Mini cap: Mmmmm&M

"Emma! Emma! Come here into the living room at once!"

"Yes, dear?"

"Stupid woman! Can't you do anything right?"

"What's wrong, Freddy?"

"I feel strange! I think there was something wrong with the M&Ms you gave me!"

"You can say that again, dear. Now, be a good girl and go out into the kitchen and prepare us a nourishing meal, will you?"

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The photo is taken from Digital Willy.


On Freya's: Servant of the Skull

Freya is back in business and has updated her Sexual Transgender fiction site.

This month Freya presents a new photo story by yours truly. (When you get to that page, scroll to the bottom to read the slide show.)

Men are disappearing all over town. But that doesn't worry Mark. These are not the kind of things that happens to him, right?


One fateful night he finds himself the prisoner of the Servants of the Skull, exactly the kind of people you do not want to be mixed up if you want a quiet, peaceful and masculine life.

This is a very rough story, so if you do not like transgender fantasies of the more brutal kind, you may want to steer away from this one.

The pix are from Sextronix' Totally Redhead. I find myself using more and more of their series, probably because they have such sexy models and good photographers.

You may download the full screen PDF file here!
Alternative download site

Freya also presents new caps by Stephanie and Nikki Mounds.

Go to Freya's Sexual Transgender November 28 Update!


Guest Cap: Hot Ass Car

Here is a very elegant piece of TG poetry written by Erin over at RH.

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Mincap: Anticipation

Here's a quick one for you!

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The image is from Mastasia, the site with the most extreme boobs in the universe.


Guest cap: The Morning After

A delightful guest cap from Courtney for you.

And in case you ask: There exists no morning after pill for this kind of affliction.

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Brian does some modeling

"Mandy! How on earth did you manage to convince Brian to step in for Brenda?"

"This magazine means all to him Anna, and I think he was a little intrigued about the thought of spending some time as a woman."

"But you did tell him that the Indian shapeshifter potion makes you extremely horny?"

"No, somehow I forgot to tell him that...."

"But why?"

"He is up for a promotion, dear, and as he is a man and I am a woman, he is bound to get the job."

"Ah, I see, you are using all that sexist crap against him."

"Oh look, her eyes is going for Mark's crotch."

"That was fast. The boys are surely cooperating."

"That didn't require much persuasion. Woow, who could have known that Brian was so good at sucking cock?"

"Mandy dear, you have to stop this now, before one of them fucks him... her!"


"You know he will stay like this forever if any of them comes inside him?"

"Say hello to the new Editor-in-Chief, Anne. I am sure Brenda will make me an excellent secretary!"

Images from Totallyredhead. That site presents some very hot ladies!

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This cap is dedicated to Bren over at Rachel's Haven.


Guest Cap: Richer and Richer

Here's a goodie I got from Vicki Santuse over at Rachel's.

As you can see, money isn't everything.

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Delay at Freya's

If you are looking for Freya's November update, you may have to wait a little bit longer.

She tells me she is having some difficulties in getting access to her site, but she is working on it.

As soon as the new content has been added, I'll let you know!

(And yes, there will be a new photo novel by me there, as well....)

If you have never visited her site, by all means do so now. There is a lot of great TG erotica and caps there, all focused on magical changes.


The amazing story about Karyna and the magical strap-on

Let's go to Ukraina and meet Karyna, one of their best IT and Internet experts. She is brave and independent, doing what she likes best and exploring life to its fullest.

Her boy friend Mykola is more of the timid type, but kind and lovable.

One day Karyna decides to explore new and hidden sides of them both. She goes to an adult store and buys a toy that will change their lives forever.

This is probably the first story I have written where the female to male element is as strong as the traditional M2F changes.

The story is based on two sets of photos. One is from Strapon Tales, one of a large package of sites devoted to strapon sex, pantyhose, transexuals and whatever makes your libido tick. I like it!

The other set is from Realitykings, another in a set of great porn sites. My regular readers know that they are my major source of capping material.

Download the full screen PDF here!

Go to Slideshare and click on Full for full screen view!

Alternative download site.


Fictionmania update

Sapphire has posted a news update on the future of Fictionmania over at TG Fiction.

So those of you who are suffering from FM withdrawal may take comfort in the following:

The Fictionmania server is dead, but will be replaced. The team already have the replacement but need some time to set it up.

Sapphire notes that the rumors of the server being an "old mac" is false:

" - while it is a Mac, it's a Mac server that is only a few years old - but the load on it is huge! The same with the rumor of some people holding the rights to the software - the software is the current or close it it versions, and the Taskforce holds the licenses, and we also hold the upgrade licenses for the new server already!"

The content ( the stories, graphics, message board, etc ) is safe.

While you wait, you may take a look at some of the TG fiction sites listed in the left hand column of this page. There are quite a few story collections there as well.

Guest Cap: She remembers nothing

Here is one I got from Jillisa over at Rachel's. Cick on image to enlarge!


You won't believe what happened to me!

Rachel, it's me Sam. Sam!!! Sam Taylor.

Yeah, I know my voice sounds strange. That's because Christopher changed me into a woman.

Yes, it's true... I was a little bit surprised about it myself, Rachel, but it turns out he loves me.

Yeah, he does! Isn't that great?

And he have brought me all these amazing gifts. A pearl necklace, you know, and gold ear rings. Yes, isn't that sweet? Yeah, I know, he's adorable!

