The Experiment

Professor Jeff MacAllison had made a name for himself debunking what he called biologic determinism.

"Our sense of gender is a social construct," he told his students, "not the result of our genetic heritage."

He did not manage to convince all his opponents in this battle of culture against nature, though.

He found some of the transgender studies particularly annoying: Men arguing that they had been women trapped in a man's body all their life.

That made absolutely no sense to Jeff. Unless there was some hormonal unbalance, their confusion had to be caused by overprotective mothers, weak male role models or maybe excessive video game playing.

Which is why he decided to make the ultimate experiment. He would use the new Johs Hopkins nanoviral drug to change himself into a woman. If he retained his sexual orientation and his psychological profile, he would have proved his theory once and for all.

When he woke up after the procedure the nurses prepared him for his examination by doctor Smythe. Jeff tried hard to keep his mind on track, but found himself utterly confused and bewildered.

His new petite feminine body felt nothing like what he had expected. He felt vulnerable, but also strangely aroused. And it certainly didn't help that those damned nurses had dressed him in some sexy babydoll.

He had made a quick glance down at his body, and had found the way his perky breasts lifted the babydoll so disconcerting that he had decided to ignore it. He would get rid of those nurses, for sure!

He had to get a grip on himself. When Doctor Smythe entered the room, he tried to calm his breath and behave normally.

"How do you feel, Doctor MacAllison?" Doctor Smythe asked him.

"I feel fine," Jeff answered, but blushed as his heart started to beat faster. He had never noticed Doctor Smythe's eyes before. They were lovely. And he had such a nice smile.

Damn! He could feel his nipples stiffen. It must be a cold draft in the room. Then why did he feel so hot?

"Please lie down!" Doctor Smythe asked him. Jeff positioned himself face down on the table. He felt a strange sensation between his legs as Doctor Smythe prepared for the examination.

"Well, well, well, Jennifer," Doctor Smythe laughed.

"It seems you have been able to falsify your own theory. The question is, how long are you going to live in denial?"

Not for long, it turned out.

Images from House of Taboo.

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This one is dedicated to Jillisa.


  1. that was pretty hot.. only wished it had gone further

  2. Same ehre. Only thing should it have a slut or bimbo tag??

  3. One bimbo tag coming up...

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