The Hunter and the Prey 1

Gary is on the run in Europe, hiding from the Mob.

The mob finds him in Prague and are close to catching him, when Gary gets help from someone unexpected.

He suddenly gets access to the kind of power he could only dream about.

He travels back to the US to get his revenge.

The main stars are Daria Glower from Brazzers.com and Ashlynn from Realitykings.com.

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An interactive TG caption adventure

Smitty has completed a 144 page interactive caption series with multiple story paths and 19 different endings.

Do not try to read the caption series from the first to the last page in numerical order. This is an interactive series, where you determine the outcome.

Throughout the series you will be asked to make various choices. Based on your choices the story will go into wildly different paths and endings.

Now, this is what I call TG innovation!

The adventure starts here!

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Andy could hear the whistling sound of the projectile as he and Seargant Mike Sanders took cover in the ditch. It landed a klick behind them with a load thump. They waited for an explosion that never came.

"What the fuck?"

Andy looked back and saw a strange eerie blue light emanating from the small crater. A maple tree standing close by shifted... that was the only word he could think of... and was replaced by a palm tree.

"Damn it!" the sergeant muttered. "They have gotten hold of RDM's. The Chinese has probably sold it to them."

"RDM's?" Andy was confused.

"Reality Distortion Munitions. Have you been sleeping through instructions again? Turn on your protective force field at once, private!"

Andy fumbled with the switch, but the small lamp on his body armor did not turn to green.

"Have you forgotten to recharge your force field generator, son?" The sergeant sounded exasperated. "Goddammit!!!"


Another round landed just 5o meters from their position. The blue light hurt Andy's eyes. When he opened them, his mouth tasted different -- sweeter somehow. He was breathing differently.

The look the sergeant gave him was unlike any any man had ever given him.

"Well, well, well, private. The good news is that you are still human. Hm.. as for the bad news.... You know what? I do not think there are any bad news."

Andy looked down at the round curve of his tits and started to scream like a girl.

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Model: Zahyra from Life Erotic

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«This is the best holiday ever» John cried out and run down the beach. «Do I really have to change back to the boring old me next week?»

«I am afraid so,» his wife said, putting sun screen on her muscular male torso.

«We cannot afford to rent these bodies for more than two weeks. You know that. Besides, the owners want them back. I guess that girl must be bored by training your fat body by now.»

«Who’s talking! Ah well. Next summer I want to be a blonde!»

«Of course you do! Now come over here and give me some head!»


The tub

Model: Michelle Monaghan from DDF Busty

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The farmer had warned him: «This tub was made of wood from the sacred grove of Venus. We use it for the finest wines only, not for bathing.»

Still, it was is if the tub was calling for him: «Use me! Let me clean your soul!»

When he climbed out of the tub, Tim grabbed his huge tits and grinned. Yeah, he was made for this!