Say hello to Adrian!

Yes, he is a little confused right now. He hasn't really come to terms with what has happened to him yet, but you know, he will. 

I will teach him the wonderful experience of having a female body. 

I found him down at the seafront. He should have known better than to walk down there at 4AM, him being a college student and all. That's what alchohol does to you, right?

Listen, wasn't that a soft feminine moan to you? And that was just because I pinched his erect, red, little nipple. 

What do you think happens if I push my finger in between his soft pussy lips. Hm, you liked that, didn't you Adriana? 

You see it is the spell book that is taking control over you, turning you into the senusal sex slave Benedict over there has dreamed about for so long. 

Say hello to Benedict, Adriana. He is going to be your master when I have finished with you!

I made this one for Freya's site.

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Pictures of Mitch and Joey from House of Taboo.


The Surrogate

Yet another great video mash-up by TGTales. This time she has used clips from Surrogates and 13 going on 30.


The Suit

It was a disaster. That stupid girl had bumped into him and caused him to spill coffee all over his new suit. And his meeting was in two hours.

He ran down the stairs and out into the street, trying desperately to remember if there was a men's clothing store somewhere nearby. As far as he could remember, the closest one was five blocks south. He would not make it.

Then he saw it: A small shop between the local 7 Eleven and Starbucks. He had never seen it before. "Mr. Samuel MacMagic Men's Apparel" the sign said in old fashioned letters.

He went inside and over to the old man behind the desk.

"My oh my!" the man said and looked down at Ron's coffee stains.

"It was that damned Rita!" Ron exclaimed.

"Women are so clumsy and stupid. We should never have given them the vote in the first place!"

"Really?" the old man said, taken aback.

"Yeah, really," Ron said. He was pissed off about Rita. He should have had that senior management position, not her!"

"You are not exactly a happy camper, are you Ron?" the man asked. "I bet Rita is much happier than you!"

"Ah women!" Ron snorted. "It's their damn innocence. Rita has never faced real problems ever. There are always men around her, picking up the slack."

"But I guess you would have loved to be as happy as she is?" the man smiled.

"Sure, but..."

"Here' I have the right suit for you. Hand made by Indian tailors in Calcutta, the home town of Kali!"


Ron gave the man his Am Ex card and put on the suit. It fit perfectly! That was strange, because as he started to run back to his office, it was as if the suit grew many sizes. The long trousers' legs made him stumble.

"Ah, there you are Rachel!" Rita said to him when he stumbled into the office. "Be a nice girl and make us some coffee, will you?"

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This one is
for Ron!


Hitler discovers TG Tales are fake

TG Tales has made a new video, now the first TG version of the YouTube Hitler parodies.



YouTube has taken down all Hitler parody videos due to copyright infringements. You can read the story here.

This meta-parody is available, though:


Guest Cap: SRU Picnic

Here's a gift I got from Dave over at Rachel's Haven. It is a sweet TG fantasy I believe many of my readers will recognize.

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Parking Ticket

The judge looked down at him with a concentrated frown:

He looked through his papers.

"Mr. Drake... Dylan! I do sympathize with you, I really do, but I am afraid the law doesn't allow me to make any exceptions."

"But it was only a parking ticket, and I wasn't even wrongly parked!"

"Hm, I do understand that the punishment may seem a little excessive compared to the crime committed, but please, Dylan, try and look at this from my side. I sit here to uphold the law, and the law requires all offenders to be enrolled in the Artemis Program. Surely, you can understand why!"

"No, I cannot!" Dylan replied.

"The Invasion, Mr. Drake. The aliens. The flying saucers hovering over the White House! Does it ring a bell?"

Dylan grunted.

"Yes, Dylan, and what did they do? They captured 86 percent of our fertile female population. God knows what they are doing with them! Surely you must understand that the gender reassignment program is a necessity if we are to survive as a a race and a civilization?"

"Yes, but why me!" Dylan "I am a professional baseball player. I can't play baseball as a woman!"
"Sure you can," the judge commented.

"Not that you will have much time to do it. The nanoviral treatment is designed to make you 100 percent fertile. You will probably get pregnant on your wedding night!"

"Wedding night?!!" Dylan was screaming now.

"Oh, I see, they haven't told you. Let me see. You are allotted to one Mr. James Kendall, 456 Masters Road..."

"That is my coach! I cannot marry my coach!"

"You did not by by any chance lend him your car, did you, Dylan?"

Dylan stopped breathing.

"Anyway," the judge continued.

"The state is not a cruel institution. Your DNA combination will make you a very libidinous woman, and I am sure you will enjoy your new life very much...Court dismissed!"

Later that evening Dylan found himself in the voluptuous body of a beautiful redhead. His exploration of his new body turned him slowly from the feeling of revulsion to bewilderment, through delight to pure ecstasy. He would paint the baby's room pink!

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This one is for Dalene.

