Flip of a Coin

It was supposed to be easy, right? 

A flip of a coin to decide who was to use the spell book first, and then you were to change Tom into your fantasy dream girl, hide the book and keep her as an obedient pet for ever. 

You even brought your own fake coin. Two heads for the price of one. 

The problem was that Tom had a dime of his own, and he wanted to toss first. And here you are, in the body of his dream girl. 

Who would have thought he would go for the stylish, sexy model type? 

You like wearing that dress, don't you? You weren't prepared for that. 

You weren't prepared for that female joy of getting dressed in something sexy. Adding the pearl necklace to make him see you as a fashion model. You were not prepared for the thrill the look in his eyes would give you. 

His desire, his admiration of your beauty is making you swoon. You are getting wet, aren't you? Down there, between your legs, in that secret place, that secret garden that you know can bring you so much joy.

And you definitely didn't believe you would be this fascinated by his male body. Now you know that you have never seen it before. Not really. Not like this. And I know that you wonder of it would be like for him to hold you. Tight. And then...

And then he will kiss you. Lick your
 stiff, erect nipples. Fill his mouth with your beautiful tits. Bury his hair in you soft, long hair. 

And I know that you are trying not to look. You know, at the bulge in his pants. 

But I know that there is only a matter of minutes before you are down on your knees, trying desperately to embrace his huge dick with your kissable lips. 

Because now you know that a cock is not only an organ, but a  sign that talks to the deepest parts of your female brain. 

You want him inside you, and you want him to bring you over the edge.

You know what? Tom is a decent guy. He is most likely to keep his end of the bargain, allowing you to change him tomorrow. 

How are you going to tell him that you rather would like to stay this way?

This one is for sissytif.

The pictures of beautiful Ander Page is taken from Sextronix' Totally Redhead.

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