The Experiment

Professor Jeff MacAllison had made a name for himself debunking what he called biologic determinism.

"Our sense of gender is a social construct," he told his students, "not the result of our genetic heritage."

He did not manage to convince all his opponents in this battle of culture against nature, though.

He found some of the transgender studies particularly annoying: Men arguing that they had been women trapped in a man's body all their life.

That made absolutely no sense to Jeff. Unless there was some hormonal unbalance, their confusion had to be caused by overprotective mothers, weak male role models or maybe excessive video game playing.

Which is why he decided to make the ultimate experiment. He would use the new Johs Hopkins nanoviral drug to change himself into a woman. If he retained his sexual orientation and his psychological profile, he would have proved his theory once and for all.

When he woke up after the procedure the nurses prepared him for his examination by doctor Smythe. Jeff tried hard to keep his mind on track, but found himself utterly confused and bewildered.

His new petite feminine body felt nothing like what he had expected. He felt vulnerable, but also strangely aroused. And it certainly didn't help that those damned nurses had dressed him in some sexy babydoll.

He had made a quick glance down at his body, and had found the way his perky breasts lifted the babydoll so disconcerting that he had decided to ignore it. He would get rid of those nurses, for sure!

He had to get a grip on himself. When Doctor Smythe entered the room, he tried to calm his breath and behave normally.

"How do you feel, Doctor MacAllison?" Doctor Smythe asked him.

"I feel fine," Jeff answered, but blushed as his heart started to beat faster. He had never noticed Doctor Smythe's eyes before. They were lovely. And he had such a nice smile.

Damn! He could feel his nipples stiffen. It must be a cold draft in the room. Then why did he feel so hot?

"Please lie down!" Doctor Smythe asked him. Jeff positioned himself face down on the table. He felt a strange sensation between his legs as Doctor Smythe prepared for the examination.

"Well, well, well, Jennifer," Doctor Smythe laughed.

"It seems you have been able to falsify your own theory. The question is, how long are you going to live in denial?"

Not for long, it turned out.

Images from House of Taboo.

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This one is dedicated to Jillisa.


The Exchange Student

It was an understandable misunderstanding.

When his parents sent him on a student exchange program to Japan, he figured he would travel there by plane.

That is what students do, right?


This one is for Bren!

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Guest Cap: Magic Dildo

Here's a guest cap from jessicafrankie. Don't say she didn't warn you!

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Guest Caps: The Camera Part 2

Here Steffie's great Camera Series continues.

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Bobby, the transgender bodyhopper

He had to get away! He just had to. The feds had been after him for over six months now, and it was only a matter of time before they discovered his large scale smuggling operation.

His cover as a high school teacher would not change that.

However, his hard work had not been totally in vain. Trying to find a means of escape, he had gone to Haiti, asking one of the wizards there for help.

He must have been mad, giving away a million dollar for a spell that might not work.

But it did work. The day the agents entered his classroom, he turned the ring they had given him and desperately grabbed the person next to him by the hand-- his obnoxious pupil Bobby, as it turned out.

In the next moment he could see the feds dragging his own screaming body down the hall.

He had planned to possess a grown up man, of course, but there had been no time for that.

It wasn't too bad being a teenage girl in a teenage world, however, all things considered. With all his experience he had an advantage over his fellow class mates. That came in handy, as these girls could be amazingly evil, and the boys charmingly naive.

But the hormones were hard to handle. This was the third time this week he was grounded. Maybe he could do some homework? Nah, there were other parts of nature to explore...

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This one is dedicated to Alessandra.


Guest Cap: Online Dating

Sissytif made this one for me. Unfortunately magicmatch.com is nothing but a site for parking a domain. Sorry, girls!

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Young and Innocent

OK, baby, calm down now!

I do understand that this is another example of that twisted humor of yours, but if you want to make a joke like this one, you must at least t
ry to make it realistic.

No! No! No! Wait now! Let me see if I got this straight.

You are a man... No, I am not laughing!... You are a man called Jay from 2009.

Yesterday you were visiting a small town in Washington on a business trip. That is the state, not the capital. And you found a small store selling used books.

