Vicki and Alexia

Hey there! I am Vicki, the girl in red. The sweet one in pink is Alexia, my best friend. She is sweet, isn't she?

She wasn't always like that. Nope.

The first time I met her Alexia was Alex, as young, fumbling, shy boy pretending to look for a gift to his girlfriend over at the Pink Panther. That's my store. "Stylish clothes for the young at heart!"

He had no girlfriend of course. Far too nervous, that one. No self confidence. But he was sweet in a yummy kind of way, kind hearted and full of potential.

I played along with the sharade: "You are of same build as your girlfriend, maybe? Would you like to try it on?"

He bought the sweater, and was back the next week. I took him home to my place, and thought him the secrets of sex outside the box.

(Nah, come to think about it, much of it was inside his box - chuckle...)

My dick freaked him out a bit, but I am never wrong about these things. I could see that he wanted to give himself to someone, to give in, to surrender, to trust someone completely. And I am a friendly girl, you know. I truly am!

I didn't have to force him. One thing led naturally to the other.

"Why don't you wear that sweater you bought at my place?" I asked him. "It looks really good on you!" And: "We forgot the laundry. Why don't you borrow one of my tops?" And: "No need to cut your hair, darling, I love to touch it!" And so on and so forth.

I made a sensual game out of shaving her legs, and replaced her vitamins with my own secret herbal mixture. She is A cup now, but she will soon have to borrown my C-cup bra.

She was the one that wanted me to show her how to apply make-up, and she has embraced her female soul with all her heart now.

She is even wearing dresses I have designed for her at her family parties.

Her mum is OK with it; she tells me that she knew all along. Her father is still a little confused about having a new daughter, but he loves her too much to cause her any serious pain.

I am wondering whether I should get her a vagina for Christimas. You know, we can combine it with a holiday in Thailand.

They have some excellent surgeons there and great food. But I am not sure.

I love having her inside me, you know. And I just love wathcing her clit grow before my eyes.

I don't know. I will have to think about it...

This one is for Vicky and Lady Alexia.

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  1. I felt like crying happy tears after reading this, I really am an open book in my emotions aren't I? You really write the way I wish to be well. Thank you for being the person who pointed me to the people that I am so close to now. It was finding your Blog that lead me to Rachel's Haven and the friends and more I have now. You may never know the help and love you have provided just by being a portal to the community of TG you provide links to with this site. OK, rambled enough. I know I say it a bunch, but thank you. *kiss*


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