School Girl

How to become a school girl.
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Stevie Louise-Richie  from St. MacKenzies


Adult Models without their Make-up

Rilee Marks, photo: Melissa Murphy
Melissa Murphy, porn star photographer, was allowed to take photos of adult stars before they had put on make up before shoots.

The end result is an endearing look at the girls behind the glamour.

Huffington Post has more photos.


Guest Cap: Coping with the witch's curse

AnneOniMouse made me this elegant cap. This is a different type of cap, which I like very much.

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Anne Oni Mouse has her own blog over at tumblr.


The Prisoner who was Turned into a MILF

Lisa Ann from Brazzers
I know, the title says it all, doesn't it?

This is a long story about a prison inmate who agrees to let the government do some experiments on him.

You know, if your government ever asks you to do some medical experiments on you, it is always prudent to say no. Our friend, however, didn't find the alternatives appealing, either, so there you go.

(Come to think of it: The readers of this blog may actually be willing to take their chances...)

This story is set in the reality distortion universe. Terrorists have detonated two reality twisting devices over L.A. and San Francisco, and the American authorities are trying to reverse engineer the technology behind the bombs.

The star of the story is played by Lisa Anne from my main repository of erotic imagery: Brazzers. That is Lisa Anne over to the right. You may watch the original movie over at Brazzers, but I warn you, their story lines always deviate a bit from mine. I don't know why.

You can download the PDF from Divshare or Box.


Guest Cap: Olympic Victory

Here is an interesting cap i got from Dalene over at Rachel's Haven. 

The girl in the photo is not me (no, really!) but  Christina Vukicevic, a Norwegian girl of Serbian decent.

Bleacher Report named her one of the 25 Sexiest Track Stars last year.

She did, unfortunately, not take part in the London Olympics.

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Zestama from MetArt
Here is another quick cap from yours truly.

"Ah, there you are!  We got tired waiting and started the party without you. There is more of the potion in the fridge. If you take a two sips you get bigger tits."

Pictures from the elegant repository of erotic imagery: MetArt

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Rebecca Remixed 3

Have Faith!

Here is a look at some of my older TG transformation captions, with additional photos and some extra material.

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Trapped in Japan

You really need to know how to behave in a different culture!

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Sumire Aida from Erotic Japan.


Japan: The Empire of Transgender Erotic Comics

There are those who think that the fascination for crossgender fantasies and transgender fiction is the end result of cultural construction in Western society.

In Okawari Girl a boy who had taken
part in a gang rape, find himself
turned into a busty girl.
I would therefor like to point out that the main producer of transgender erotica is not the U.S. of A., but Japan.

Erotic TG comics in Japan

Although Japan has adopted some of the West's hang-ups about sex (besides having some of their own), there is a thriving industry producing what can only be described as TG porn.

In my presentation of Japanese gender bender movies, I have noted the fact that nearly all of them are body swap movies based on the same narrative.

That might be the case, but the comic book scene is much more diverse. Japanese transformation comic book stories -- most often labelled gender bender manga -- present a wide variety of stories and methods of change.

There is also a separate genre for female to male gender benders, called yaoi, which may be very explicit in its depiction of sex.


Hard core, explicit manga, is called hentai. There are a lot of such stories available for free on the net, many of them translated into English by eager fans. To what extent this fan activity can be said to be legal or not is unclear to me.

In Virtual Reality realizes too late that he is
the girl in the scene, not one of the
violent male characters.
The Japanese manga industry may publicly condemn copyright violation, but the truth is that they often turn a blind eye to all the fan fiction produced by the relevant communities. Some of the transformation comics are "amateur" creations, where the fans put their favorite comic heros into new and interesting positions.

Finding sex change and feminization comics

Anyway, if you want to explore the gender bender hentai scene, there is much to find. You may, for instance visit sites like HentaiManga who has scanned versions of a lot of comics, not all of them Japanese.

Do a search for gender bender for male to female transformation. Then look for tags like "English" or "translation" to find comics in the English language.  There is also a separate femdom tag, and a section for yaoi.