Now, in this bookstore you found a old and worn paperback from the 1960s called Young and Innocent. This was a hot story about a sexy lesbian couple: the blond innocent Eve and a sultry femme fatale called Rita. Right? Right!!!

You read that book at a dirty little motel that evening, you fell asleep and woke up in my bed a few hours ago -- with a long, girlish, scream I may add. You definitely woke me up!

And now you have been telling me about the strange, strange world of the 21st century for the last hour, crying hysterically in between.

It is that crying that gets to me, darling. The Eve I know is calm and charming -- my sweet, sweet doll -- and the act you are putting up now is nothing like her. But that is probably the point.

Ok, I can play along! Look, here's today's newspaper. See: It says 1967. We have half a million men in Vietnam, China has the H-bomb, and the worst news of all: Jane Mansfield has died in a car crash!

This is what makes your little game so unrealistic, baby.

The Soviet Union has collapsed without a shot? Come on!!! China has become a capitalist society? Yeah, right! The next thing you are going to tell me is probably that we will have a black president or something...

Now, come here! No, closer! Let Rita hold you the way you like so well. Let me nuzzle those beautiful tits of yours and see if I can make you forget about 2009...

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This one is for Jay.


Vicki and Alexia

Hey there! I am Vicki, the girl in red. The sweet one in pink is Alexia, my best friend. She is sweet, isn't she?

She wasn't always like that. Nope.

The first time I met her Alexia was Alex, as young, fumbling, shy boy pretending to look for a gift to his girlfriend over at the Pink Panther. That's my store. "Stylish clothes for the young at heart!"

He had no girlfriend of course. Far too nervous, that one. No self confidence. But he was sweet in a yummy kind of way, kind hearted and full of potential.

I played along with the sharade: "You are of same build as your girlfriend, maybe? Would you like to try it on?"

He bought the sweater, and was back the next week. I took him home to my place, and thought him the secrets of sex outside the box.

(Nah, come to think about it, much of it was inside his box - chuckle...)

My dick freaked him out a bit, but I am never wrong about these things. I could see that he wanted to give himself to someone, to give in, to surrender, to trust someone completely. And I am a friendly girl, you know. I truly am!

I didn't have to force him. One thing led naturally to the other.

"Why don't you wear that sweater you bought at my place?" I asked him. "It looks really good on you!" And: "We forgot the laundry. Why don't you borrow one of my tops?" And: "No need to cut your hair, darling, I love to touch it!" And so on and so forth.

I made a sensual game out of shaving her legs, and replaced her vitamins with my own secret herbal mixture. She is A cup now, but she will soon have to borrown my C-cup bra.

She was the one that wanted me to show her how to apply make-up, and she has embraced her female soul with all her heart now.

She is even wearing dresses I have designed for her at her family parties.

Her mum is OK with it; she tells me that she knew all along. Her father is still a little confused about having a new daughter, but he loves her too much to cause her any serious pain.

I am wondering whether I should get her a vagina for Christimas. You know, we can combine it with a holiday in Thailand.

They have some excellent surgeons there and great food. But I am not sure.

I love having her inside me, you know. And I just love wathcing her clit grow before my eyes.

I don't know. I will have to think about it...

This one is for Vicky and Lady Alexia.

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The 8-ball

Hi there! I know you can see me. Rebecca asked me if she could post my story, and when I heard about her readers, I though, what the heck, these are people that might actually understand my predicament.

You are probably the only people who would actually believe me if I said my name used to be Jeff. Or, at least, you would like to believe me.

I grew up in a family of four: Mum, dad, me and my younger sister Elisabeth. Average middle class, living in an average suburbia with an average car. You know the drill.

At the age of 20, I was doing pretty well. I was a successful player at my university football team, and did well academically as well. My parents were so proud of me!

I dated the hottest cheer leader on campus. Believe me: I lived the American dream and enjoyed every moment of it.

My sister Elisabeth, though, was trouble. You didn't need to be a shrink to see that she was unhappy.

