Guest Cap: Cani's Maid Service

There is something about maid uniforms that makes many of my readers curl their toes. It must be that wonderful femininity.

Anyway, here is a short maid story apokol made for me!

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The Clone Wars

For rich people the new revolutionary memory matrix transfer technology promises eternal life. When death approaches your memories are transferred over to a younger clone of your body.

But what if something goes wrong?

You can download the PDF here and here!

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The images of sweet Mea Olsen are from Realitykings.



New Transgender Caption Blogs

I have gone through the TG Caption Blog Section of my directory and removed dead links.

Dormant sites have been marked with a D.

I have also added a large number of new or "newish" caption sites. The genre is thriving and the amount of passion and creativity that is poured into this work is mind-boggling!

As always: If you are going to set up a new blog or know of a blog that has not been included: Let me know!


Guest cap: Pumping it in

Our female to male gender bender "brethren" have a whole erotic comic genre based on Japanese manga called yaoi.

The use of manga among the male to female crowd is not equally common, but some manage to make use of such drawings with great effect.

Here is a caption Raven over at Rachel's Haven made for me.

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Tour de France 3

Gary dell'Abate, the notorious mafia boss is back! Some of you  may remember last year's story, The Hunter and the Prey, where Gary got a powerful spell from a witch outside Prague.

The spell allows him to change any male opponent into a girl, which he does with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately this easily leads to a lack of male muscle. In the new series he is going to Paris, to inspect his European affiliates.

In this episode Gary travels down to the Mediterranean in order to convince a rival gang to join him.

The photos are from Brazzers!

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