I just can't stop touching myself!

He enjoyed the weekends over at Rachel's flat. She gave him all the excitement and and all that steamy sex his wife wouldn't give him.

He did actually see Rachel slip that pill into his drink. He guessed it was her gift for him this evening, another innovative party drug that would keep him going all night. He saluted her and swallowed it on one go.

She looked at him expectantly.

"What?" he said. "Do I have something on my nose?"

"You are never going to get a divorce, are you?" she said. He looked away. "And we are never going to get married?"

What could he say? Gerda was a rich woman. He couldn't give that up for a poor secretary.

"I thought as much." She picked up a pill of her own and swallowed it.

"OK," she said. "You will find my car keys in the upper drawer over there with a notebook containing all relevant information on my insurance policy, bank accounts and the like.

"You will find a photo album with pictures of my family and friends and their contact information in the second drawer."


She walked over to his chair and looked down at him.

"Don't worry about me. I know everything there is to know about you, and I think Gerda and I will get along just fine. Don't think about going to work on Monday. I don't wanna see you there."

And she left.

The transformation started shortly after. At first he thought the pill was giving him hallucinations, but he soon realized that this metamorphosis was real.

His body shrunk rapidly, swelling out in places where no male body should. His hair grew long and lustrous. His chest expanded slowly into two beautiful breasts. Then his crotch reshaped itself into a woman's pussy.

He knew that pussy. He knew it intimately. It was Rachel's. She had changed him into a copy of herself! This was her revenge, damn it! She had given him her life, and -- if he was not much mistaken -- she had hijacked his.

He ran around the flat screaming and swearing. It took him an hour to calm down, and when he finally did he fell down on the bed, exhausted. Absentmindedly he started to explore his new body.

It actually felt even better on the inside than on the outside. His hands wandered down to his crotch. That felt good! Oh yeah, that felt very good! He started to rub his new pussy, exploring the lips and his new opening.

I am a woman now, she thought. Maybe it isn't so bad, after all. I can start life all over again. I know a lot about finance. I can make my own company. Or maybe I'll just settle down, find me a rich lesbian widow or maybe even a handsome ma... She brought herself to her first orgasm.

Photos by Hustler.

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