At Gunpoint

They had put a gun to his head. "Get down on your knees or you are a dead man!"

He had looked up in terror and confusion as the man they called the Magician pulled out his big dick. It was clear that they wanted him to suck it.

He had turned his head away but they had forced him to face this monstrosity. Scared of his life, he had started to suck, slowly at first, and then more quickly as the most amazing feelings flushed through his body.

He had not understood what was happening at first, but then he noticed the small bulges on his chest.  They grew in small bursts. For every time he sucked in, they expanded a little more.

He found darker and darker hair covering his cheeks, and felt his clothes disappear magically, one by one. Finally all he had was a pair of netting stockings.

He knew that his dick was shrinking. He could feel it.  But by now he did not care. He kept on sucking, feeling it being reduced to a small glowing knob of intese sensation. As his testicles withdrew into his body, he started to shiver in excitement. He could feel the skin of his scrotum split and blossom out into glistening petals of soft female flesh.

Oh, he hoped the Magician would fuck him hard.

Pictures of Megan Coxx from Brazzers.com.

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  1. If nothing else they certainly made her flexible - in more ways than one


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