Rachel's Haven opens TG Fiction Library

TG discussion forum Rachel's Haven has opened up a library where users may post their stories.

Rachel writes that:

"Rachel's Haven now has a Library for stories of Transgender and Transformation! Any and all are welcome to post their creative works for all to see, and the only requirement to access the Gallery is to register to the site so that we know you to be of age!"

The Library is found here.

Rules for posting can be found here.

There are few stories there so far, but if the production of TG captions gives an indication of RH members' productivity, the number should rise quickly.

Some might ask whether we need yet another place to publish TG fiction. Fictionmania alone should suffice, shouldn't it? And if you look at the list at the left hand side of this page, you will find many more TG fiction sites that welcome contributions.

I am not so sure. It is as with cafes, pubs and restaurants. Your favorite may not be your neighbor's cup of tea.

The discussions over at Rachel's Haven also indicate that many Havenites find sending their works to Fictionmania frustrating, to say the least, as comments from self-appointed reviewers can be very harsh, indeed.

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