Beat the Bastards 4: The Pantyhose Experiment

Welcome to another episode of Beat the Bastards, the show were we follow criminals that have undergone forced gender reassignment as part of the punishment.

Today we will follow Mark Mann, or Marge as she is called now. This indeed the notorious bank robber of 2009!

Marge is now working as a maid for bank executive Sir Simon fforbes. Marge is adapting quite well, which is good for society, but undermines the entertainment value of our reality TV show.

Maybe we can tempt her into committing a crime that deserves punishment the Beat the Bastards way?

Click here to download the full screen PDF file!

Beat the Bastards is illustrated with photos from Anal-pantyhose.com and Analsaga.com, both part of a great package of fetish sites.

Go to Slideshare and click on Full to get that full screen experience!

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