New erotic TG cap blog: Makin' Chicks

This is great! The TG blog trend seems to be spreading!

Not all of the TG cap blogs I have covered here are regularly updated, but Makin' Chicks seems to be, at least so far.

The main point of Makin' Chicks is to make short micro-stories accompanied by erotic pictures.

The creator of the site has recently abandoned the traditional text-within-image concept altogether, and is just illustrating his stories with relevant pix.

I don't mind. If you are looking for a quick TG fix, this is the place to go.

The image of Bree Olsen is taken from the site. It was originally published by Twistys.com.


  1. Thanks, I've already gotten almost fifty profile views. BTW I put a large batch of caps up. check 'em out

  2. Your Makin' Chicks site is awesome, but please make it so that you can post anonymously. Or at least make it so that to comment I can type in my name and URL like I can on Rebecca's site. I don't want to use my gmail account to post to a pornographic website and figure out my real name. Thanks!

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