«No, I am unable to get to her,» the doctor said. «She is in some kind of dream state. Pregnancy does that to you sometimes. Hormones, you know.»

«But can help us ID her?» the police officer asked him. «We really need your help here!»

«Sorry, officer. She says she is the original tenant of this apartment, you know, the guy that went missing nine months ago. She says she was abducted, turned into a woman and impregnated by a man called Roy. I am sorry...»


«Most likely.»

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Model: Leah from FTV


  1. Males transformed into pregnant females are hot for me. Especially in a body swap plot with a little humiliation. That is, as the male, in his new body he has to assume the role of a breeder. Then learn to submit to the power of his partner because he is now the woman who must please her spouse, birth children and suckle baby after baby.

    The former female can become male or become a new type of female still carrying eggs. But, the eggs can be deposited in the male which can then be the breeder. But, the female could lose all the other signs of femininity. So, she takes on all the traditional male roles. Females then become the dominant sex because men will not only contribute sperm but all the energy and time to carry and nurture children.

  2. I'd love to be her...


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