Change of Perspective

"Ralph, can you take away the blindfold now?"

"No, not yet, Patrick."

"What did you call this game again?"

"Change of Perspective."

"I feel so strange, Ralph. My body is tingling all over."

"Yes, doesn't it feel good?"

"Hm, yes it does. I feel dreamy and warm all over. You know, it feels like my body is getting smaller, but my chest feels bigger."

"You mean here?"

"Hm, it feels good when you do that. It feels like I am having heavy tits. That's very funny, isn't it?"

"Yes, and it is going to get even funnier, Kristina..."

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This one is for Katt!


Why are you doing this to me?

Why are you doing this to me? Why are you keeping me here? Why can't you just let me go?

You have kept me here for a year now. I haven't seen my family. I haven't seen my friends. I am unable to study. All I have is this flat and the fenced garden. 

Don't you understand what this prison does to me?

I know that I am changing - that you are feeding me hormones. It is probably in the food you give me. But I have no choice. I have to eat, don't I?

I am growing breasts. I can't see the difference from day to day, but I know that my chest was not like this when you brought me here. 

They are so soft to the touch, and when I do touch them I can feel my nipples stiffen in a way they never did before.  What really scares me is how good it feels. I love taking a warm bath, touching my budding breasts and stroking my dick.

Lately I have started fantasizing about how it would be to be a girl. I touch my hair, which is much longer now than it was when you brought me here, and I imagine what it would be like to have a pussy with soft, moist, lips.  

You are going to remove my dick, aren't you? 

I shaved my legs yesterday with the razor you gave me. Then I applied that lotion. I like the perfume and I like the smooth feeling of the skin of my legs. My skin is changing too. It is getting softer.

I am getting used to wearing a dress now. I love the way the cotton flows around my legs. And thanks for the panties. I wonder, could you possibly get me a bra, as well?

Last night I dreamt about you. I woke up with sadness in my heart. I dreamt you loved me, and that you wanted to embrace me. 

But I know that you don't love me. You may think you do, but no one does things like this to the people they love.  

Still, maybe we can pretend.  That's all that's left for me now, isn't there?

Picture of Cindy from Sextronix Planet of Shemales.

A new life 2

"You amaze me!" Rachel said to Benjamin.

"You are so liberal when it suits you, fighting for gender equality and defending the careers of women. But now that I am pregnant, your wife, you want me to stay at home, sacrificing my hope of becoming an executive?"

"This is about nature, dear. There are some things men cannot do, and kids need a safe and nurturing childhood environment."

"I'll give you nature!" Rachel yelled. "I am as important to our firm as you are. Now you stay at home!"

And then she whispered a few words passed down from one generation to another throughout millennia, giving the women of her family powers than few of their sisters had known.

Benjamin was still not sure if he could believe what had happened to him. But when he saw his own body leave the house heading for the office, he realized that there was more to his wife than his anyone had told him.

However, soon he sank down into that deep state of contemplation some pregnant women do, staring out into the distant future.

Well, he would definitely make sure that Rachel -- no Benjamin (damn, this was confusing!) -- took care of the kid's college fund.

Maybe she could paint the child's room. It was going to be a girl, she knew as much. Pink, then, and with a colorful wallpaper.

Maybe she should call Ellen. She had had two kids already, and then they could talk about toys, and health, and food and all those interesting things women talk about. 

Boy, men are stupid! They miss all the important things in life! 

This one is for Preg Luv over at Rachel's. Click on images to enlarge!



Pink satin

"Do you know what I think,Patrick?" Jim asked. "No," Patrick replied. "But I am sure you're about to tell me."

"I think you worry too much. You are too uptight. You need to relax. Let go!"

"Well, I am sorry I cannot live up to your flexible standards, Jimmy! I just happen to take life seriously, and there is much to think about."

"Sure, but why don't you let your shoulders down just one night. I have just what you need right here." Jim pulled up a small golden bottle.

"Drugs? No thanks. You know I am not into drugs!"

"You are afraid what would happen, aren't you? That you might actually enjoy it? Well, don't worry, this is a perfectly safe herb mixture. Not a drug. I am gonna get a drink and mix this one into the vodka. Delicious!"

Come to think of it, Patrick didn't actually see Jim mix the herbs into both glasses, but he trusted his friend enough to take a big sip of the glass.

Everything changed. It was as if someone had dropped a stone into the very fabric of the time space continuum, and when the ripples finally subsided, he looked down at a completely new body.

There were two long legs covered in sexy silk stockings and a pink satin corset lifting up a perfect set of soft, warm, boobs.

"What the...!? What did you...?" The new woman looked up at Jim with a confused look.

Jim laughed at her: "Oh, there you are Kathrine! Don't worry, everything is all right. The herbs will give you one night as a beautiful woman, totally lacking inhibitions. It will be good for you, you know. You will finally be blond enough to let go, and it will be good for me, who get the opportunity to entertain you."

He opened a drawer and pulled out a long, pink, dildo. "Why don't you play with this for a little while, and then we take it form there?"

Images from Sextronix/Exxxcellent.

