"Now, take a good look in the mirror," Amanda told Nate.

"This cost me 100 grand, and I had to sleep with the Supreme Wizard of Iowa to top it all."

"The Supreme Wizard of what....?" Nate whispered, amazed at the sound of his own sensual voice.

"Ah, never mind! It cost me to get the spell, silly!"

"You have turned me into a girl? But why?"

"Well, you know... Now I can declare you missing. In a year's time they will declare you dead, and then I inherit your whole fortune, prenuptials be damned."


"Don't worry. I will take care of you. What do you say, should these two hot girls paint the town red? I am sure Richard would love to dance with you over at the club."


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The photos of Aria Giovanni and Crissy Moran are from 18 Passport.

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