Model: Zahyra from Life Erotic

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«This is the best holiday ever» John cried out and run down the beach. «Do I really have to change back to the boring old me next week?»

«I am afraid so,» his wife said, putting sun screen on her muscular male torso.

«We cannot afford to rent these bodies for more than two weeks. You know that. Besides, the owners want them back. I guess that girl must be bored by training your fat body by now.»

«Who’s talking! Ah well. Next summer I want to be a blonde!»

«Of course you do! Now come over here and give me some head!»


  1. Oh I love the idea of renting bodies! I wonder if they have a catalog they would be willing to send me! Great cap Rebecca!

  2. Really good one Rebecca. So is that rent a hot bod r us. LOL!


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