"Take a look in the monitor, Marco!"

"Oh, she looks sweet. Who did you change this time?"

"Giacomo Romano."

"The son of the media mogul, Silvio Romano?"

"The very one!"

"Woow! That's kind of risky, Antonio. You know, he has connections with the Camorra!"

"Sure, but when he sees the video of his son being changed into a sexy MILF, I am sure he will pay up the 10 million we ask of him, just to avoid a YouTube disaster."

"The Ring of Runes works every time, doesn't it?"

"It sure does. That was definitely one very profitable investment, my friend!"

"He seems to be enjoying himself in there."

"Yeah, I don't think he understand that this is real. He has been dancing around in his pink dress for quite some time now. There's actually no reason to wait any longer. Why don't you go in and do your job?"

"All right. I just hope he will not kick and scream like the last one. I hate it when they do that!"

"Somehow I don't think that will be a problem with this one!"

Images from the irresistible Brazzers.com.

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This one is for Giacomo!

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