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I am thrilled to see the amount of creative activity taking place in the world of TG fiction and captioning.

This blog is probably on one side on the hard/soft spectrum. This time I would like to draw your attention to James J. Craft's writing, and in particular his Doctor Smith's Office ebook.

It is a little bit on the softer side, but very sexy!

It starts out like this:

"Billy did not want to see a shrink.  Shrinks were for messed up kids and depressed   soccer moms – and he was neither.  Billy, by his own accord, was ‘normal’ and ‘low key’ an  individual as you would find.  And normal and low-key people didn’t need shrinks.

"However – he was enrolled in the school’s drug study…and as part of the terms of  being in the study – he needed to be constantly ‘evaluated’ by a psychologist.  It was  pretty black and white.  Be in the study – see a shrink.  Don’t see a shrink – don’t be in  the study. And Billy needed to be in the study.

"It was Billy’s second year of college, and money was tight.  One of his classmates had  told him about a drug study conducted annually by the school’s research department.  

"Apparently hundreds of students applied every year, but only a select few would be  accepted, and Billy needed to be one of them.   It seemed easy enough…all he had to do was be injected with some kind of 
supplemental drug that they were testing, once a month, and take a pill every day, and 
in return he would get free tuition, room and board, and a small stipend for expenses."

Yepp, it is a classic tale of surprised feminization.

I especially like the way Craft plays on the gender stereotypes. For each visit our hero behaves more and more like a sissy, without really realizing what is taking place.

The drawings are by blackshirtboy: Simplistic and elegant, they add to the humor of the book.

You can buy the ebook from Lulu!
Click here for the special The Other Side of Your Souldiscount!

See also the TGStories web site for more stories by Craft.

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  1. I got this e-book from lulu.com
    Story is a bit weak, just a guy coming into the office in various phases of transformation.


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