The Prague Conspiracy 2

Simon Kent has had his body stolen and now relies on his good friends in Prague to get it back.

In the meantime his new life as a young woman turns out to be more exciting that he had expected.

Those of you who missed sex action in episode 1. Well, here it is!

The photos of Caty Campbell are from the always reliable Reality Kings.

If you want to see the original movie, that's where you have to go.

You can download the full screen PDF file here or here!

Click on the four arrow symbol below to read the story full screen here and now. (Or you can visit Slideshare)


  1. I love this woman's body, her eyes are really lovely. I really felt like I could be her, feel like her. You have an awesome talent Beccs. Thank you for making these escapes into a fantasy denied.

  2. Agreed, Lady Alexia, Caty/Kathia has truly captivating eyes, and a wonderful body! And Ms. Molay's escapades are thrilling, erotic and always greatly appreciated!

    However, it is not that fantasy of which we are denied, rather, it is the possibility of actualizing it which eludes us.



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