Becoming a Flowergirl

No, I admit it. I was wrong. I thought all your talk about herbs and yoga and yogis and astral conjunctions was nothing but superstitious bullshit.

But that floral tea of yours... What did you call it? I remember! Chinese Yang-to-Yin Tea. That herbal tea of your was just delicious: sweet, spicy, musky, nourishing and tasty.

Fenigreek and red clover, you say? Nah, there must have been something more.

Do you know what I liked best about it? Feeling my tits grow in my hands, feeling them becoming heavier and heavier by the minute.

And I love this soft, soft skin. It is so sensitive. I feel the warm wind in a way I have never been able to before. It as if the wind is caressing me, making love to me. Do you know what I mean?

Silly me! Of course you do! You have been a girl for all your life. But you see, I have never allowed myself to dance naked in the sun. Boys just don't do that. It is so sad.

Have you seen my areolas? No, look! Aren't they beautiful? Would you like to touch them? No, go ahead! You have deserved it! You are the one that helped me explore my feminine side.

What are you saying? That this was not your intention?

Of course it was! You are the one that thought me about the goddess and the need for love and peace in the world. I am like you now, a flowergirl in perfect harmony with nature.

What do you mean, that you will miss my dick? I don't care about my dick! I have a womb now, I am a life giver. I am like the soil waiting for the plow!

I am sure there are plenty of men out there that will join us in the holy act of making babies.

Jealousy is not for us, the Children of the Earth. I mean, you said so yourself after having slept with Sri Sri Ravi Rama.

Do you think he would like to taste my nectar? It is flowing now, I can feel it.

Come, let's dance among the trees and honor Mother Nature by making love among the flowers.

Oh, my lover, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Images from Bignaturals.com. Seriously folks, they have the best collection of busty ladies I have found.

The model depicted has, of course, nothing to do with the fictional character of the story.

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This cap is dedicated to Crystal over at Rachel's Haven.


Seriously kinky!

- God, this feels so strange. Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?

- I am positive. I have always wondered how it is to be a man, and I want to feel like how it is to be you. Do you like your new tits, darling?

- Oh yeah. I have loved them as long as I have known you, but I didn’t know that they were so sensitive on the inside.

- Let me show you how careful you should be when you kiss them.

- That’s so good! I can’t stop laughing!

- Wooow! So this is how an erection feels like. It is totally uncontrollable.

- You bet it is! Let me help you with your belt, my love. I can’t believe I am undressing my own male body in this way. You were right you know; the medallion changed my sexual orientation as well. Fuck, I am wet down there. Can you believe it?

- Let me help you with that. I know exactly what kind of attention your clit needs right now.

- You are going down on me? You are eating my pussy? Oh, it feels so good!

- It...hmmm. is...hmm... my...hmm... pussy, darling. You are just borrowing it.

- Ah, shut up and keep licking, or you will never know how it is to feel these sexy lips around your dick! Ooooooh, fuck, that is so fucking good! Oh God,. I’m coming. I’m coming. Shit. It. Does. Not. End.

- Please touch my cock! I can’t take this pressure any longer. I need you to touch me!

- Oh, this is seriously kinky. You know that we are taking masturbation to a totally new level here. Does that feel good? I know it does. Do you want me to lick it? Like... that...? Now, come on, put it inside me!

Pictures from Realitykings.

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New erotic transgender photo novel: Becoming a Lady

My first "transgender photo novel" or "multi panel caption story" (there is no accepted term for this art form yet), One Night as a Woman, has been accessed by close to 2000 people over at Slideshare.

Here comes a new erotic transgender fantasy for you, and this one is even longer.

Meet Coy O.T., a magician of the most extraordinary kind! Or at least, this is what Simon does one fateful that at the local burger restaurant. Follow Simon's adventures as he is recruited by the secret and ancient Sisterhood of Inanna and gets the car drive of his life.

Starring British porn star Savanah Gold. And yes, the pictures are sexually very explicit!

You can also right click on the following links to download the show:


Nerd becomes a sexy lady

I found a very well executed data animated movie over at YouTube that may interest you. It is called Wish Upon a Nerd.

It is the gripping tale of the fat and unpopular nerd being turned into a sexy and very popular lady. Several dramatic M2F and F2M changes follows. Say no more!

