The C word


Mike had used the C slur a lot when addressing women. As Becky told him: "You are a misogynistic, sexist, SOB." 

In the end they arranged a crowdfunding for a magical intervetion. Mike has now his own pussy and is slowly starting to like it.


Adam and Eve, a new erotic male to female transformation photo comic

Fem Fluxx has added a new erotic male to female transformation comic called Adam and Eve.

Adam's girfriend has a mother who is not happy with any of her boyfriend choices, and given that she is a witch she solves that problem by changing the boyfriends into girls.

This extensive story has sexy women, regular sex, lesbian sex, and - for the first time in Fem Fluxx history - futanari scenes. We guess AI has come to the TG fiction universe.

You can read and download the story for free here.


Bodyswap curse, bodyswap blessing


When his pregnant girlfriend stole his body using bodyswap magic, Jim was sure his life was over.

However, his new body had some fascinating advantages up front.