Skull and Balls

His sister was skeptical.

“Why should you dream of becoming a member of the university’s most secret society?” she asked. “They are just a bunch of spoiled, rich, brats!”

Still, Jack was immensely flattered when one of his classmates indicated that he could be tapped for membership.

These were powerful people, rich people. Many of the members had become millionaires – yes, presidents even.

Indeed, a few days later he found a medallion in his room. On its face: a skull.
The accompanying letter told him to meet outside the temple the next evening.
The next day he was brought into the cellar of the fraternity headquarters.

“Only if you are willing to do anything we ask of you, will we consider you a trustworthy man of honor,” they told him. He promised them to do as they told.

Then they stripped him and put him on a bed. A strange incantation and the scent of incense hypnotized him. After a long time in trance he opened his eyes and found to his utter amazement that his body had changed.

He should have been shocked and revolted. However, the magic that held him made everything seem unreal.

“Are you willing to please your masters as proof of your commitment?” they asked him.
Jack found him self strangely aroused by the fact that all these masked men clearly desired his female body. He shouldn’t, of course, but still…

Before the newborn woman knew it, she had one erect dick in each hand, and one in her mouth. She tried to pull away, but there were strong urges in her that stopped her from fleeing.

And where could she go, with a body like this?

“Prove your worth by spreading your legs!” one of them commanded.

She could feel that her new snatch was moist in anticipation, and she welcomed the hard penis entering her.

“The final test will determine whether you are worthy to enter a community as sacred as ours!” one of them said.

They turned her over and the man thrust his dick into her ass. Now she had cock in all three openings and she could feel a strong orgasm building up.

She was utterly amazed at herself and what she had done, and even more so because she had to admit to herself that she was enjoying it all immensely!

They came all over her face, and she licked it up as she was some kind of porn star.
“I am sorry,” the leader of the four men told her.

“You have failed all our tests. No brother of this order would ever suck another man’s dick or let himself be fucked by strangers. You cannot become a member of this organization!”

“Big deal!” Jackie answered. “I can always join one of the women’s fraternities. Now, get me another dick to suck”

The pictures of the model Pamela are from Hands on Hardcore.

This is a work of fiction. There is absolutely no relationship between the people depicted and the fictional characters of this story!

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