Discord chat room for cross-gender fantasies and images

Terrie Nova has put up a new Discord chat room for sharing cross-gender erotic fantasies, images, stories, sites and movies.

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 Invite here: https://discord.gg/avqd6qT


Santa Reborn

Finally, this year Santa decided to use his magic powers to transform himself. All good boys got unicorns and Barbies for Christmas, and all good girls robots and cars.


Happy Feminine Holidays Everyone!

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He always got socks for Christmas and he never complained. But he had to admit. This year Santa got it right. These socks were the best.


Turned into a Japanese woman and wife

FemFluxx has published a new forced feminization fantasy called Small in Japan. 

Imagine a world where a virus has decimated the female population, and ruthless gangsters are using nanoviral technology to supply rich men with wives and lovers.