She had no friends, her high school teachers hated her and she did not get along with my parents. None of us had the slightest idea what bothered her, and how could we? I mean, no one had ever heard of such a strange affliction, right?

(Hm, come to think of it, you maybe have.)

Anyway, one evening my teenage sister came into my room, highly intoxicated on one of those drugs that is named by a single letter, and told me that she finally had found a solution to her problem.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me that she envied me and everything that I had: my success, my friends, my car, and -- this is where it was getting a bit weird -- my sexy girlfriend Sally and my dick.

The drug was like a truth serum: She told me that she did not feel at home i her body. Truth to be told, she had always been kind of a tomboy, but now she told me that she had always wanted to be a boy.

She wanted to be tall, strong, muscular, with hair on her chest and a big dick. Which is why it was so unfair, according to her intoxicated self, that I had all that and she had nothing.

I tell you, it was totally unreal to hear you beautiful, feminine, teenage sister to say such a thing.

I believe i didn't say a word the whole time. I was just trying to not at the right places to help her along. I mean, she really needed to talk about this to someone, right?

That was when she brought up the magic-8-ball.

"It is truly magic," she told me.

"All right," I said. "What would you like to ask it?"

She kissed the ball and whispered to it: "Please, Mr. 8-ball, could you let me and my brother switch places?"

She turned the ball and read: "Without a doubt."

Then suddenly I had the ball in my hand and was looking down at the message.

I registered that my hand had become smaller, and dropped the ball in shock. It fell down on the floor and pulverized. I have never seen an 8-ball pulverize before. Have you?

It took me some seconds, though, to grasp that I was no longer in my own body. This was my sisters teenage body: small and curvy and with long black hair falling down my shoulders.

I looked up and into my own two eyes.

"Hey, there, Elisabeth," my own body said to me. "The magic worked. And since you so conveniently have broken the ball, there is no way back."

"No way...?" I stopped, scared of my own girly voice.

"So here is what you can do," she -- well, he -- continued:

"You can go to mum and dad and tell them the truth. They will have you committed to a psychiatric hospital and I can enjoy your masculine life to the full, or..."

"Or what?" I could feel tears in my eyes and struggled hard not to cry.

"Or you can take up the role of Elisabeth and become the perfect daughter they have always wanted. You are the kind of guy that could make that work. I couldn't."

I was quiet. I tried to say something, but it is my curse that I always think things through, and there was, honestly, nothing I could do about this.

"Here's the good news, brother. I know that you love women and their beautiful bodies.

"Well now you have one, and you can enjoy if from the inside, and the fact that I wasn't able to do so, doesn't mean that you won't. There is a present for you in the upper drawer in my commode. Take a look under my panties."

And then she left the room. Later I found out that she had gone over to my girfriend's dorm and fucked her senseless.

I believe I just sat there for an hour or so, without doing anything at all.

The I grabbed my tits, you know, like I do now and tried to get a feel for them through my silly Snoopy T-shirt.

And I realized that I felt something my sister couldn't. I liked their soft firmness and the way I could squeeze them and play with them.

That is weird, you know, because I was still a male in my head.

At this point I was starting to get pretty excited about the whole thing.

It was like a strange adventure and I lifted up my sweater to get a closer look at them.

I was not wearing a bra at the time and I could look down at two perfectly shaped tits. They are not particularly big. C-cups, actually, but they curve like the heavens and reach perfection in two small, but hard, nipples.

I touched their soft skin and let my hands glide down to my firm belly and up again to the nipples.

They filled with blood and stood up like two obedient soldiers on parade and I started to massage them -- carefully, you know, as they were very sensitive.

I liked the feeling. I could feel shivers go up and down my back. Shivers of the good kind, mind you.

Then I took it all off, my top that is, and I unbuttoned my skirt. I forced myself to slow down, because now I could feel myself getting moist between my legs, which meant that the absence of my dick was getting fairly obvious.

There was no void, though. It was as the spot between my legs was filled with something different. Something magical.

My long hair distracted me, so I paused a little and let my fingers glide through its silky texture. I smelled it. Shampoo, girly shampoo.