Images of Erica Campbell by Sextronix/Totally Redhead.


Guest Cap: Rebecca working out

Here's a TG guest cap from Dalene over at Rachel's Haven. I like all her curvy bits!

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Babylon Academy Episode 7: The Wrestler

Jerry's days as a student at Babylon Academy is over. The Daughters of Ereshkigal changed him into a college girl as punishment for starting a food war in the college canteen.

At the very last day of his punishment period he gave in to Bernard and is now stuck as a girl forever.

Jerry was never considered a favorite candidate for transformation by the witches, and now they have sent him to the other side of the globe to serve in the Entertainment Division of the order.

The images are from the voluptuous Big Tits at School site, which comes highly recommended! If you sign up for that site, you get more than 20 additional Brazzer sites for the same prize. I use them a lot for my photo stories.

Click here to read the previous episodes in the Babylon Academy series!

Download the full size PDF file!
Alternative download site.



"When are you going to wake them up?"

"I dunno! I mean they look so peaceful in their sleep. And very ying-and-yangish. I just love looking at them."

"Who did you change this time?"



"That is not important!"

"Tell me!"


"You changed your boyfriend into a girl?"

"Yeah, he is so sweet you know. Remembers my birthday and everything."


"I need someone rougher."

"That's what you said the last time too. And here I am with tits the size of zeppeliners."

"That turned out right, didn't it?"

"Oh God! Will you never learn?"

"I am a witch remember. I cannot help myself! And I promise I will change them both back if they manage to keep their hands of each other!"

"Yeah, right!"

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Guest Cap: Not one tenth of the pay

Here's a TG caption series I got from Ella over at Rachel's Haven. It is a new variation of the kidnapped by the mob theme, and this time I have become an Asian girl. I like that!

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Nasty Boys

"Oh Mike, will you please stop that sobbing! They don't think you look like a girl. They are just teasing you, you know. Boys are like that.

They are all bastards! But you are not like that, baby. No, you are kind, sweet, and understanding and they cannot understand that. It is all that testosterone, you see. It makes them jumpy.

What? You're a boy too? Of course you are, darling. Of course you are. And you are dressed just like them for training: Shorts and sneakers and....

What do you mean, 'they don't wear red sneakers'? Of course they do, the whole of Manchester United is dressed in red!

You don't know what Manchester United is? Beckham, girl, Beckham!... Yeah, now you remember. And you are posh enough to get him, you know....

No, no, no! Pleeease, darling, I didn't mean it that way. Of course you don't like boys. They are all sweaty, hairy, brutal and absolutely yummy. But you will come to like them, darling. Not their personality, that's so. They are after all neanderthals, all of them.

But they are nice to have in bed on a cold winter night. Next after hot chocolate, really.

What do you mean, they make fun of your hair? Even Bon Jovi has long hair, and he isn't much of a girl. He is? I didn't know.

Well anyway, I met your father at Woodstock (God bless his soul!) and we all had long hair those days. All these crew cuts are a military conspiracy, if you ask me, although I must admit they look good in uniform. Find yourself an officer, Miki, they are easy to keep clean.

Now, come to mama. I'll get you some ice cream and your hormones. You will feel so much better!

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This one is for Miki.


To the club

So, what am I supposed to do now? I thought she was joking, of course. No one can change a man into a woman just by reading a spell.

What was it she said again?

"Nate," she said. "All you have to do is to put on the sexy dress you find in the closet. Yeah, and don't forget the lingerie, honey. It is a chilly evening, so you will need that."

I really cannot see how those stockings are going to keep me warm. That was probably her sick sense of humor.

And then she said. "Wear high heels, girl, and try not to break a leg, will you?"

"What the hell is it you want me to do?" I had asked her. I am ashamed to say that I was nearly crying.

"You need to change me back!"

"Of course," she said. "But first you have to come to the club and party with me. There will be a limo waiting for you at nine."

"But why do you do this?" I asked her.

"You and Robert has been fooling around, Nate. That hurts. So Lena and I has decided to teach you two a lesson. Robert knows nothing about this, so you are going down to the club and hit on him. As soon as you have kissed him, we will change you back -- if you want us to, of course."

I had yelled at her, screamed in my girly voice, thrown a pillow at her. To no avail. It is close to eight now. I have to get ready.

The problem is that the thought of kissing feels no longer so revolting.

Now, that is scary!

Images from the classy Met-Art site.

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This one is for Starhawk over at Rachel's Haven!


From Nash to Ash

Here's one I made for Ash over at Rachel's Haven.

The photo is by Met-Art and you can see the whole photo set of Witta and Gisele here!

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Guest Cap:Testing the Water

Here is another one from Jay Seaver. Jay has this amazing ability to come up with original concepts every time!

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Life on Mars

Here's one very weird and very short slideshow for you.

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Images from Brazzers.com.

(No, I have no idea where the lingerie came from either. Maybe there was a crossdresser on board.)