The Prague Conspiracy 2

Simon Kent has had his body stolen and now relies on his good friends in Prague to get it back.

In the meantime his new life as a young woman turns out to be more exciting that he had expected.

Those of you who missed sex action in episode 1. Well, here it is!

The photos of Caty Campbell are from the always reliable Reality Kings.

If you want to see the original movie, that's where you have to go.

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The Prague Conspiracy 1

Ah, the wonders of modern technology. Since the advent of the memory matrix scanner, rich people could now afford to order a back up of their own mind, storing it in the cloud.

It was a kind of immortality. If you were killed the company would grow you a clone and download your memory into that body.

Given all the safety procedures that were put in place, nothing could go wrong.

Or so they said. Simon Kent, the CEO of Czechcom is about to find out -- the hard way.

This is an amazing sci fi thriller from the near future, set in Central Europe.

Here is the first episode. Episode 2 will be published on the 17.

The photos of Caty Campbell are from the always reliable Reality Kings. If you want to see the original movie, that's where you have to go.

Needless to say, I have rewritten the story somewhat, to please you, my dear TG fiction fans!

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"Now, take a good look in the mirror," Amanda told Nate.

"This cost me 100 grand, and I had to sleep with the Supreme Wizard of Iowa to top it all."

"The Supreme Wizard of what....?" Nate whispered, amazed at the sound of his own sensual voice.

"Ah, never mind! It cost me to get the spell, silly!"

"You have turned me into a girl? But why?"

"Well, you know... Now I can declare you missing. In a year's time they will declare you dead, and then I inherit your whole fortune, prenuptials be damned."


"Don't worry. I will take care of you. What do you say, should these two hot girls paint the town red? I am sure Richard would love to dance with you over at the club."


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The photos of Aria Giovanni and Crissy Moran are from 18 Passport.


The Wish 2

There once was a might witch, who -- for a sufficient fee -- would change reality for you.

She would follow your wish to the letter. She was not equally good at interpreting the spirit of your request, however. And she had a wicked sense of humor. But then again you cannot have everything.

A prisoner seeks out the witch in order to get help to escape from prison and find a new secret identity.

The witch asks Tom, who is looking for another favor, to look after her client. He finds that the client has enthusiastically embraced the new life.

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Photos of the witch (Danielle Maye) from 1 by Day. 

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Guest Cap: Exchange Student

Here's a beautiful TG cap series Sammie made for me.

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The Love Therapist

He had caught the company exporting weapons to Iran.

They could not let him get away with that. Instead they used their most modern weapons technology do silence him.

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You can see the original video of Tila if you sign up for Reality Kings! That's one amazing collection of erotic imagery!

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