Then I let it caress my cheek. Long hair is so unpractical, but --my! -- so utterly feminine.

I liked it.

I grabbed my ass (firm and curvy) and actually licked my leg right below my knee.

I tasted sweet and girly.

I was not scared anymore, and started to believe that the 8-ball had done more than move my mind over to another body.

It had done something to my soul, because I didn't find any of this bad or unnatural.

Instead I felt at home in this body, and found that I looked forward to exploring what it was to be a girl.

Finally I pulled off my panties and looked down at my pussy.

I knew pussies. My girlfriend -- ex-girlfriend -- was not the only girl I had been with, and I knew they came in different shapes and sizes as lips and clits go.

Mine was smooth and shaven. The clit was full of blood and anticipation and when I touched my labia I could feel they were swollen, too.

First I let the palm of my hand rest on my vulva, then i tried to push one finger into my vagina. It felt wet and tight, and it was as if it begged for something more.

At the back of my mind I could feel an image struggling to be free. There were parts of my mind trying to keep it down, but in the end it managed to wriggle itself loose and climb to the surface of my consciousness.

I should have known. It was a phallic image, and for a moment my stomach revolted at the thought of having a penis inside me.

There was no way I was going to have sex with a man, damn it!

But my pussy felt empty and the idea of having something bigger inside me filled me with longing.

I looked around for anything that could fit the bill, and suddenly remembered my sister's talk about the present in the drawer. I opened it, and there, behind the tops and under the colorful panties I found a big, red dildo slash vibrator and a tube of lubricant in an unopened box.

That figured! She wanted to have a cock, and not have one inside her. She had bought this one for me, as some kind of insane initiation gift.

I was quite feverish by now, and my shaking made it hard to open the box. But I wanted it. Oh yes, I wanted it. I didn't know if I needed the jelly, but I put some on anyway,

You know, we like to fool ourselves into believing we are this rational beings in full control of our own lives and our own selves, but we are not really.

Most of the time we are controlled by the animal inside us, its desires and its instincts, and it is just afterwards that we try to rationalize what we have done.

At this moment in time I didn't rationalize anything.

I just accepted the fact that the girl inside me was totally fascinated by the dildo and the phallus it represented and I let my finger circle the top of the gland, slowly and for a long, long time.

Then I let it slide over my stiff right nipple,while I fantasized about how it would feel to have someone thrust such a thing inside me.

For the first time in my life, my sexual fantasy was not about conquering, but about being conquered. It was not about actively taking what you want, but by sharing my body with someone I loved. I wanted to lie back and let someone have me. All of me!

I spread my legs and let the dildo slide down my thigh towards my pussy.

I was feverish now. My skin was glowing and I was breathing faster and faster.

I turned the on by rotating its cap and as it started to hum I slowly slipped it inside my vagina.

I was starting to shake now, and making unintelligible noises with my mouth. I believe I was drooling. I was beside myself, but definitely inside myself, as I started to push the vibrator in and out, in and out.

I could feel an immense wave rise inside me, building up, building up, and it was as it would never end, and when the wave finally broke, it continue to shake my body in one orgasm after the other.

When it finally ended, I just collapsed on the sofa, eyes closed. I tell you, no man has ever experienced anything like this, and why my sister would give it away for a simple male orgasm is beyond me.

I fell asleep that night still sticky with my own pussy juices. I had the mind to hide away the dildo and go to bed. You never now, sometimes my mother forget there is such a thing as privacy.

But I was no longer scared. I knew I could do this. I could be Elisabeth. Heck, I could be so much better at being her than her: I loved this body, I was ahead of her school wise, and I even knew a lot about how to treat boys.

The idea of going out with a man no longer scared me, although it will take quite some time before I go down that road. There is no hurry. Most of her -- that is: my -- classmates believe Elisabeth is a lesbian, anyway.

Given time, I might even manage to become more popular among the girls, although that might be harder. They are a tough bunch, believe me. Boys doesn't even begin to understand what evil is.

My brother is my couch now in every thing girly. He is an excellent football player, but does no longer get as many A's, even if I help him. But he is happy. That is what counts. And so am I.

