An interactive TG caption adventure

Smitty has completed a 144 page interactive caption series with multiple story paths and 19 different endings.

Do not try to read the caption series from the first to the last page in numerical order. This is an interactive series, where you determine the outcome.

Throughout the series you will be asked to make various choices. Based on your choices the story will go into wildly different paths and endings.

Now, this is what I call TG innovation!

The adventure starts here!

More background information here!


  1. Thanks for the plug. It was a lot of fun to make and I'd love everybody and then some to see it.

  2. Anonymous12/15/2013

    I don't find that the link goes anywhere except the site. And I don't see a link to the story. It looks very interesting.

  3. Smitty has removed it. Darn!


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