Waiting for my lover 2

Here's another variant of the cap I presented yesterday.

I am so excited, you know!

My lover will be here any minute now. She loves me. I know that for a fact. She would not have gone to all this trouble in order to be with me, if she didn't.

I remember the first time I met her.

I was teaching anthropology over at the university at the time, and there she was: animated, enthusiastic about the topic and absolutely stunningly beautiful.

She went on and on and on about the magic practices among the Tiresians on Flores.

She was fascinated by the fact that their shamans seemed to change their gender in order to understand all of the spirit world.

I fell in love at that very moment, but I was her teacher and she was my student, so there was nothing I could do.

Besides, the rumors had it she was a lesbian. My luck exactly!

That didn't stop her though.

"Erik," she said to me. "You are the gentlest soul I have ever met, and I love you dearly. But you are not yourself; you are not the one you were supposed to be. You have the spirit of a gentle woman, not the aggressiveness of a man. I need you to be what you were meant to be."

Then she gave me that Tiresian potion.

I am Courtney, now, and I am at peace with myself. And I am waiting for my lover.

Images of Alisia by Sextronix.

This one is for Courtney.


Waiting for my lover 1

When Amina gave me that magic potion from Flores, I thought it was a joke.

Of course i did! I am an anthropologist. For me magic is a language of symbols pointing to the deepest layers of our psyche, not "real" in any other sense of the world.

But everything changed that day.

It was painful, as if my whole body was taken a part and reassembled, and in a way that is what happened.

When I came out of my feverish dreams I found I had the body of a teenage girl. I could have been one of my students!

The kiss Amina gave me brought me back to my senses. She was so glad that she danced all the way through my flat, kicking over tables and breaking a few irreplaceable artifacts from Peru.

But who cares! I felt that I was myself at that moment. I was at peace for the first time in my life.

I am going to meet my lover this evening, and I am going to make myself pretty for her.

I don't care how much time it takes. I am still a little bit clumsy when it comes to make-up, but I am going to do everything I can to be the beautiful woman she deserves.

This one is for Courtney!

Images from Sextronix.


Guest Cap: Legally Bound

Bren and I decided on making two cap series on the same topic as an experiment. Here is Bren's take on the witness protection program!

I'll publish my own in a few days.

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Bride to Be

Jim, I need to you to sit still, OK? Mrs. Anderson was very clear about this: I am to make you look totally adorable for your great evening.

Jim, no, I mean Jennifer, I am to call you Jennifer, darling, how silly of me!

Jennifer, I think you look absolutely dashing already, and if I had been anywhere near straight, I would have kidnapped you and dragged you all the way to Barbados to have you all for myself.

No, don't look alarmed. I am totally harmless. Your bridegroom to be, however, he is absolutely yummy!

Now, Denise have done a good job on your makeup, darling, and believe me, I am the best on hair this side of the city. I will make you look like a princess. A few stripes, a lot of volume, well, you know what's hot these days.

You don't? Oh, forgive me! I constantly forget that you were a boy just yesterday. Do you miss your dick, baby? I would have. I know I would have! But you will get more than enough of that from your husband, dear.

You don't want to be married?

Oh dear, I am afraid it is far too late for that. Mrs. Anderson always gets her will.

What did you do to piss her off, anyway? Her last servant tried to sell her silverware, and he -- ah, she -- is married to a naval officer now. Did you do something like that, gorgeous? Yeah, I thought so.

This one is for vampyro. Click on images to enlarge!


Sister Love

His sister had a deep longing for another life, the life of a strong and powerful soldier.

Too bad her body wasn't up to a life of war.

It was well suited for other purposes, though.

A new multi-caption teenage transformation slideshow from your truly. What's next, I wonder...

The pictures of sweet Annette Allen are from Brazzers.com.

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Guest Cap: Spa Retreat

Here's one I got from Starhawk over at Rachel's Haven.

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Blonde and blonderer

Yeah, yeah, I know this one is just too silly. What can I say?

Brain was really getting the hang of it now:

"And do you know blondes say after sex? No, no?..." He was laughing the way he did after one too many beers:

"'Thanks guys!' She says: 'Thanks guys!'"

Samantha was not amused. But then again she was blond.

"And here's another," Brian continued.

"What do blondes and spaghetti have in common? They both wriggle when you eat them! And do you know why blondes give such good blow-jobs? Because that's what they train for all their lives."

"No, that's not the correct answer," Samantha replied. "It is because they once have been stupid boys who have insulted a Grade 1 Witch incessantly."

She uttered a few words in ancient Sanskrit and Brian suddenly found himself in the body of an amazingly sexy blonde.

"What do you call a blonde with a runny nose?" Samantha asked her newborn sister.

"I don't know," blonde Brenda answered.


Brenda shook her pretty head: "I don't get it!"

"Oh, but you will, Brenda," Samantha answered. "You will!"

This a is cap from blonde Rebecca to blonde Brenda.

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The pix of Rhylee are from Bangbros.com


Guest photo story: Indian Honeymoon

I am starting to get not only guest caps, but guest photo stories. So far I have seen only two or three cappers making use of this technique, i.e. turning longer cap series into slideshows.

In another way, however, this is a first. This must be the world's first Indian trangender photo story or "fumetti".

The story is written by Shagufta. And to let you in on a secret: Shagufta and I are working on a longer TG story. More about that later.


The Beach

In the Middle Ages there was a horrible schism in the Sisterhood of Inanna, the guardians of the sacred womanhood. 

Aggressive women, impatient with the progress made towards female dominance, broke out and founded the Daughters of Ereshkigal.

The Daughters are worshipping the goddess of the underworld and are totally committed to the overthrow of male tyranny.

There are men who choose to serve in the dark order, under great risk. If you fail the order, the Mother Superior will send you to the Beach.

Here is one such story.