Becoming Laila, a tale from the Inanna Universe

Rebecca was cleaning up her archives to leave room for new stories, and at the back of one cupboard she found two stories made more than a year ago situated in the Inanna/Ereshkigal universe.
Abella Anderson from Brazzers

You really do not know to know anything about this universe to read this stories, but those in the know will tell you that there are two great secret orders of witches in the world, both originating in ancient Sumeria.

The Order of Inanna wants to change the world through good, while the Daughters of Ereshkigal have given up on the Patriarchy and calls upon the dark side of the goddess. The Babylon Academy is run by the daughters.

In these two stories we take a closer look at the Order of Inanna. Lars Wren has been raised by his Aunt Anne, not knowing that she is a member of the Order. So was his late mother, it turns out, and he has the blood of a priestess running through his vein.

Anna realizes that Lars is now old enough to make a chocie: Would he like to stay a man forever, or would he like to join forces with the Order?

The photos of beautiful Abella Anderson are taken from Brazzers.

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The Beach

Brian awoke with a shudder. He looked around. The beach! He was on the beach. The Coast Guard ship patrolling the coast told him it was the beach, the cursed beach, the one beach no man should visit. He got up and started to run. 

It was Amanda Regal who had led him the beach and the singularity. While studying the animal life in this area, she had found that for some strange reason all birds nesting, all crabs, all turtles and most of the life found along a mile long stretch of coast line was female.

She had suspected toxins at first, but had been unable to find any. It wasn't until her assistant, Greg Adams, came stumbling back to camp, looking very much as a woman, she had called the Physics Department.

Brian had found a small amount of Hawking radiation in the area, and tracked down a small singularity one klick above the beach. No one had ever heard of anything like it. Something made that singularity turn anything male into female.

Brian was already preparing the papers: The masculine/feminine polarity was not only cultural. Heck, it was not purely biological, either. No, the polarity was cosmic, and probably found on a quantum level.

Amanda had wanted co-authorship. This would make her career!  But he was not going to co-publish with a female biologist, dammit. He was a man. He was into the proper, hard sciences.

He knew he had 15 minutes or so before the quantum reversal wave made his body reach the tipping point. If he only could make it to the other end! He ran as he had never run before. Long strides. Desperate strides.
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Somehow Amanda had managed to drug him and drive him out to the beach. The singularity did not affect women, and she had the right clearance.

She believed the singularity was probably a gate to another universe,  a universe operating by other laws, a universe where there was no polarity. And someone, or something, on the other side tried to "fix" everything on the beach to its proper order. That something was now trying to fix Brian.

He could feel his legs changing, shrinking. His whole body was shrinking. His brain protested. Running is a subconscious process, and his brain wasn't used to a body changing at this speed. 

He stumbled, but got up again. His centre of gravity shifted. He got more heavy up front. He desperately tried to correct by waving his arms. Then he felt his pelvis expanding, moving the angle of his legs, making him fall again. 

This time he didn't manage to get up again. He looked in shock down at a chest that kept expanding. His big tits blocked the view of his crotch. That was just as well, for in that moment his pussy unfolded its petals and greeted the sun.

He started screaming. At the other end of the beach Amanda put down her binoculars and smiled.


Safe Word

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It had been a great idea. Or so they thought. Special Agent King had argued that they could use the alien transformation device the Navy had found in the Antarchtica  and change one of the agents into the Dragon's girl friend.

No one would question her right to be there, and since she was the mobster's accountant, no one would question her right to use the computer either.

The problem was that Chuck was the only agent with the skills needed to access that computer, so he had to live a day as a woman. Oh, he had protested. Vehemently. But this was their only shot at getting the evidence needed to nail this guy.

It had worked so well. They had made sure Kayla was held back in traffic, while Chuck entered the gang's headquarters as her.

The boss was not going to be there, their snitch had told them. But he was wrong. After an hour or so with Chuck exlporing the house and the computer, the Dragon himself turned up, horny as hell.


Guest cap: Finishing the Job

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Classic Rebecca cap from 2008
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Lilac Wren has put up a new YouTube TG video channel

Lilac Wren has launched a new video channel for TG videos over at YouTube.
Photo by Comstock

Wren is one of the few that takes the time to edit video mash-ups into transformation stories, and I love the way she manages to combine wildly different footage into something that actually makes sense as a work in itself.

You can see more of her work over at TGCreation.com (which also contains more explicit movies).

Here is the story of a male porn star, whose carrier takes a new path. (If you know French, close you ears. One necessary trick in this trade is creative subtitling ;)


You can see the full unedited adult version of this movie here!



 "Hold still, Adam, I have had enough of your disobedience!" Drake grabbed the long hair of the newborn girl in front of him to make sure that she did not try to get away. He continued fucking her hard from behind.

 "God, please no, Drake. You cannot do this to me! I am a man remember! I am a man!"

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"Nonsense! You are not a man anymore. You lost everything you had in that poker game, you idiot. You lost your car, your house, your wife, your job. You lost everything. And now I own you."

Drake pushed harder, as if making a point.

"You were the one that agreed to the body swap. Agneta, my faithful Bulgarian hooker,  is now living your life, debt free, while you will be here, doing her work for the next five years or so. It is either this or death, Adam."

 Adam turned his head and looked Drake in the eyes. He saw no mercy there. Only contempt.

"Now," Drake said, "it is time for us to move over to cock-sucking. Let's make you feel the taste of your own pussy juices, shall we?"

  Movie originally from Passion-HD.

Animated GIF of Eden Adams by McLowland.


The Body Thief of Prague

She was so sweet that girl in the streets of Prague, with the small dogs and all. How could he not stop and talk to her?
Natalie Starr from Brazzers

But she was nothing like she seemed, was she? She was a body thief wanting to take over his life, his fortune and his destiny.

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The photos of Natlie Starr are taken from the amazing erotic repository Brazzers.


Bad Boys

The lure of the wild life may indeed backfire, as it did today.

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