The Phone Call

Friends are not what they used to be.

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Model: Jessica Moore from DDF Busty


The Jerusalem Stone

Candy Martinez
He had never really managed to live up to the masculine standards of his good friend. By all means, he had tried, but somehow it didn't feel right.

Then one day his assistant at his jewelry store brought him an impressive catch: One of the ancient Jerusalem stores, gems that were supposed to read your inner dreams and make them real.

This is one of my softer and non-violent love stories -- of a kind....

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The images of Candy Martinez are from Reality Kings. 


The Bachelor Party

Images from the site In The VIP from RK.com.
It was his bachelor party - a final fling before a life of seriousness and responsibility.

His friends had, according to ancient American traditions, hired a stripper. This stripper, however, made a peculiar offer that made them all curious.

She invited them to the Transylvania club, a club that offered the very latest in ecstasy and  excitement: A technology that lets you party as a woman all night long.

The images are taken from the site In the VIP, which is part of the Reality Kings package. It is basically a site that films porn starts partying, a good starting point for a story about partying.

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Guest Cap: Becky the Burglar

Here is a very mysterious and intriguing cap made by friend Jay over at Rachel's Haven.

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Guest Photo Comic: A Babylon Story

It flatters me to see that other cappers and creators are now exploring the Babylon Academy Universe when making their own stories.

I am also glad to see that there are others who would like to make longer TG comics and photo stories.

Butterrednoodles is one such artist. Today I may present one of her first photo stories featuring the witches of Ershkigal.

She has used Photoshop for this work, which only tells you that you do not necessarily have to invest in specialized software to do this kind of thing.

You can download the PDF here. Click on the four arrow symbol below for full screen.

The images have been fetched from redtube. 


The Wish 3

There once was a mighty witch, who -- for a sufficient fee -- would change reality for you.

She would follow your wish to the letter. She was not equally good at interpreting the spirit of your request, however. And she had a wicked sense of humor. But then again you cannot have everything.

Tom had seen how much Anna loved her new life as a woman. And in the previous installment of the Wish he vanished magically from the scene.

If you take a look at the picture on the right you will see where he ended up.

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Photos of the witch (Danielle Maye) from 1 by Day. 

Photos of Heatheer Vahn from Brazzers. You can find the relevant video over there.

Guest Cap: Serena Dreams - Love each other

Here is a sweet and elegant gender bender cap I got from Sammie over at Rachel's Haven.

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Trussed Up Tranny and other videos

From "Milking the Bride"
Tranisa has laucnhed a new series of crossdressing videos, and this time they have also experimented with  more explicit content.

As far as I understand it, the customers seem to prefer the softer option, but maybe this is because my readers have not seen them. Yet.

"Trussed Up Tranny" is a movie about Frank.  His engineering workshop is in trouble, as he has he borrowed money from a loan shark. It is payback time.

The unforgiving Jane and her daughters accompanied by Nick the Rope have come to collect the £15,000 he owes and have discovered his little dressing secret. Nudge, nudge... You know what I mean...

"Milking the Bride" is another more explicit movie.  Frank is on the phone pleading with his wife to take him back after she kicked him out for wearing her wedding dress. Luckily for Frank his two friends Paige and Sapphire have let him stay at their house for while and whilst they console him he confesses why his wife threw him out which they find hilarious.
From "Turning into a Girl"

He shows them the wedding dress and they find he's bought all the accessories as well right down to the garter. 

He swears it's not 'a sexual thing' so the girls help him dress up as a blushing bride but whilst helping him with the lacy underwear they find him aroused. The girls decide they have no choice but to relieve him of his huge hard on. 

Some of you may be interested in the story about James, who is allergic to testosterone, and who therefore has to be feminized, or the story about the wife who discovers her husband's crossdresser magazine.

Here is one of their soft core trailers.

And this is what it looks like when Tranisa becomes more explicit (although not hard core in the strict sense). I just love the way the garage door goes up behind him, revealing his future.


The Love Therapist Fixed

Just to let you know I have fixed the Love Therapist story.

I was using Comic Life 2 when making that story, and PDFs exported from Comic Life 2 is messed up by Slideshare. I am now back to using Comic Life 1.

By the way, if you want to make your own photo comics, Comic Life is the way to go. It is amazingly easy to use. If you have a Mac, you do not even need a separate programme for making PDF-files.


Lily Lebeau from Brazzers.
When the reality distortion bombs were detonated over San Francisco and Los Angeles, a lot of lives where changed. As the unreality waves flushed through the space time continuum and rewrote reality, people suddenly found themselves inhabiting bodies fetched from a parallell dimension.

As one researcher put it: "This is the largest information swap in history, and we have to rewrite the laws of physics."

Conservatives said it was the result of divine retribution: God punishing us for all the gender equality. Feminists interpreted as a male conspiracy aimed at invading women's spaces. While the greens argued that it all was caused by globale warming.

Well, I don't know. I only know that this guy had to find a way to cope with the fact that he now had the body of a girl.

This is a kind of how to learn to love yourself story.

The images of Lily Lebeau are from Brazzers.

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