Here are links to parts 2, 3, 4 and 5. I guess we'll have to wait for part 6.


Happily ever after

To linda.hansson@yahoo.com
From peter.hamilton@gmail.com

Dear Linda,

I think I might have done something hasty. You are now married to Frank.

I know you don’t fancy him that much, but he was so sweet to me, asking me out for expensive dinners, buying me the most amazing necklace I’ve ever seen. And then he gave me the keys to his apartment.

I was drunk, Linda, I couldn’t help it. I never planned to go to bed with him. But damn, it felt so good being a woman! I just love having him close to me.

And I did warn you ! I have sent you more than twenty mails during the last three months, begging you to come back from the Amazonas.

Phone me!


To peter.hamilton@gmail.com
From linda.hansson@yahoo.com

Dear Linda, I am so happy for you, and I am sorry I missed the wedding.

I’d love to be the godfather of your first kid!

I am closing down this email account now. Please send all email to peter.hamilton@hotmail.com from now on. I’ll keep the medallion.

All the best from Peter.

Photos from iStockphoto.


I just can't stop touching myself!

He enjoyed the weekends over at Rachel's flat. She gave him all the excitement and and all that steamy sex his wife wouldn't give him.

He did actually see Rachel slip that pill into his drink. He guessed it was her gift for him this evening, another innovative party drug that would keep him going all night. He saluted her and swallowed it on one go.

She looked at him expectantly.

"What?" he said. "Do I have something on my nose?"

"You are never going to get a divorce, are you?" she said. He looked away. "And we are never going to get married?"

What could he say? Gerda was a rich woman. He couldn't give that up for a poor secretary.

"I thought as much." She picked up a pill of her own and swallowed it.

"OK," she said. "You will find my car keys in the upper drawer over there with a notebook containing all relevant information on my insurance policy, bank accounts and the like.

"You will find a photo album with pictures of my family and friends and their contact information in the second drawer."


She walked over to his chair and looked down at him.

"Don't worry about me. I know everything there is to know about you, and I think Gerda and I will get along just fine. Don't think about going to work on Monday. I don't wanna see you there."

And she left.

The transformation started shortly after. At first he thought the pill was giving him hallucinations, but he soon realized that this metamorphosis was real.

His body shrunk rapidly, swelling out in places where no male body should. His hair grew long and lustrous. His chest expanded slowly into two beautiful breasts. Then his crotch reshaped itself into a woman's pussy.

He knew that pussy. He knew it intimately. It was Rachel's. She had changed him into a copy of herself! This was her revenge, damn it! She had given him her life, and -- if he was not much mistaken -- she had hijacked his.

He ran around the flat screaming and swearing. It took him an hour to calm down, and when he finally did he fell down on the bed, exhausted. Absentmindedly he started to explore his new body.

It actually felt even better on the inside than on the outside. His hands wandered down to his crotch. That felt good! Oh yeah, that felt very good! He started to rub his new pussy, exploring the lips and his new opening.

I am a woman now, she thought. Maybe it isn't so bad, after all. I can start life all over again. I know a lot about finance. I can make my own company. Or maybe I'll just settle down, find me a rich lesbian widow or maybe even a handsome ma... She brought herself to her first orgasm.

Photos by Hustler.


Bodyswitch videos

Here's a beautifully done bodyswap video found over at YouTube. If anyone knows where it is from, please add a comment!

And while we are at it. Take also a look at this wonderful scene from Dame Tu Cuerpo. How would you react if you found you had switched body with someone of the other sex?

Thanks to stickmaker over at the Yahoo! TG Fiction group.

There are links to more related bodyswitch snippets over at YouTube, including the famous Mountain Dew commercial.


Rachel's List of TG Yahoo! Groups

There are actually not that many TG fiction and caption sites out there, but keeping track of them can still be a hassle.

One site that gives a good overview of TG caption groups in particular is Rachel's Toolbox.

Groups are mini-sites for gathering caption files and comments, moderated by the founder. Captioneers are most likely to use Yahoo! Groups for this.

In the link section you will find links to TG cap Yahoo! Groups as well as TG sites of interest.

The site also has sections for how to make captions (including presentations of software) and Rachel's own TG caps.

Rachel is one of the major players on the TG fiction scene.

