Sister Love

His sister had a deep longing for another life, the life of a strong and powerful soldier.

Too bad her body wasn't up to a life of war.

It was well suited for other purposes, though.

A new multi-caption teenage transformation slideshow from your truly. What's next, I wonder...

The pictures of sweet Annette Allen are from Brazzers.com.

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  1. Anonymous6/16/2009

    It's a great concept and a good story, but it pretty clearly wasn't proofread or copy edited. It's "an amulet" in one panel, but the picture is a statuette, which is what is described in another panel.
    Also, the word "thought" is used where it should be "taught".

  2. I have uploaded a new version of the file, misspellings etc. replaced. Some of these errors are unavoidable, though, English not being my mother tongue and all.


  3. Anonymous6/18/2009

    Fun series, sweet and sexy.


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