Minicap: The Model 2

- You are a model are you not, Phil? That's what we pay you for. Well, right now we need a girl. I mean, 50 percent of the world population are women at any time. It cannot be that bad now. can it? What? That is a vibrator. Your agent did tell you that this shoot is for a men's magazine, now, didn't he? Yeah, I thought so. Now, shut up and smile!


New Second Life Community for Crossdreamers

Sienna Blau over at Crossdream Life has announced that she and a group of likeminded have established a group within Second Life called Crossdream SL.

Second Life has become a popular destination for M2F crossdreamers (men who dream about having a female body), as they can explore the other side in their female avatar.

Sienna writes:

"Second Life has been an incredibly powerful and transformative experience for us, so we want to share it with our fellow crossdreamers. A small group of us have already met and are becoming good friends in world. It has been incredible to finally find people who understand us, and to have friends to shop with, dance with and share makeup tips with in the virtual world. SL allows us to overcome the gender obstacles separating us from our dreams and the geographic realities separating us from each other.

We have been searching for a venue similar to Crossdream Life, and have not found it. We have found groups that are very active, and others that have long since lost their leadership or their motivation. None are tailored to the needs of the crossdreamer. Sadly, the divisions amongst the TS/TG communities in RL also manifest themselves in Second Life. It is also true that many cross gender avatars do not spring from any autogynephilic or autoandrophilic tendency, but arise due to simple curiosity, shock value, or to exploit some real or perceived advantage of the other gender. Additionally, the experience of gender differs greatly for those of us who immerse ourselves in the virtual world and treat it as our chosen native land and sanctuary, as opposed to those who come to it as simply 3D chat, or those who insist on mirroring real life in the virtual world.

For these reasons, we have decided that there is a place for a crossdreamer group within SL to serve as a meeting place to find friends and kindred spirits. To ensure that this community is tolerant, engaging and aligned with our core focus, we will offer membership by invitation only. We are searching for new members at crossdreamer forums to find those who are already curious and serious about crossdreaming, so as to keep the goals of the group aligned with the concerns and desires of our community. Also, the invitational character of the group will help protect the cherished privacy and anonymity of our members. The group will serve to connect crossdreamers to each other in SL, so we can provide help and support to each other, both for crossdreamer issues as well as SL issues.

We hope that this will be an intimate group, which is one of the great advantages that interaction through SL provides. In SL, you not only engage a person's mind through their words, but also their personality through their fashion, presentation and pleasures. We hope that all who have already found solace in SL will join us, and those who are curious will take advantage of our offer of friendship to come and explore with us. We will make our virtual world better by making your acquaintance.

Entry to the Crossdream SL group

Crossdream SL is an invitation only group.

To find us, you can send a private message to Sienna Blau at the Crossdream Life forum, and I will tell you how best to contact one of us for an invitation.

If you are already an active resident, You can also send an instant message to Sienna Blau (username SentientBlue) in Second Life. I will respond with a group invitation.

If you are not yet a resident, but would like to join us to explore in world, drop me (Sienna) a PM at CDL and let me know what times are good for your exploration. If I can't join you at a good time, I will ask one of the other members, who will be happy to be your hostess."


Mincap: Soft

John was no longer able to get an erection. The hormones did that to him, and the conditioning and the fact that they forced him to dress as a woman all day long. But he did not mind so much anymore. In fact, he was starting to think of his dick as his little clit, and the orgasms he got these day were so much better than the old boygasms anyway. His master had told him that they had bought him tickets for Thailand next month, for the final operation. He hated to admit this to himself, but he was actually looking forward to it.

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Minicap: Casino Life

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- Oh, Don, I mean Donna, will you please stop bitching? You own the casino 5 million dollars. It is either this or a journey to the bottom of the lake with some concrete around your legs!


Guest Cap: Aunt Marge's Kiss

A strange tale of forced feminization from New-Daughter over at Rachel's.

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The model 1

- Ah, Brian. You are always complaining. First you complained about me turning you into a woman. Then I had to remind you that Michelle is black. Now you are complaining about the hair. It will grow out in time. I am sure we can find a wig somewhere.

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Body switch

Those of you who follow Tranisa, know there are some really exciting crossdressing and sissyfication movies out there. Tranisa keeps it on the soft side, though.

Then there is the non-erotic movie Zerophilia, which is clearly made by someone well versed in TG fcition.

The TG theme has never made a big impression in the porn industry, but there is at least one exception, the movie Body Switch, which can be found on Red Tube.

Yes, it does start out as a TG story, but soon ends up as a regular porn flick. I don't know who made it.

Please let me know if you know of other movies of this kind.

WARNING! This movie contains explicit sex and is strictly for adults only!

Body switch brought to you by RedTube - Home of free porn videos


Babylon Academy 16: Joan and Pam

Welcome to Babylon Academy, a college run by the Daughters of Ereshkigal, an ancient Sumerian cult that aims at overthrowing patriarchy and establish the rule of the Goddess.

At the Academy they recruit the next generation of priestesses and witches. Based on the ancient principle of the conjunction of opposites, however, most of the recruits are college boys. At least for a while.

This episode: Peter and John are some arrogant and nasty pieces of work. The Academy, however, has a special kind of course for sexists and misogynists.

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The images are from Brazzers!


Guest Cap: Confession

Here's a guest cap I got from Nicole!

Sweet, isn't it?

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Forced into Frills and other movies

Tranisa has released a few new feminization videos for your benefit.

I love their Britishness and their humor (sorry: "humour"). Strictly soft core this, but amazing all the same.

Here is a taste of Strapped in Silk. The blurb says it all:

"Lara & Paige have just arrived back from some serious retail therapy with lots of sexy lingerie. They are unpacking their purchases in the conservatory when their lodger walks in and comments on how uncomfortable lingerie must be to wear. Paige & Lara both convince him to see what it's really like to be dressed in silky undies with tight straps and stockings, completing the look with a silky dress and wrap."

And here is a taste of Forced into Frills.

These promotion videos has been republished with permission of Tranisa.


The Virus 4

It had seemed a brilliant idea at the time. The CIA managed to develop a new virus that would trigger the female genes in a male body and turn the man into a woman. They even threw in some hormone enhancing gene sequences to ensure that any infected enemy combatant would focus on sex instead of fighting.

The fourth in a series of short erotic slideshows.

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The images are from the stylish French (but English language) site Explicite!

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The Red Planet

Xzmuzzlak looked over at Ryan and grinned in the way of the Groon-tribe:

"My friend Ryan, I think we have succeeded. Using the ancient elixir of the Tut-Ank-Rox we have managed to rewrite their tablets of life -- DNA as you call it -- and turn them into the mates you so desperately long for."

Ryan looked at his friend and bowed:

"For this I will be eternal grateful, my brother. Now human life can start anew here at the Planet of the Thousand Tribes."

He looked down at Jason, his fellow astronaut, and sighed:

"Jason, I wish it had not come to this. But there was no way I would draw straws to determine who to change. You and Dimitri are so much more fit to the traditional life of women here at the Planet of the Thousand Tribes. I am made for hunting and war, as my good friend Xzmuzzlak here."

He looked out at the window, and over at the stranded rocket ship. In a minute the blue Earth would rise over the horizon. When the American Republic finally managed to send a new ship to Mars, he would be ready for them, with a new tribe of Earthlings protecting this planet from the greed of Mankind.

This one is for JaySeaver.