"When are you going to wake them up?"

"I dunno! I mean they look so peaceful in their sleep. And very ying-and-yangish. I just love looking at them."

"Who did you change this time?"



"That is not important!"

"Tell me!"


"You changed your boyfriend into a girl?"

"Yeah, he is so sweet you know. Remembers my birthday and everything."


"I need someone rougher."

"That's what you said the last time too. And here I am with tits the size of zeppeliners."

"That turned out right, didn't it?"

"Oh God! Will you never learn?"

"I am a witch remember. I cannot help myself! And I promise I will change them both back if they manage to keep their hands of each other!"

"Yeah, right!"

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  1. oh this is just lovely...such a wonderful picture and story!


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