Doing fine

- How is he doing, doctor?

- Well, he was hysterical at first. Demanding to see a lawyer, the police, that sort of thing. They always do! We gave him a sedative and he calmed down yesterday evening.

- Is that him on the monitor?

- Yes. He started exploring his new body in earnest this morning, as fear gave way to curiosity. He discovered the joy of female masturbation a few hours ago, and as you can see he is really getting a hang of it.

- The orgasms will weaken his resistance, won't they, doctor?

- Oh yes, indeed. The nanobots and the gendervirus take care of the physical changes. The subliminal conditioning takes care of his sexual orientation, but in the end it is the pleasure of the flesh that fuses his new personality into a coherent whole.

- Is that him screaming?

- Yes, we have mikes in there as well. That was definitely one intense orgasm.

- You know, he has become as beautiful as I imagined her to be. You have earned every penny, doctor.

- Thank you, sir!

- You think I am a freak, don't you, changing a good friend like that into a woman?

- I am not here to judge, sir.

- I know for a fact that this is what he really wanted. He never admitted as much of course, but I checked the cache file of his browser. I know exactly what kind of sites that turned him on.

- I see, sir.

- Moreover, I have never been able to forget Ginger. Ginger was his girl friend in high school, you know. The most beautiful girl I have ever known. I loved her, but she only had her eyes on him. Isn't that ironic. All he wanted was to be her!

Now we can all get what we want. Can I go in and make love to her now?

- Yes sir. The combination of sedatives and hormones should make her very cooperative sir. Enjoy your stay!

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Guest Cap: The Last Goodbye

Revenge is one of the most popular themes in TG capping.

Here's a cap by Bren that gives it an original twist. Poor Rebecca!

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Two Guest Caps: Other Plans etc.

Here's are some caps I got from Bren over at Rachel's Haven. She is experimenting with using a comic book style for transgender captions -- in my opinion a great way of making caps more dynamic!

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Click here for more of Bren's work!


Powergirl, a TS fantasy

It is interesting to note that so many of the girls I dream up in my stories, do not end up as submissive sissies, but powerful women in their own right.

When I found the pictures of this TS girl over at Tranny Surprise, it was clear to see that this is one of those women.

(That being said, there is -- of course -- no similarity between the life of the actress and the fictional character of this story.)

Here is the story about the transsexual Powergirl.



Guest cap: Fix everything

We blonds may not be too bright, but intelligence is soooo overrated, don't you think?

Here's one from Giakimo.

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Rebecca's Poll: What kind of stories do you like?

Although The Other Side of Your Soulisn't a democracy, I would love to hear what kind of stories you like the most. 

Maybe I can make some more based on your favorite fantasy?

Take a look in the left hand column of this page, and vote for the topics you like the most. 

And yes, you can vote for more than one! If you want to elaborate, you can even add a comment to this post.



Guest Cap: Join the Club!

Jennifer over at Rachel's Haven has given me this hot cap.

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Becoming Sarah Palin

Ron ran into Sarah at one of the many Republican rallies in the final week of the campaign.

Yes, he literally ran into her. A freak quantum phenomenon lead to a mindnumbing bodyswap, and Ron suddenly found himself running for Vice President.

The last week of the campaign did not turn out the way John McCain had imagined. Instead of bringing in the female vote, Sarah now secured him the Democrat male vote.


TG Quickie: Panties

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The TFCC TG Fiction Search Engine

I have put up a so-called vertical search engine covering the most important TG Fiction sites over at TFCC.

The idea is to have one interface that lets you search the content of all these sites in one go.

You can read more about the TG search engine over at the TFCC blog.

You may also go directly to the TG fiction search engine and try it out.



- Are you crying, Hikari?

- No, Master, not really...

- Not, really?

- No, I am happy serving you, Master, you know that. It is just that...

- What, Hikari?

- Well, sometimes I cannot help but remember Elijah, Master. Can I do that?

- You cannot stop your own feelings, Hikari, but you must become their Master, in the way I am your master.

- I understand, Master!

- You mourn Elijah, do you?

- Yes, Master, I mourn him as a lost friend.

- I can understand that. But you must also understand that he is dead to the world, now, and that nothing can change that.

- I understand Master. I will transcend my grief and become stronger in the process.

- Grief is but an illusion, Hikari, the flickering of Maya, not real.

- Hai, Master!

- I am proud of you, Hikari. I no longer consider you a gaijin, a foreigner. You are one of us, now.

- You honor me, Master, in a way I do not deserve!

- Let me be the judge of that!

- Yes, Master.

- Elijah was not a true man, Hikari. He was not a warrior. There is no honor in designing clothes. That is a woman's job. I could see his true soul. He was a woman, Hikari.

- I know, Master!

- And women need to be ruled over by men, and they need to be thought how to respect their Masters.

- Yes, Master!

- Women are born to help their Masters and to please them with their humility and submissiveness!

- Yes, Master!

- I am glad. Tonight I want you to please me with your body, Hikari. I want you to open your garden to me. I want you to kiss my sword and make it big. Can you do that, Hikari?

- Yes, Master!

- There will be no more screaming and fighting?

- Never again, Master.

- Elijah is truly dead, Hikari?

- Yes, Elijah is no more, Master!

The model is Suzuka Ishikawa

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Rachel's Haven opens TG Fiction Library

TG discussion forum Rachel's Haven has opened up a library where users may post their stories.

Rachel writes that:

"Rachel's Haven now has a Library for stories of Transgender and Transformation! Any and all are welcome to post their creative works for all to see, and the only requirement to access the Gallery is to register to the site so that we know you to be of age!"

The Library is found here.

Rules for posting can be found here.

There are few stories there so far, but if the production of TG captions gives an indication of RH members' productivity, the number should rise quickly.

Some might ask whether we need yet another place to publish TG fiction. Fictionmania alone should suffice, shouldn't it? And if you look at the list at the left hand side of this page, you will find many more TG fiction sites that welcome contributions.

I am not so sure. It is as with cafes, pubs and restaurants. Your favorite may not be your neighbor's cup of tea.

The discussions over at Rachel's Haven also indicate that many Havenites find sending their works to Fictionmania frustrating, to say the least, as comments from self-appointed reviewers can be very harsh, indeed.

New TG captions blog: VIP Captions

VIP Captions has put up a blog called, well, VIP Captions.

As she says in her first blog post:

"I've been captioning for 4 years, I used Paint, then Corel Draw, and now Photoshop and Comic Life... I made 1 special series of caps... and I have 2 more coming. I made 5 Yahoo! Groups... 4 of captions, 1 of submissions. I changed my computer 2 times... one of them fried out."

That's what happens when you get the captioning fever.

She says that the Yahoo! Groups is the main place to download her captions if you like them. She will be using the blog to upload previews of my next updates on the Y! groups.

You will find links to the Yahoo! Groups in the right hand margin of her blog.

Indian version of trangender movie "Switch"

Alice over at TGF reports that there is a Bollywood version of Switch available. It is called "Mr. Ya Miss". Here is her verdict:

"Honestly, it was so obviously an utter ripoff of 'Switch' and so poorly done that I couldn't sit through it, but some of you might find it interesting."

Here is a taste:

More clips here.

And yes, the original "Switch" was made by Blake Edwards in 1992 and tells the story of an arrogant male chauvinist business man that one day wakes up as a woman.

He is being tested by God: Does he have the capability to love?

Ellen Barkin plays the lead. It is an entertaining story and definitely worth a try. You can buy Switch from Amazon.

Here is the trailer:


TG Quicky: The Bet

Here's a cap I made for Petra over at Rachel's Haven. Click on image to enlarge!