Men Become Women, Three MTF Transformation Photo Comics

Fem Fluxx has published a new free erotic photo comic collection containing no less than three erotic MTF transformation comics.

You can read or download it here!


Demon Day 2: A new erotic feminization photo comic from Fem Fluxx

Fem Fluxx has published a follow up to its Demon Day MTF transformation comic by XingXing. You can read and download it for free here!

Note that there is a bonus story by Morgana at the end of the file.


New transgender erotic photo comics from Fem Fluxx

Fem Fluxx has posted a new erotic transgender photo comic collection from the Shimmering universe.

The Shimmering is a strange light phenomena that transforms men into women and women into men. It has no natural explanation, but the effect is very real to the ones concerned.

The new edition contains no less than three separate short stories.

Click here to read or download TG Tales from the Shimmering.


The Shimmering may get you anytime, anywhere

Fem Fluxx is back with a new erotic MTF transformation photo comic, this one made by Morgana.

More and more people are caught in the shimmering, an unnatural phenomena that transforms people in ways previously thought impossible.

John, a member of a male dominated criminal organization,  is one of the guys caught in the Shimmering.

Read or download  the new MTF transformation comic from Fem Fluxx here! 


Sites about erotic cross-dreaming

We present some sites that discuss the nature of cross-gender fantasies and what they may mean for those who have them.

Followers of this side are what some people call "cross-dreamers", i.e. people who like to fantasize about being some other gender. 

For many this is just a pleasurable "kink", for others it may be a sign of some kind of transgender nature.

Given that there is so little known about such fantasies, and that so much of what is written is blatantly transphobic and stigmatizing, it is good to know that there is information out there presented by other cross-dreamers - people who know what they are talking about.

If you are questioning your own dreams and fantasies, here are a few sites that can be of help.

Crossdream Life is an online forum for all kinds of queer, trans and nonbinary people, but it is known for its open discussions about crossdressing and cross-gender fantasies.

r/crossdreaming is a subreddit devoted to this topic. There is not as much activity as on Crossdream Life, but there are a lot of interesting entries and discussions.

Note that neither of these forums are for selfies and the sharing of erotic content. They are more like places where you discuss the role such fantasies play in our life and what to do about this side of yourself.

Novagirl presents a rather unusual mix of erotic content on the one hand and thorough discussions about the nature of cross-dreaming on the other. So an article about "Feminization Training for Girly Girls" is followed by a critical discussion about why certain parts of sissy fantasies should be avoided. There is a lot of interesting stuff about transgender issues, dysphoria and why "autogynephilia" is a bad concept.

Crossdreamers is a site that was started back in 2008, and it is packed with information about cross-dreaming, research on this type of gender diversity, discussions about art that presents such fantasies, as well as more general discussions on transgender and queer issues.  Like Novagirl, the site is highly critical of the autogynephilia theory, while discussing the reality of erotic cross-gender fantasies in accepting ways. See for instance this post: "I feel pretty!" (On the "Autogynephilic" Woman and More)

Lost in Transgender is a site that focuses on the way cross-gender and transgender topics have been covered in the arts, and in particular in movies. There are also articles about how to handle more intense cross-dreaming, including the use of hormones.

Rachel's Haven is an old school forum for people who make and share TG captions. However, it also has a forum sections where members discuss everything related to captioning and crossdressing. 

If you would like to recommend other sites similar to these, add a comment!

Photo from Novagirl.


The Lollipop Girl, another feminization school girl fantasy from Fem Fluxx

 Fem Fluxx has published a new TG feminization photo comic by the Foxx.

This one is about a member of a crime syndicate that annoys his boss so much that he is forced to live the rest of his life as a reverse aging school girl.

(Yes, there is apparently such a thing...)

Read and download this feminization photo comic over at Fem Fluxx.


Goddess Reborn, a new feminization photo comic from Fem Fluxx

Xing Xing has published a new feminization fantasy photo comic over at Fem Fluxx. 

The comic is free to read and free to download, with no spam or annoying pop-ups.

This story is about a religious community in the beautiful backwaters of New England that worships the ancient European mother goddess and her incarnation on Earth.

Read Goddess Reborn, a feminization fantasy, over at Fem Fluxx. 


The New FemFluxx TG Photo Comic is about Vaping

He could have said no to the electronic cigarette Pete was offering him. But that would have been no fun, would it?

FemFluxx has published a brand new free erotic male to female transformation comic.

Click here to read or download Vape.


Fixing our old TG site directory

This site includes some really old stuff from a previous site, including a directory of TG sites, blogs and resources. For some reason we got a lot of error messages from these links, which is weird, given that these pages have not been updated in a loooong time.

Anyway, when we did update the links and decided to add a few new blogs to the TG Caption Blog page, the Blogger platform we are using protested violently. We were clearly violating their rules in some way. They would not tell us what we have done wrong. Blogger accepts adult content.

Because of this we have moved the Transgender Caption Page outside this site for the time being, that is until we find out what is wrong. So far we have narrowed it down to one of the links having been redflagged. If you have an idea about which one, let us know in the comments below and we will remove it.

Now that we have done this much, we might actually consider updating the other pages as well.