This one is for Tiffany!

The images of Stacy Couch are from Totally Brunette, on of my favorite sites for capping material.

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Guest Cap: Lost college roommate

Here's a dream given to me by Miki over at Rachel's Haven.

She asks: What if we could recapture that first college love?

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Skull and Balls

His sister was skeptical.

“Why should you dream of becoming a member of the university’s most secret society?” she asked. “They are just a bunch of spoiled, rich, brats!”

Still, Jack was immensely flattered when one of his classmates indicated that he could be tapped for membership.

These were powerful people, rich people. Many of the members had become millionaires – yes, presidents even.

Indeed, a few days later he found a medallion in his room. On its face: a skull.
The accompanying letter told him to meet outside the temple the next evening.
The next day he was brought into the cellar of the fraternity headquarters.

“Only if you are willing to do anything we ask of you, will we consider you a trustworthy man of honor,” they told him. He promised them to do as they told.

Then they stripped him and put him on a bed. A strange incantation and the scent of incense hypnotized him. After a long time in trance he opened his eyes and found to his utter amazement that his body had changed.

He should have been shocked and revolted. However, the magic that held him made everything seem unreal.

“Are you willing to please your masters as proof of your commitment?” they asked him.
Jack found him self strangely aroused by the fact that all these masked men clearly desired his female body. He shouldn’t, of course, but still…

Before the newborn woman knew it, she had one erect dick in each hand, and one in her mouth. She tried to pull away, but there were strong urges in her that stopped her from fleeing.

And where could she go, with a body like this?

“Prove your worth by spreading your legs!” one of them commanded.

She could feel that her new snatch was moist in anticipation, and she welcomed the hard penis entering her.

“The final test will determine whether you are worthy to enter a community as sacred as ours!” one of them said.

They turned her over and the man thrust his dick into her ass. Now she had cock in all three openings and she could feel a strong orgasm building up.

She was utterly amazed at herself and what she had done, and even more so because she had to admit to herself that she was enjoying it all immensely!

They came all over her face, and she licked it up as she was some kind of porn star.
“I am sorry,” the leader of the four men told her.

“You have failed all our tests. No brother of this order would ever suck another man’s dick or let himself be fucked by strangers. You cannot become a member of this organization!”

“Big deal!” Jackie answered. “I can always join one of the women’s fraternities. Now, get me another dick to suck”

The pictures of the model Pamela are from Hands on Hardcore.

This is a work of fiction. There is absolutely no relationship between the people depicted and the fictional characters of this story!

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Guest Cap: Busty and Proud

Starhawk does it again. A gift originally found over at Rachel's.

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New TG cap blogs presented over at TFCC

I have put up a new blog post presenting a large number of new blogs presenting TG caps over at TFCC.

So far the birth rate of new blogs is not slowing down, although I can see that some of the bloggers find it hard to follow up with new blog posts.


By a jury of your peers

Judge Anna Hansen looked at him with anger in her eyes.

"This court is appalled at the ruthlessness of your behavior and your total lack of respect for the female gender. Calling your colleague a 'beautiful woman' was sexual harassment of the worst kind!"

She looked at the jury forewoman. "What is your verdict"

The firm matron leading the jury answered promptly: "Guilty, your honor!"

"Randall Corman, I hereby sentence you to one year of public servitude as a woman.

"Given the aggravating circumstances of your crime, the nanoviral serum will be programmed to give you the body of a sexy, voluptuous, woman, exactly the kind of shape that attracts the interests of primitive men like yourself.

"Their filthy approaches will teach you never to treat women like that ever again!"

If the judge had known about the kind of web sites Randall was visiting at home, she might probably have thought of a more frightening punishment.

This one is for TG Mage .

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The model is Constance Devil and the pictures are from DDF Busty.


Guest Captions: The Camera Part 1

When Steffie over at Rachel's Haven gave me a beautiful cap that was part of a longer series, I asked her if I could share the whole series with you folks.

I am glad she agreed.

Here are the first six caps of the Camera series. Enjoy!

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