Some examples

Okawari Girl is, for instance, a story about a virus that turns men into lusty women, who in turn infects other men. Only lesbian love can turn them back to their former selves. The series is very explicit.

In Virtual Reality Shop our main character are misled into using software developed to make customers addicted to the product. In the virtual reality world he finds himself a girl.
In Witch of the East a boy find himself
Transformed into a lactating woman.
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In the Witch of the East a young man finds himself transformed into a woman with huge breasts. This is the story for the milk fetishists among you.

In Yume Demo Iretai a young man tries to stop a young girl from killing herself. She jumps off a bridge, but it is he who wakes up in the hospital in her body.

In Yume Iretai a man wakes up
in hospital in the body of the
woman he tried to save.
And yes, remember to read from right to left. These comics have not been reformatted for Western eyes.

But I am no expert in this field. Could my manga savvy readers point us all in direction of the real gems in the field?

Other sites

See also Prime Hentai, which has a a good overview over gender bender hentai. Unfortunately there are links to pop ups and the download services used are slow and full of crappy ads.

g-e-hentai.org  has many body swap and gender bender comics. The design is ancient and hard to navigate, but the stuff is there. This site also includes links to torrents.

Anime has a database with non-explicit genderbender manga. Manga Fox as well.

Ereshkigal's Revenge

The photos of Henessy are from RK.com
When I wrote the first stories from the Ereshkigal/Inanna universe, I had no idea there was going to be so many of them.

But there is something about having two powerful orders of witches battling each other and the power of the patriarchy that generates a lot of ideas.

This story, though, is more of a catching up tale for new readers. You know, giving you an idea as to what the mythology is all about.

By the way,  Inanna and Ereshkigal were actually two of the major divinities in the Sumerian pantheon. And they were both godesses of war and death. I guess they had other ideas about the power of women in those days.

This photo comic is based on imagery from two movies made by RealityKings.com. They provide me with a lot of mash up material!

Those of you with iPads and tablets can read the full screen version over at Slideshare.

You can download full screen PDF-files here and here!



"Commencing interview with Ms. Donovan at 2 pm on Monday November 26 2012. Ms. Donovan, I wonder if you could..."

"My name is not Ms. Donovan! I have already told you! It is Mr. Greg Donovan. I am a man!"

"Yes, Ms.... eh... Donovan. We will make note of this in the police report, but you must understand that you do not look much like a man.... eh... at the moment."

"Yeah! Yeah! I know. It was that damned wizard!"

"That would be Mr. Charles Lawrence. The victim."

"That's what he called himself. Anyway, he used a spell to turn me into a woman."

"I see. Why would he do that?"

"He beat me in poker, and I might have made some derogatory references to his manhood or lack thereof."

"You told the officer at the scene that you followed him down the street."

"Yes, I wanted to pay him to change me back."

"And then he tried to escape you by running across the street."

"Yes, and he was hit by a car. So I called 911. How is he? Can I talk to him? I need to talk to him urgently about changing me back!"

"I hope you understand that I find this tale about magical gender swaps a bit unusual, Ms. Donovan. This isn't San Francisco. We are not used to that kind of thing here. Besides, I am afraid Mr. Lawrence did not make it."

"He is dead? Oh, God. He is the only one that can help me..."

"One moment, please....Yes, officer?....I see.... Please give me the note!....Hm....Well, Donovan. It seems our officer have found your purse, and in it they found your driver's license."

"Thank God! Now you believe me, right?"

"It says here you are Ms. Deborah Donovan, New Jersey.  My colleagues have called your family...."

"No! You are mistaken! ... Eh, what do you mean: My family?"

"Well, your husband is willing to pay your bail. He has explained to us that you have been a bit distraught lately, due to the loss of your mother. And since this is not a murder case, there is no reason for us to hold you here any longer. You are free to go, Mrs. Donovan!"

"What? Hey! You cannot do this to me! I want a lawyer!"

"Goodbye, Mrs. Donovan."


Guest cap: Undercover operative

wraithstrike made this one for me. For the record: There is no way I would have lasted so long.

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