Novagirl's bimbo feed

Felix Conrad runs Novagirl.net, a unique site covering everything from philosophical analyses of crossdreaming to pictures of beautiful women.

It is all about the dream about becoming a very sexy woman.

Novagirl is now featuring a new series called The Bimbofication Feed: Daily photos of silicone chic, which may interest some of you.


You can find a lot of MTF erotic imagery over at Xdreams

The Xdreams Discord server for MTF transformation and feminization images is alive and kicking. Here are some of the many photos that have been shared lately.

Click here for an invite to this Discord server/chat room.


MTF transformations by Cluedog

Illustration by cluedog
Cluedog is a great artist you will find over at Deviantart. Some of his drawings are explicitly about male to female transformations. Others give you that vibe.

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