Inner Woman

Have you shaved your legs, honey? Yes, you have, haven't you? You are starting to like it.

And you are wearing the perfume I like so much, Coco Mademoiselle.

That's good Samuel, oh, I am sorry, Samantha.

The corset I bought you fits you perfectly, dear. You have really done a great job working out.

And don't you just love the feeling of silk caressing your skin?

Your hair is so beautiful. Long and lusterous. I believe it is the hormones kicking in.

I am so glad you decided to go along with this experiment, baby. There are not that many men that have the courage to explore their feminine side in this way.

If you can fuck me tonight? I did promise you that, didn't I? As a reward for your cooperation.

I'd love to, Samantha, but I don't think your little pecker is up to it anymore. You haven't had an erection in several weeks, have you dear?

No, don't cry! It is a good thing! It means your inner woman has room to grow. You don't need penetrate me to be a loveable person.

Listen. Why don't we listen to what your inner woman says? She wants to succumb, doesn't she? She wants to be loved, and I have the thing she needs right here!

Turn around, Samantha, and show me your sexy butt. I am going to fill you up with love, my dear.

I am going to bring you a kind of extacy you have never experienced before.

And do you know what? If you like this -- and I am sure you are going to -- our good friend Michael has promised me he will give you the real thing.
You and me both, baby!

Pictures of Deborah and Regina from Planet of Shemales.

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  1. Anonymous10/30/2009

    Wow! Really great cap. I love the manipulation implied. Thanks!


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