DHL Delivery

«No, don’t stop!» Adam cried out to the genie. «I want them bigger! Much bigger! Bigger, bigger, bigger!»

He wanted female flesh of epic proportion, and tits he could rap around a cock before devouring it.

The genie laughed and added several new cups to his chest: «You are such a slut, Adam! I knew you would not disappoint me.»

The genie had arranged it all. At that very moment a DHL guy stopped to make a delivery at his door.

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Model: Constance Devil of DDF Busty




Ian couldn't stop nagging about it: What about a threesome? Could they invite one more into their bed?

Julie-Ann was pissed. Wasn't she enough for him? Why would he need another girl to satisfy his lust?

Bloody hell!

She asked her good friend Meg for advice. "There is no way I would get into bed with the two of you!" she exclaimed. And then added: "You maybe..."

Julie-Ann sniggered, knowing everything about her friend's bisexual tendencies.

"I know one who would, though," Meg added. "David would."

"David, the magician?" Julie-Ann asked. (Well, he was kind of cute, she thought and shuddered, before shelving the thought for later fantasies.) "Ian would never go to bed with a man!"

"Hmmm, I am not so sure about that," Meg smiled. "You see, David is a reeeeeal magician..."



"If I arrange a threesome, are you willing to do whatever I ask you?" Julie-Anne asked Ian that evening.

"Of course!" he answered.



Julie-Ann is no longer Iain’s girlfriend. David is.

Ianne is still around, though, taking good care of both of them.

Models: Kristy and Barbara from DDF Busty

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This one's for Tomlin89.


Guest cap: School girl adventure

Here's a very sexy and creative cap from Smitty! And remember, if you give a contribution to Rachel's Haven, she might give you one as well!

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Faboulous First Time

Here's another story from my reality dysfunction universe.

Terrorists have detonated a reality distortion bomb over L.A., radically changing the lives of many in the process.

Johnny Scott is trying to adapt to his new life as a girl, and drives out to visit an old friend.

But the old camaraderie is not as it used to, for some strange reason.

The model: Jamie from RealityKings.com.

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Guest Cap: Learning a big lesson

Here's a guest cap from Realfield from you big and beautiful lovers.

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Guest Cap: Raymond's Promotion

I do not know what the trade unions will say about this guest cap from Brandon over at Rachel's.

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«No, I am unable to get to her,» the doctor said. «She is in some kind of dream state. Pregnancy does that to you sometimes. Hormones, you know.»

«But can help us ID her?» the police officer asked him. «We really need your help here!»

«Sorry, officer. She says she is the original tenant of this apartment, you know, the guy that went missing nine months ago. She says she was abducted, turned into a woman and impregnated by a man called Roy. I am sorry...»


«Most likely.»

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Model: Leah from FTV


The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckel and Ms. Hide

There have been made many porn versions of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, where the dear doctor is turned -- not into his dark counterpart, but into a sexy woman.

Michael Craig's version from 1993 contains a lot of humor, including a reference to the dreams of crossdressers.

Any movie, even one set in a fantasy or science fiction universe like this one, has to adhere to a set of rules. You have to believe that what the characters do make sense.

This one is a bit ambiguous in this respect. It takes time before the dear doctor actually understand that he has become a woman, but when he does he does react with the expected sense of confusion -- I guess.

But it is disappointingly common in movies like this for the protagonist to give in for the first attempt at seduction. Just like that!

Still, there are some great mirror scenes here!

WARNING! The following clip contains a scene with explicit sex! This is for adults only!