Inner Woman

Have you shaved your legs, honey? Yes, you have, haven't you? You are starting to like it.

And you are wearing the perfume I like so much, Coco Mademoiselle.

That's good Samuel, oh, I am sorry, Samantha.

The corset I bought you fits you perfectly, dear. You have really done a great job working out.

And don't you just love the feeling of silk caressing your skin?

Your hair is so beautiful. Long and lusterous. I believe it is the hormones kicking in.

I am so glad you decided to go along with this experiment, baby. There are not that many men that have the courage to explore their feminine side in this way.

If you can fuck me tonight? I did promise you that, didn't I? As a reward for your cooperation.

I'd love to, Samantha, but I don't think your little pecker is up to it anymore. You haven't had an erection in several weeks, have you dear?

No, don't cry! It is a good thing! It means your inner woman has room to grow. You don't need penetrate me to be a loveable person.

Listen. Why don't we listen to what your inner woman says? She wants to succumb, doesn't she? She wants to be loved, and I have the thing she needs right here!

Turn around, Samantha, and show me your sexy butt. I am going to fill you up with love, my dear.

I am going to bring you a kind of extacy you have never experienced before.

And do you know what? If you like this -- and I am sure you are going to -- our good friend Michael has promised me he will give you the real thing.
You and me both, baby!

Pictures of Deborah and Regina from Planet of Shemales.

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Erik, Don't Cry!

So, sooo, Erik, there is no reason to cry! You are only ruining your make-up. We can't have that now, can we? 

I mean, there is nothing wrong with being a woman, is there? There is full equality now, you know. A woman can be anything she wants. 

Yes, apart from being a major league soccer player. But Erik, that was not you, you know! You are to much of a caring person to end up like some kind of testosteron driven bulldozer. 

Besides, your tits are far too big for you to manage any serious running now, anyway.

Your father and I have discussed this quite thoroughly. 

You know, he hates soccer and becomes very insecure when you aks him to catch ball or whatever it is boys are supposed to do. 

And I, well, I have always wanted a daughter I could dress up and talk to. You know, some real girl-to-girl gossip over a chick flick with Meg Ryan.

No, there is no way to turn you back! The nanoviral sereum is very expensive, I tell you, and besides, we do not have a DNA-blueprint of your old body anyway. 

We have cleaned the house and burned all your clothes. We can't take any chances, you know...

Listen, why don't you spend some time here in your room and get to know your body. 

I am a woman, you know, and knows all about that sort of thing. I am sure you will find that your curvy flesh will give you some pleasant suprises!

The pictures of Erica Campbell is from Sextronix, supplier of real hot photos!

This cap is dedicated to Courtney!

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Minicap: Failed apprentice

Here's a short one for you!

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The pictures of Liliane Tiger are from Sextronix.


Orange flavor

Oh, Erik! What are you doing here? You weren't supposed to be back here before six o'clock!

And you had to taste that drink, didn't you?

Damn it, you are so predictable! If there is anything on the table, anything at all, you have to taste it.

This drink was not for you, it was for me, all right?

Sometimes a woman needs some magic to freshen up her looks, and this was an orange flavour aroma therapeutic organic magic herb drink meant to give my skin colour and my blood heat. Right!?

Stop cupping your tit, Erik and listen to me!

This drink is meant for women. It is powerful magic and if a man drinks it, anything can happen. And I don't know whether I can change you back, do you understand me?

What? If I think you are beautiful?

You are bloody gorgeous, that's what you are, but that is beside the point, isn't it? What are we going to do, now that you have become a woman?

What do you mean, "make another drink"? That was my drink!

Heh? Make me a drink for men? You can't be serious! You are? Well....

This one is for Courtney.

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Flip of a Coin

It was supposed to be easy, right? 

A flip of a coin to decide who was to use the spell book first, and then you were to change Tom into your fantasy dream girl, hide the book and keep her as an obedient pet for ever. 

You even brought your own fake coin. Two heads for the price of one. 

The problem was that Tom had a dime of his own, and he wanted to toss first. And here you are, in the body of his dream girl. 

Who would have thought he would go for the stylish, sexy model type? 

You like wearing that dress, don't you? You weren't prepared for that. 

You weren't prepared for that female joy of getting dressed in something sexy. Adding the pearl necklace to make him see you as a fashion model. You were not prepared for the thrill the look in his eyes would give you. 

His desire, his admiration of your beauty is making you swoon. You are getting wet, aren't you? Down there, between your legs, in that secret place, that secret garden that you know can bring you so much joy.

And you definitely didn't believe you would be this fascinated by his male body. Now you know that you have never seen it before. Not really. Not like this. And I know that you wonder of it would be like for him to hold you. Tight. And then...

And then he will kiss you. Lick your
 stiff, erect nipples. Fill his mouth with your beautiful tits. Bury his hair in you soft, long hair. 

And I know that you are trying not to look. You know, at the bulge in his pants. 

But I know that there is only a matter of minutes before you are down on your knees, trying desperately to embrace his huge dick with your kissable lips. 

Because now you know that a cock is not only an organ, but a  sign that talks to the deepest parts of your female brain. 

You want him inside you, and you want him to bring you over the edge.

You know what? Tom is a decent guy. He is most likely to keep his end of the bargain, allowing you to change him tomorrow. 

How are you going to tell him that you rather would like to stay this way?

This one is for sissytif.

The pictures of beautiful Ander Page is taken from Sextronix' Totally Redhead.

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Bill on the beach

I have a real sissy turned transexual turned real woman story for you this week.

Bill may be a nice and understanding bloke, but that is not what his wife is looking for in a guy. She has other use for him, though.

The images are from Tranny Surprise and Reality Kings. You can get access to both by clicking here!

Click here to download full-screen PDF!

Alternative download site.

Surrogates, the movie, the way it should have been

Another video edit from TGTales!

Link to the original movie site.


Guest Cap: One Night Stand

Here's a TG cap I got from Danielle May. I am in a lot of trouble!

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The Transgender Reality Show

TGtales has edited a new great transgender fantasy for you: "TG Pageant".

By the way, parts of the footage are fetched from a real American TV show called He's a Lady


New Body Swap Movie

I found trailer for a new transgender transformation movie on YouTube. It is definitely a straight to video B-movie.

The blurb says:

"After winning 50 million dollars in the lottery, Matt thought that he'd found the perfect woman when he met Karen. She was smart, gorgeous and wanted him for his body. Only trouble was that's all she wanted from him."

Anyone who have seen it?

The movie is made by Three Degree Off Center Productions. The director is James Ward. The actress is Laura Weintraub. You can buy it from their site. Here's an interview with the film maker.


Minicap: Out of Hand

Sam had completely lost control of the situation.

He had spent 1 million dollar for that spell.

It was to be the perfect revenge: turning his obnoxious boss into a blonde bimbo.

And then his boss had found the spell where he had hidden it: taped to his computer screen.

The witch had been very clear: If he got even a drop of semen inside him, he would be stuck forever.

His boss didn't even remove his gag, but ejaculated all over his face.

Sam could could feel a drop of cum slide slowly between his lips.

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Pictures of Valentina Rossini from House of Taboo.


3 x Jenni Lee

When I found these absolutely stunning pictures of Jenni Lee over at Sextronix, I knew I had to share them with you.

Which is why I have made no less than three minicaps out of them.

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I have updated the index pages

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I am sorry for the delay. These pages are not updated automatically and I totally forgot.

The Dreaming

These images from the Scandinavian bed factory Hästens just had to be capped.

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