The Love Therapist Fixed

Just to let you know I have fixed the Love Therapist story.

I was using Comic Life 2 when making that story, and PDFs exported from Comic Life 2 is messed up by Slideshare. I am now back to using Comic Life 1.

By the way, if you want to make your own photo comics, Comic Life is the way to go. It is amazingly easy to use. If you have a Mac, you do not even need a separate programme for making PDF-files.


  1. OMG, Thank you so much, I liked it and now I love it :)

  2. I use Comic Life to make my comics. I have upgrades to CL2, but haven't made a comic yet.

    Actually recently found the presentation module of OpenOffice 3 looks like an alternative and will also export to Flash allowing you to just click to move of. I have done some tests and might try some more.

  3. Instead of exporting to pdf from comic life 2 try going to file->Print and choose pdf. With this option the system will handle the pdf exporting and possibly resolve your problem.

  4. Print and choose PDF? That sounds like a good idea! Thank you!

  5. OpenOffice 3 also sounds like a good option for slide presentation, but that one does not make comics, does it?

    The big barrier is to find a way of embedding it on the web site. I now pay for Slideshare and Box.net to be able to do this, and at the moment there is a bug in Slidshare that stops me from getting the embed code. What we need is a simple way of embedding PDF-files in HTML5. That would even make the stories readable on the iPad.

  6. About pdf embeding check out the PDF.JS project, here is the gitHub https://github.com/mozilla/pdf.js

  7. To answer the question about using OpenOffice3 to make comics, I don't see why not as you can add speech bubbles and make PDFs from the presentations.


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