- Are you crying, Hikari?

- No, Master, not really...

- Not, really?

- No, I am happy serving you, Master, you know that. It is just that...

- What, Hikari?

- Well, sometimes I cannot help but remember Elijah, Master. Can I do that?

- You cannot stop your own feelings, Hikari, but you must become their Master, in the way I am your master.

- I understand, Master!

- You mourn Elijah, do you?

- Yes, Master, I mourn him as a lost friend.

- I can understand that. But you must also understand that he is dead to the world, now, and that nothing can change that.

- I understand Master. I will transcend my grief and become stronger in the process.

- Grief is but an illusion, Hikari, the flickering of Maya, not real.

- Hai, Master!

- I am proud of you, Hikari. I no longer consider you a gaijin, a foreigner. You are one of us, now.

- You honor me, Master, in a way I do not deserve!

- Let me be the judge of that!

- Yes, Master.

- Elijah was not a true man, Hikari. He was not a warrior. There is no honor in designing clothes. That is a woman's job. I could see his true soul. He was a woman, Hikari.

- I know, Master!

- And women need to be ruled over by men, and they need to be thought how to respect their Masters.

- Yes, Master!

- Women are born to help their Masters and to please them with their humility and submissiveness!

- Yes, Master!

- I am glad. Tonight I want you to please me with your body, Hikari. I want you to open your garden to me. I want you to kiss my sword and make it big. Can you do that, Hikari?

- Yes, Master!

- There will be no more screaming and fighting?

- Never again, Master.

- Elijah is truly dead, Hikari?

- Yes, Elijah is no more, Master!

The model is Suzuka Ishikawa

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  1. Thank you for this! I love the asian girl TG stories and photos.

  2. Beautiful short short. Any chance of a PDF or picture cap to summarize?


  3. I am glad you like it. I suppose I could make a cap out of it. I'll see what I can do...


  4. guardian11/04/2008

    I can't view the cap any larger than it is...

  5. Sorry about that. Fixed!


  6. Do you know anybody who could permanently feminize me like hikari?

  7. No, I don't, but maybe some of my readers can be of help?


  8. If i send a pix to u can u write a transformation story where i am turned into a 13 year old japanese girl?


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