Here is a short little sci fi TG cap for you.

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Guest Cap: Sun Fade

Here is a two-capper I got from Realfield. Take a look at her blog Keeping it Real.

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Dr. Smith's Office

I am thrilled to see the amount of creative activity taking place in the world of TG fiction and captioning.

This blog is probably on one side on the hard/soft spectrum. This time I would like to draw your attention to James J. Craft's writing, and in particular his Doctor Smith's Office ebook.

It is a little bit on the softer side, but very sexy!

It starts out like this:

"Billy did not want to see a shrink.  Shrinks were for messed up kids and depressed   soccer moms – and he was neither.  Billy, by his own accord, was ‘normal’ and ‘low key’ an  individual as you would find.  And normal and low-key people didn’t need shrinks.

"However – he was enrolled in the school’s drug study…and as part of the terms of  being in the study – he needed to be constantly ‘evaluated’ by a psychologist.  It was  pretty black and white.  Be in the study – see a shrink.  Don’t see a shrink – don’t be in  the study. And Billy needed to be in the study.

"It was Billy’s second year of college, and money was tight.  One of his classmates had  told him about a drug study conducted annually by the school’s research department.  

"Apparently hundreds of students applied every year, but only a select few would be  accepted, and Billy needed to be one of them.   It seemed easy enough…all he had to do was be injected with some kind of 
supplemental drug that they were testing, once a month, and take a pill every day, and 
in return he would get free tuition, room and board, and a small stipend for expenses."

Yepp, it is a classic tale of surprised feminization.

I especially like the way Craft plays on the gender stereotypes. For each visit our hero behaves more and more like a sissy, without really realizing what is taking place.

The drawings are by blackshirtboy: Simplistic and elegant, they add to the humor of the book.

You can buy the ebook from Lulu!
Click here for the special The Other Side of Your Souldiscount!

See also the TGStories web site for more stories by Craft.


Tranisa adds several new feminization videos

Tranisa has become a very important provider of transgender and feminization videos.I love their unpretentious approach and  British sense of humor and their ability to explore even more transgender fantasy themes.Each video can be yours for between US$ 9.99 and 17.50. You can download them from Tranisa.com.Among the new videos we find:Tranny Girl Station
The show is the go on the air and the model hasn't turned up at the last minute, so Paul the sound man is bribed to take her place and dressed in a baby doll negligee.

Bridal Peeper
Rodger the Lodger is peeping through the keyhole to see his landlady in her wedding dress and underwear. Betrayed by his carelessness she finds him and drags him into the room.

Trolley Dolly Tranny
This guy becomes and air hostess - permanently. Tranisa's most complex film yet complete with special effects, smoke and the very sexy actress Lara Latex.

Tranny Hypno Therapy
Sexist Steve is given an ultimatum by his long suffering wife and agrees to attend a hypo therapy session to help him behave in a more appropriate way with women.
(Note that I am using my own service provider to host these trailers, and they may take some time to load! There is a few seconds long introductory still photo at the beginning of each video.)

The Hunter and the Prey 2

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Guest Cap: Wicked

Here is a cap I got from Wraithstrike from over at Rachel's Haven:

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Asian Bliss

Model: Aya Shiraishi from Erotic Japan

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Well, the original Aya had now taken over his position as Professor of Antropology at the university in Hong Kong. Given her age she was probably wrecking his career.

Never mind, his studies of Japanese aboriginal magic and the following body swap had made him a much happier human being, and added another 20 years to his life.

«If I were to live my life anew, I would do many things differently,» he had once told his wife (who was now unknowingly married to a 18 year old girl in a 38 year old male body.) «There would be more dancing, more good food and more love!»

He now had the chance to prove it!


The Map

He had lost the poker game, and the bet was clear.

His friends could use the magical map of London to make him pay.

And what a wonderful map it was! It could turn any wish into reality!

The model name is Chanis and the photos are from always reliable Reality Kings.

 Click here for an offer to access RK and the accompanying video!

Download full screen PDF here or here!

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Taken by the tornado

Here's a fairy tale minicap for you.

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Nick did not make it to the cellar. The tornado lifted him up and took him to a land far far away.

I can't help wonder what will happen when he meets the wonderful Wizard of Oz.


Trapped by a town

Jason had definitely made a wrong turn somewhere, but when and why he could not remember.

It was late when he entered the town of Transville, 8400 inhabitants. It was not on the map. His GPS told him he was in the middle of the woods. But he was tired and needed to sleep.

He parked outside a local bed and breakfast and walked inside. The receptionist was very friendly.

"Have you been here before, sir?"

No he hadn't.

"Do you know what to expect?"

What did she mean?

"Well, sir, this town may change you in unexpected ways. It has its will of its own in a way, and likes to help people find their own inner selves, so to speak."

He did not get it, and told her so.

"Well, let's say you a very masculine and dominating. If that is the case, the town may accentuate those traits and make you more.... so. And the other way round."

He still didn't get it, but decided to let the locals have their own superstitions.

Breakfast was from 7 to 10 a.m., she told him.

The next morning he woke up in a new, small, soft and curvy body and realized that the town actually had a mind of its own. He did not make it to breakfast.

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St.Mackenzie enrollment

Model: Nicola Rocco from St. Mackenzie’s

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Tom had been at St. Mackenzie’s college for three weeks now. Unlike some of his co-students, he did not live in denial. He had talked to the old timers: No one left St. Mackenzie’s as a man. No one got their old lives back. They were all sent here to be trained to be girls... forever.

So this was what it all boiled down to: His bosses wanted him gone, and a feminine sensitivity course seemed like an efficient way of getting rid of a colleague who knew to much.

He had played it right into their hands, hadn’t he, with his jokes about blondes.

Well, at least he was not blond!