Party like its 2099

Yet another party drug reaches the market

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Three new TG movies from Tranisa!

Samantha and Sapphire from Tranisa.
TG fantasy site Tranisa is known for its crossdresser, transformation and feminization videos.

This is all soft core stuff, but very imaginative, very erotic and made with a lot of British humor.

Now that Tranisa has released no less than three new videos, they have decided to publish their first "making of videos".

Here is superstar Samantha Alexandra talking about her role in the production of these movies.


Rory's penis is so small that the doctors decide total feminization is the only option.

Convinced that women are more intelligent than men, Samantha and Sapphire convinces Rory to take an IQ test. The bet does not end well for Rory.

Samantha and her husband Rory are on holiday together to celebrate their anniversary. Unfortunately Rory's luggage goes missing. Crossdressing is the only option.

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