This one is for Katt.

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I have also added new categories that let you narrow your search to caption or story sites respectively.

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Billy and Bob go Bimbo

Bob finds a new magic story down at the mall, and the kind gentleman behind the desk sells him a computer game he never have seen before.

The game is full of porn stars doing strange and pleasurable things to each other, and Billy and Bob gets so enthusiastic about the whole thing that they soon reach the 12th level, the magic level, the level that turns their lives up side down.

This is a  silly Beavis and Butthead story for the transgender community.

Download the full screen PDF file by clicking on this link.
Alternative download site


Guest Cap: Wounded Pride

Here is a very original cap I got from Jay. it should remind us that the text is just as important as the image in TG captioning.

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FBI Captive

The FBI agent looked at Brian with a strange smile that radiated irony.

"No, of course Brian. We will keep our promise. We always do. We will change you back into your old body as soon as we are finished with you, and you will get all the tapes from our surveillance."

The sexy looking young woman looked at him with pleading eyes. Then her eyes lost focus as the other agent started to lick her pussy.

"I must say those tapes were impressive. I mean, fucking your servant, while your wife is in the next room takes some courage. It was on this very couch, wasn't it?"

Brian was still half in shock. He had let them into his house when they had shown their badges. Only minutes and a strange chant later, he fell down on the floor shaking as his body started to reshape itself into the form of a sexy teenage girl.

"There is one thing you ought to know, though," the FBI agent continued. "This is very powerful magic indeed, and anyone caught in this spell will never change back if they like their new body -- even for just a moment. So the longer you stay like this, the higher the risk. Which is why you should give us the combination to your safe right now!"

Brian was distracted by the silky long hair caressing his cheek, and marveled at the softness of the skin of his arms. He couldn't help touch his big left nipple as the agent behind him held him fast and thrust his penis inside his pussy. Oh God, this was so unlike anything he had ever experienced.

He had the mind of a woman now, he could feel it, and he was aroused by the idea of giving in to the man behind him.

He wanted that man to worship his new body, to carry her on his strong arms, to fill her up with his... No! He had to stop this before it was too late.

Brian found it hard to speak clearly, as he found himself shaking with desire. "The combination to the safe is..."


"It is 34 26 34 ... oh no..." Brenda felt herself loving her new body, and succumbed to her new fate.

"The combination!" the agent implored.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh!" Brenda screamed as a wall of lust hit her. "I ... will ... never... give you ... the combination. But if you come over here I may give you something else..."

This one is for Bren!

The images of the amazingly sexy Victoria is from the stylish Totally Redhead site.

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The beauty of woman

Jack loved beauty. Any kind of beauty. He loved beauty so much that he spent every hour of the day looking for anything that would please his eye and set his heart racing.

It could be a beautiful scenery, a tree reaching for the stars, three white stones at the bottom of a pond, a horse galloping across a field, a child laughing to her mother: anything that brought him closer to what lies behind the veil that hides the real world.

He was most certainly a Platonist, and a strong believer in the idea that the beauty of this world is just a reflection of the true perfection beyond.

And when his friends reminded him of war and famine, diseases and the brutality of nature, he responded that it was all a matter of perspective. If you were able to see the whole of creation in one glance, the way God sees it, all of it would be beautiful.

His friends thought him a nut case, and when he started talking about the golden mean, sacred numbers, and the heavenly proportions of Greek temples, he lost them. They couldn't follow him.

Finally, after seven years of searching, he found himself sitting under a tree in his local park, watching the world go by.

He was meditating on the beauty of women. Surely, the curves of their hips and bosoms reflected the perfection of the divine circle he thought, and the beautiful symmetry of their faces pointed back to the duality that everything is born out of.

And he was delighted by their hair, which seemed to express everything femininity is about.

Suddenly it struck him: God is a woman, he thought. She gives birth to everything there is! Woman is the ultimate beauty, and if you understand that, you yourself become beautiful.

At that very moment his body started changing. He could feel his hips widen. He looked down at his chest and watched it grow two beautiful globes of female flesh.

He touched his hair with new slim, feminine, fingers and rejoiced in the fact that it had reached his shoulders, and it was still growing.

Jackie sat under the tree for three hours, breathing slowly with closed eyes, giving thanks to everything around her. Then she stood up, and walked home. She had a message to the people, and she would make them listen!

The pictures of Alexa is taken from First Time Videos, a haven of beauty.

This cap is dedicated to Jackie Blue.

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Beat the Bastards 8: The End!

In the final episode of the TV reality TV show Beat the Bastards, something goes very wrong.

Meet John Caine, or Chantal as she is called now. He was know as the Dirty Journalist, the man who published that evil book about our beloved Madam President.

How will she react to the usual program of forced feminization and punishment? Will she fight, will she try to run or will she embrace her new womanhood?

If you haven't seen any of the other episodes yet, you'd better take a look at them first.

You may even download all eight episodes as one huge presentation (PDF 40 MB).

Beat the Bastards is illustrated with photos from Anal-pantyhose.com and Analsaga.com, both part of a great package of fetish sites.