Orthodox munk believed she represented Divine Wisdom and that he had to abandon the photo for the real Virgin. A Jungian psychologist told him she was an expression of his inner woman, his anima.

Anna took another approach: "This is your dick talking! You don't find me attractive anymore, and now you want some some sweet candy." She stopped approaching him at night, and became obsessed with strange tasting smoothies and herbal teas instead. He drank it all. As long as she was happy...

Calvin was so taken up with Caitlyn -- as he called the model -- that he didn't mind. When Anna asked him to stop cutting his hair, he didn't notice. When she asked him to lose weight, he did not protest. When she gave him pills that made his chest swell, he did not argue. As long as he could be with his Caitlyn.

Now Caitlyn is there night and day. Anna has found herself a lover. Caitlyn is wondering if she is willing to share.

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This one is for Caitlyn over at Rachel's.


Tranisa.com -- feminization fantasy movies

Tranisa. com is a new site dedicated to the production of story driven transgender feminization fantasy films. It is established by Cheryl of Lost in Transgender. She says:

"We aim to produce the best feminisation & trangendered videos available but we need your help. We need to know what you would like to see. All of our films will be professionally filmed and edited showing the tranformation of Men into Beautiful Women. We will be using real scene members, real locations and realistic film sets, together with all of the latest broadcast equipment available.We want to know what the transgendered community and their fans would like to see..."

They would like you to fill in a questionnaire to tell them what you are looking for. They are also looking for models to take part in the films.

The non-pornographic films will focus on classic transgendered fantasy themes of gender transformation, sex role changing, crossdreaming, and crossdressing stories.

Here is a promotion video featuring Ella:


Guest Cap: Dreamstate - Enforced Desire

"Is it a dream within a dream?"

Here's a well designed caption series sent to me by Dragons Bane!



A shot and sweet little science fiction love story for you Asia lovers out there.

What happens if psychoterapist can take psychodrama and role playing to its extreme? And what happens if the therapist falls in love with the patient?

Now you have the chance to find out!


The General

Here is a relatively short erotic TG slide show for you.

An American military research project goes horribly wrong and throws the general into a completely new life situation.

How is a man -- eh, woman -- to cope?

The pictures are of lovely Jenaveve Jolie from Brazzers.com!

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This one is for Orva.


Sarah in the Pyrenees

Gavin had been desperate. The Spanish police had been following him all the way from Seville to Barcelona, and it was only luck that had stopped them from capturing him. Stealing that Picasso had been such a bad idea.

"When desperate, call Phillipe," Evita has told him. "He has the power, you know: the magic power, to get you out of any trouble. But his price is high. Be prepared to tell your old life goodbye!"

So he had called Phillipe. "No problem," the handsome Spaniard had told him. "But the the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía have already notified Interpol and the French police. You won't get through that border as you look now. I will have to make certain changes, and in return you will assist me for the next six months."

What could he say. He was led into a flat in El Raval in Barcelona, where he was presented for a beautiful young woman who called herself Sarah.

"Sarah is willing to take over your body in exchange for the Picasso,Gavin." Phillipe explained. "My body?" I asked. "Yeah, you know: an old fashioned body swap." He made it all sound so mundane. Since Gavin didn't believe in body swaps, he had agreed. He couldn't get rid of the Picasso, anyway.

There wasn't much to it, really. Phillipe held one hand on his forehead, another on hers. He said a few words in what must have been Arabic. In the next moment was looking up at his own face. His face was smiling. Then he heard his own mouth talking rapidly in Catalan.

"Time to go!" Phillipe said and dragged his new feminine body out the door. His own body waved him good bye.

They took Phillipe's car through Andorra and the Pyrenees. That was a good thing, as it gave Gavin time to adapt to Sarah's body. By the time they entered France he was getting pretty good at serving Phillipe in any way he wanted him to. What could he do? Phillipe had Sarah's passport and the story of her past.

And he needed the training. "We are going to Cannes," Phillipe explained while the new Sarah deep throated his cock. "There are millionaires and movie starts that would like to have a girl like you on board their yachts. It is only for six months you know. After that, you are on your own."

The problem was, of course: What was he do when the six months were up? When he had become used to the life style of the rich and famous?

He discussed this with Evita in a bath tub in Cannes. "Ah, I made all these plans of going back to my old life after Phillipe changed me," she laughed and lifted her cigarette. "But who the hell wants to be a man, when you can have all this?" She bent over and kissed the new girl on her lips.

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This one is for
Chloes over at Rachel's Haven.

Images for Explicite.com. That is one stylish French site!


Space Vixen

When the alien space ship turned up outside the international space station, Daniel thought it was a joke made by the Chinese.

It soon turned out that the spacefarers were far from Chinese. He was kidnapped and transported to an asteroid outside the Proxima Femme system, where they experimented on him for several months using his DNA as a blueprint for ever more fantastic transformation.

It wasn't until they transformed into the body of a young woman that he returned to something resembling sanity. He tried to plan for his escape, but they had started studying human sexuality and it was hard for him to concentrate.

The only way off the asteroid was by space ship, and his driver's licence didn't cover that kind of vehicles.

In the end he was saved by raiders from Proxima Gamma, who found that Danielle, as she called herself now, had been trained as a Marine, and was therefore a useful companion in close combat. Danielle is now trying to save up enough galactic credits to buy a ticket home to Earth. There aren't many men in her part of the Milky Way.

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This one is for Danielle!


Tiresias 2: The training

Mark has been turned into a woman at the Tiresias clinic and is now being trained for his new life as a prostitute.

Dr. Göbbels is trying to raise a new nazi army on American soil. The goal is to establish the Fourth Reich.

As an insane but brilliant scientist he has managed to unravel the reality of the universe, recognizing that it is all information, ready to be reprogrammed for his sick needs.

Now he is trying to breed his new master race, changing men into future mothers. Not that he succeeds so well. Nature is not a national socialist and she continues to give him women of all races.

The images are from Brazzers and Sex and Submission.


T-Camp 3: The Student

Welcome to the T-Camp, a secret facility deep into the Amazonian jungle.

This is a place that produces one rare commodity for connoisseurs from all over the world: beautiful, sexy T-girls.

There is one catch. The girls that are trained here never volunteered for the mission, and the camp management is using creative educational methods that would not pass muster in a court of law. Which is of course why the camp is hidden away.

In this episode Paul goes to Rio to study. Student life is sweet and he even gets a beautiful girl friend. Little does he know that she finance her tuition by selling boys like him to the Company.

This presentation is labelled TG Extreme, as it contains strong BDSM scenes. If this is not for you, do not read it!

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The main images are from Shemalesgetfucked.com.

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