Not only does she serve as a major inspiration for those of us who would like to develop captions into illustrated mini-stories or flash stories, but she has also contributed in a major way to the development of the TG fiction community. She is, for instance, the mother of the Rachel's Haven online community, a place were I like to hang out.

This is what she says about herself:

"Once upon a time, I was a young girl having a little fun with her boyfriend. We used to love to read erotic stories before making out, and one afternoon we found a bodyswap story. I've been hooked on TG ever since! In February 2006, I was getting a little frustrated trying to find Caps that I liked. I felt that most just didn't have enough story to them, and being a girl who loves a challenge, I set out to see if I could do better!"

She did.


When Paul jumped into the waves to save the old man from drowning, it was not because he wanted a reward. He did it instinctively and because he loved people.

The man must have been in his seventies, and had clearly given up fighting against the pull of the water. Back on the beach he slowly regained consciousness, he coughed and spit and was finally able to sit.

The old man looked at him with gratitude. “No one has ever saved my life before,” he said. "I am normally not this stupid. I somehow believed that the ocean was my own element. She must be mad at me, or something!"

Paul reckoned the man was a little confused and did not ask him what he meant by that remark.

“Coy O.T. at your service," the man said. "I want to reward you by granting you your deepest and most secret wish.

"I may not look like a powerful man to you, but I assure you, I know more about the stars and the elements than any man alive today."

"So you are a physicist?" Paul asked him, picturing Stockholm Nobel prizes and the like.

"In a manner of speaking," the man said. "Although I normally call myself a spiritualist. I honestly believe that mind and matter, spirit and blood are one and the same, and if you understand the language of nature, its Logos, you can also change it."

Paul liked this man, although he did say some strange things. Paul had learned one thing during his rather dull and uneventful life, however: Nothing is as it seems, and you can find wisdom everywhere.

"Mr. O'Tee was it?"Paul asked.

"Coy O.T." the man replied. "Coy to you!"

"I'm Paul," Paul said. "Coy, I can assure you that seeing you breathe is its own reward, but maybe you can buy me a good meal sometime." His college life seldom allowed him to go beyond the local Pizza Hut as regards culinary adventures.

Deep inside him, however, a deep longing surfaced, and it begged the man in silence: ”Make me beautiful, make me sweet, make me desirable.”

Hm, this was strange, Paul, thought. Were did that come from? I have an all right life, don't I?

Paul had tried to silence this longing ages ago, but somehow this man had liberated it from its confinement. Paul shook his head and helped the man up on his feet. Don't go there! he thought.

Coy smiled at Paul and said: “Sure, I know about this excellent Italian restaurant over at the South Side. They serve some magical wine, I can assure you. I'll see you tomorrow. Now, go home to your house and sleep. The rest will follow.”

Paul experienced an extremely sensual dream that night. He dreamed he was having sex with the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, a young and stunning goddess.

Long luscious hair was cascading down her back. She had big, soft, lips that begged to be kissed and and captivating eyes, and she was all over him, begging him to hold her.

But half way through the dream the roles changed. Now he was that small and ultra-feminine woman, and she was making love to a strong and sturdy man. She rested her head on his chest and felt safe and loved.

There was one voice inside him that tried to get him to wake up. "Get up," it said. "This is wrong! You are a man!" But he brushed the voice aside. It felt so right to be this girl, and it was is if it was his male voice was the impostor.

The dream went on for a long time, and nothing seemed to shock him. She could feel the taste and the texture of the man's penis when her tongue licked its head, and he could sense how he-as-she was seriously aroused.

The man parted her legs and entered her carefully. He reminded Paul of someone, but he couldn't place him. The rhythmic thrusts brought her close to an orgasm, and she cried out in joy when wave after wave engulfed her.

Paula woke up from her deep sleep, fully rested. She brushed the long hair away from her face and sat up in the bed. Two perfectly sized breasts caught her eyes and she started to laugh. They were her own.

She let her hand glide down the soft curve of her belly and down to the small bush of hair below. She let a finger slide into a pussy that was still wet from the erotic dream.

“I must have saved a magician,” she said. As a matter of fact, she knew she had. The man in her dream had been Coy -- although a much younger version of him.

She opened her wardrobe and found lingerie, dresses and sexy shoes. She put on a flowery dress to celebrate her rebirth and sat down to wait for her new lover.

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The photos are from totallyredhead.com. That site has some really stylish and sexy models!