Girl for a day

Another MTF feminization caption series from Feminized.org!

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The Cube Transforms You!

FemFluxx has published part 2 of the Cube, a story about an alien transformation artefact ending up in the hands of a male to female crossdresser and -dreamer.

In this episode things are getting somewhat out of hand, as friends who had never had any fantasies about being the other gender suddenly find themselves having new and exciting feelings and desires.

Read The Cube Part 2 over at FemFluxx.

Part 1 can be found here.


A little bit embarrassed

Model: Kendra Roll (W4B)

Sure, you had protested and begged them even not to transform you. Becoming a girl would be so humiliating, and all your friends would laugh at you. But you had committed your crime and this was your punishment. 

And you had to admit to yourself -- without telling anyone -- that one part of you looked forward to the change. What would if feel like to look down at tits? What would if feel like to cup a pussy, feeling it getting wet under your fingers? Hmmmm....