And he borrowed me his Platinum card. I have been out shopping, Rachel, and you know me, I used to hate that kind of thing. I have bought ten pillows for the bedroom, and potpourris. I get it now, Rachel, I understand what potpourris is all about. How could I be so stupid?

How is it going with you and Greg, dear? Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Maybe you can come over to Christopher's place. Maybe we could fool around, the three of us...

I know what I am supposed to do with your little love nub now, dear.

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Nicole Kidman to play transsexual

This news story will probably get your daydreams flowing.

According to Reuters Nicole Kidman is to play in and produce the movie "The Danish Girl," based on the true story of Danish artists Einar and Greta Wegener.

Kidman is to play Einar, who took the role of a Greta's female model, and who eventually ended up changing his sex in 1931.

The picture below is of Lili Elbe as she then called herself.

The Danish Girl,
David Ebershoff's 2001 novel about Lili Elbe, was an international bestseller and has been translated into a dozen languages.



Scott let out a moan as the man thrust his dick into her pussy for what must have been the hundredth time. Her body was swaying back and forth in the sofa, in rhythm with the man behind her.

The evening wasn't supposed to end this way. As a matter for fact, it was absolutely impossible for the evening to end this way.

This afternoon she had started out as a he. He, Scott, had made his ritual preparations for another evening out on the town: He put on his favorite shirt, his new shoes, and a decent dose of Boss perfume.

He seemed to be in luck. Down at the Cosmopolitan he danced a bit, flirted with several girls before chatting with one gorgeous blonde that called herself Erin.

Scott loved airheads like her. They were so easily flattered. Just agree to whatever nonsense they may utter, and they would end up in your bed, guaranteed. People didn't respect dumb blondes, which is why faking interest in their stupid remarks made them love you so much. Sexy people had their own inferiority complexes.

"How does it feel?" the man behind Scott grunted. "How does it feel being a sexy blonde?"

Scott felt a strange feeling swelling up inside him, starting deep down in his pelvis and flushing upwards to his erect nipples. Oh God, they were so sensitive!

"Your stupidity has cost you your old life, Scott!" the man exclaimed. "You should know better than to judge a person by looks alone! I might have looked like a bimbo to you, but I am in fact one of the most intelligent bodythieves around these days."

Scott started to shake as a powerful orgasm made his pussy milk the man's dick.

"Oh, you like this don't you, bitch? Well, that's good, because Erin, that is your new identity, is a call girl without any education to speak of. I, on the other hand, is going to enjoy your old life as the son of one of America's richest industrialists. Who knows, maybe I'll invite you to a party one day!"

This one is for Erin!

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Pix by Sextronix

Elrod's site closed down

Over at TG Fiction Elrod reports that his old and much visited TG fiction site has been closed down due to family matters and financial restraints.

If anyone wants to host his material, please contact him via the Yahoo! discussion forum.


Guest cap: Sensitivity Training

Here's a guest cap from Lyndee.

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At least my nipples are getting more sensitive.


New erotic TG cap blog: Makin' Chicks

This is great! The TG blog trend seems to be spreading!

Not all of the TG cap blogs I have covered here are regularly updated, but Makin' Chicks seems to be, at least so far.

The main point of Makin' Chicks is to make short micro-stories accompanied by erotic pictures.

The creator of the site has recently abandoned the traditional text-within-image concept altogether, and is just illustrating his stories with relevant pix.

I don't mind. If you are looking for a quick TG fix, this is the place to go.

The image of Bree Olsen is taken from the site. It was originally published by Twistys.com.

Minicap: Fran

Here's a TG quickie for you! Click on image to enlarge!


Fictionmainia is down

Steffen (aka Talea) from the FM Task Force reports that the Fictionmania server is down due to a hardware malfunction.

They are not sure when it will be up again.


Schexy Woman

"Let me get thisss sctraight mischter! You got me drunk because you wanted to usche magic to turn me into Maschi..., Mashu.., Masiumi Max, the sexchiest model in the world, and then have schex with me?"

"Yes, that about sums it up."

"And you can't schange me back?"

"The book says that if you have sex while being in this new body, you can never change back."

"Hot damn! I am pretty hot, ain't I?"

"Yes, you are!"

"And you aren't bad yourschelf!"

"That has been said about me, yes."

"Whaddabout, what about a little bit of schex, you know?"

"A little bit? Some cuddling, you mean?"

"No, I mean some AC/DC teschting, you know, schust to see how my plumbing works. I won't schtay a woman forever, you know..."

"No, of course not. Why don't kneel down here and take a look, and then we can take it from there."


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This one is for Cindy!


Beat the Bastards 4: The Pantyhose Experiment

Welcome to another episode of Beat the Bastards, the show were we follow criminals that have undergone forced gender reassignment as part of the punishment.

Today we will follow Mark Mann, or Marge as she is called now. This indeed the notorious bank robber of 2009!

Marge is now working as a maid for bank executive Sir Simon fforbes. Marge is adapting quite well, which is good for society, but undermines the entertainment value of our reality TV show.

Maybe we can tempt her into committing a crime that deserves punishment the Beat the Bastards way?

Click here to download the full screen PDF file!

Beat the Bastards is illustrated with photos from Anal-pantyhose.com and Analsaga.com, both part of a great package of fetish sites.

Go to Slideshare and click on Full to get that full screen experience!